Once in a Blue Moon with CN Blue...

I know you probably sick of hearing about CN Blue already but I promise you, this'll be my last time posting about them, hehe =P Just kidding, of course I'll write about them again in the future =) Honestly, I'm having a hard time to wrap up this post due to the large amount of photos I took during the concert couple of weeks ago!!! I'm talking about hundreds of pictures by the way, so feel free to knock some sense into me if I do that again, will you?

This concert is actually their second performance here in Malaysia, no wonder they can handle Malaysian food so easily! And unlike any other K-Pop acts, these guys are very real, they didn't go under the knife, compose their own music and sucks at dancing, LOL I'm sure you're aware of my weakness for guys who can play musical instruments especially guitar, right? All of the CN Blue band members can play music, that's like super duper cool to me @_@

Back to the CN Blue-Blue Moon concert, I came slightly late due to the bad traffic and when I enter the stadium, I can't believe I almost missed my favorite song! They're playing Get Away, which is also one of the soundtrack for the hit TV series, Gossip Girl. The first time I heard this song was in Japanese version so I tend to get the lyrics mixed up all the time, hee~ Check out their live video performance below, it's so freaking awesome

I'm having such a great time playing photographer while enjoying the tunes that I hardly notice the 2 hours show almost come to an end. After performing non-stop for an hour, the boys took a 10 minutes quickie break to recharge and change into their official Samsung + CN Blue shirts. Thanks to Samsung Malaysia, I was given one too during the Press Conference =) 

Among the thing that amazed me that day was how these boys really make an effort to interact with the audience using our language. It's kind of cute witnessing Yonghwa said kiri and kanan which took me forever to figure out because of the funny way he pronouncing it, LOL

I secretly hoping that the concert can go all night long but sadly all good things must come to the end. CN Blue perform lots of their hits that night but I do wish they could play songs from their drama OST like Jonghyun’s solo in a Gentleman Dignity, My Love and his cover of Juniel’s Illa Illa. Seeing them only 10 meters away really ignites my screaming button, I don't think I'll be able to speak again the next morning, haha =D

Other interesting highlights from the night that I can't hardly forget was when Minhyuk trying to explain how much he love eating Sate and Nasi Lemak with his cute hand gestures!!! I took a video of it of course but I'm having some trouble uploading it, sigh~ Oh yes, Yonghwa did a piano solo performance that night as well while singing to Feeling... And who in the right mind can overlook Jonghyun rocking the whole stadium with his guitar skill, right? ★_★

CN Blue live performance that night definitely live up to my expectation. They're surprisingly not diva at all like I imagined, in fact they're very humble and down to earth which makes the whole experience even sweeter. Although I can't understand half of the thing they say and sang, I can feel all the emotions running through them everytime they performing on stage ^_^  

Thanks to Samsung Malaysia & Manoah Consulting, I get to bring back a fantastic experience which I'll savor for many years to come =) Did you know that a portion of the ticket sales will be use to build schools in Africa? This is the living prove of how nice these guys truly are inside out & not just another pretty face ❤_❤ Boice Malaysia, it's an honour to meet you guys that night & I do hope we'll see each other again soon... Until then, rock on & have a fantastic day everyone, adieu~


  1. never get bored with CN Blue!! <3

  2. Replies
    1. W'salam dear, mmg sgt2 best, rugi x pegi, hehe =P

  3. bestnyaaaaa dpt snap pic n rakam gmbar dorg with good quality picture ! me x dpt snap byk pn ,arghhh jeles ,btw bestt gilakk dorg punye perfomance ,tkkn lupakn consert dorg !! already miss BBMY :'(

    1. best giler, rase nak tgk lagi dan lagi dan lagi, hahahha =D


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