Blue Moon Shines Bright with CN Blue...

I know, I know, it’s been 10 days already, in normal human calculation I should be over CN Blue by now, right? The truth is, I’m still very much stoke by the whole experience (you can expect more CN Blue -ish post coming soon by the way =P) So yes, as warned this post is again revolves around CN Blue & their Blue Moon World Tour Press Conference at Grand Hyatt Hotel, KL. 

The last time I’m in a close proximity to my favorite band was like couple of years ago during Switchfoot concert so I know how crazy this whole thing can be. So I came prepared with my highest heels to protect myself from the out of control fans and MP3 player to keep me occupied because superstars, as we all knew, never really come on time, LOL 

After hours of waiting, finally CN Blue showed up with their beautiful translator in tow. Equipped with simple Malaysian greetings, CN Blue charmed the press effortlessly and made everyone forgot the fact that they’re actually 2 hours late, hehe =P Yong-Hwa, Jong-Hyun, Jung Shin and Min-Hyuk look very much at home and calmly answer one after another question.  

The 30 minutes really flies quickly with their wit and humor when answering the media curiosity. Mostly focus on their music direction and their inspiration. Besides expressing their excitement over the explosive response from Boice (CN Blue fans) here in Malaysia, CN Blue also shared the idea behind the Blue Moon World Tour that was derived from 'Once in a Blue Moon' expression, which reflects their band uniqueness perfectly ❤_❤

Reaching out to the fans throughout the continents is pretty much their lifelong mission and this concert hopefully can strengthen their influence not only here n Malaysia but to the other part of the world as well. With Samsung Malaysia as their Blue Moon World Tour partner and sponsor, Korean music will continue to create a huge wave especially for CN Blue. Before I go, let the blue moon shines bright Boice, adieu~

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