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It's so true that a picture worth a thousand words... People can interpret a picture differently from one another; see it from different perspective and view, and not to forget see the unseen little things that others might overlooked... Honestly, I'm not a very good photographer, I'm still working on it from day to day and knowing about the FatMumSlim "November Photo A Day Challenge" from my friend Yati really intrigued me to give it a shot (literally & figuratively =P) Let's take a look at it, shall we?

This is what its all about, every single day in November, we're required to take a picture that represent the theme of the day... Easy right? It's a very unique way of expressing yourself without a word (I did wrote a very long caption with every picture btw, I just can't help it, LOL) and I did my best to follow the theme each day =) And here's is what I come up with...

Day 1 - I finally bought my first beauty gadget; Clarisonic after eye-ing it for more than a decade year, thanks to Sephora 20% discount, coolness =)
Day 2 - The brightest color I can find in my possession, it's the Spurr platform in fuschia!!! n_n
Day 3 - Tea & Choc from my mum, she know I can't function without decent breakfast, thanks mama @_@
Day 4 - Working out seems so much fun with my sisters nearby & Jillian Michaels watching me on the TV, LOL
Day 5 - I hate waiting; especially @ 5pm when I rather be anywhere else, sigh~ thanks to Vina, all these Benefit goodies certainly make me feel so much better, wink2  

Day 6 - One of my fav stuff is this cute ukelele bag & the ukelele inside; another instrument that I heart besides guitar, a gift from someone dear to me
Day 7 - I super love the combination of black + white + peach; this picture reflects how I feel perfectly n_n
Day 8 - I will feel so weird if I don't play Anipang in a day; thanks to Shinwa, now I'm addicted, haha =D
Day 9 - What's the better gift for all the mumtaz students than the small tafsir to guide them further in life? I'm helping out my mum to wrap the gifts she sponsored for my little sis school =) 
Day 10 - I can live without a lot of things, but my specs will never be one of it XP

Day 11 - It's great to know even though I'm out & about from day to night, I still have this lovely studs by my side, wink2
Day 12 - Our fav drinks at our fav restaurant; Gummi Bear & Blue Lagoon =)
Day 13 - I am bless with the power that can make me easily fall asleep whenever & wherever I want too; my fav spot? It is always be in my homey car, hehe =P
Day 14 - This pond may be man-made; but the fish @ Ajlaa Village certainly don't mind, LOL
Day 15 - I have lots of stuff in my bag; purse + makeup + perfume + lotion + sanitizer + mp3player + handphone + keys; you'll never find any food though, hahaha =D

Day 16 - I really2 enjoy feeding the fish while day-dreaming from the Ajlaa Village window, it's the time to get in touch with the nature =)
Day 17 - The last thing I bought was this cheap ice-cream maker from Daiso; it's only 5 bucks ^_^
Day 18 - Spending the weekend preparing myself for the Twilight Saga finale by browsing back all the details from the books ^_^
Day 19 - It's awesome to know that I have a mini me in the making, we pout a lot & have the same name, hehe =P
Day 20 - It's so easy to switch from work to play look with just your shoes, you will never get it wrong, LOL

Day 21 - It's the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere day & what's the best outfit to compliment a vampire than a kebaya? hehe =P
Day 22 - I'm thankful & grateful for my family; their unconditional love keep me going every single day =)
Day 23 - The greatest thing about this plain black box is it hides a very colorful world underneath @_@
Day 24 - Doing chores is not a bore when you can sing-a-long & listen to the stereo n_n
Day 25 - The calm before storm describe the sky perfectly in this picture X)

Day 26 - I keep all my collectibles in this cupboard; love letters + concert tix + LE books, fragrance bottles + makeup palettes @_@
Day 27 - This tree really steal the show @ Ajlaa Village, I wonder why? LOL
Day 28 - One of my fav family picture was taken at Tioman plane hangar runway, it made us all feel a little like P.Diddy, hehe =P
Day 29 - I can't think of anything bigger than Big Bang in my house, this jacket never wash condition prove it all =)
Day 30 - Our living area wall never left alone without my little sis artwork... Her latest mission apparently is trying to persuade my dad into buying her a new handphone, wink2

I'm happy that it's over & can't wait to begin the new one, the new list is out already & hopefully I'll be more inspired this time around =)

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