[Tips & Tricks] Online Shoe Shopping Hacks

I love shopping, that pretty much goes without saying... But what I love more than anything is getting good deals whenever I do my shopping! The beauty of online shopping is, there are always discounts lurking out somewhere if you know where to look for. Of course, having beautifully wrapped packages delivered to my doorstep every week feels a lot like Christmas. One thing for sure, online shopping really helps working mother like me enjoys guilty pleasure like shopping even when our mind and body were moving in 5 different directions. 

Besides doing my beauty shopping online, I also love shopping for other things virtually as well. I know most of the people out there still have reservation when it comes to online shopping especially for shoes. We can't try walk in the shoes before buying like we normally do in physical store and the sizing can be tricky too. It's actually is not as risky as it looks. There are few things that you need to take note and consider before purchasing shoes online but afraid not, I got it all covered for you lovelies right here :-


The first and the most important thing that you should focus on when doing online shopping is to pick the right online store. Read other people reviews and spend time doing a little research about the site to make sure it's a reliable shopping portals. Some shopping sites do sell fake items or involve in frauds so make sure you know where your money goes to avoid unnecessary circumstances and disappointment. One of the international shopping site I highly recommend for shoes is Shoeaholics. They have extensive range of shoes and affordably price too!


When viewing the product images, do check it from different angle and perspective to get a better picture of the items. Most of the online sites these days provides a lot of photos of the product to help you decide so use it to your advantage. Online shopping site like ASOS allows you to zoom in and look over all the details such as the design, colors or even the sole before making up your mind.

❤  SIZE  

Another thing that you shouldn't overlook when shoe shopping online is the sizing. It can be quite challenging to find the perfect fit because some brands tends to run their shoes one size bigger or one size smaller. The shoe design is crucial to determine the right size too. For example; narrow toes shoes will probably fit you better if you pick one size larger that your actual size. That's not all, different countries might have different sizing mechanics so to be on the safe side, don't forget to check the international shoe conversion chart.


Looks can be deceiving, what looks great on someone might not be the same for you. Certain material such as artificial leather can caused discomfort in the long run and certain fabric like pig skin is regarded as highly offensive in Muslim community. So please verify with the online site customer service representative if you have any sensitivity towards any particular fabrics or materials before getting the shoes you eyeing for.


Last but not least is the sales and return policy. Take a closer look at each sites policy to make sure you understand the terms and conditions that comes with every purchase. Find out how their return policy works, under what circumstances they offering free return and whether it will be refunded or in store credits. We never knew what we'll be getting which is why a fair return policy is extremely vital. If the shoes didn't met your expectation, you know you can always return it back. Hopefully this little tips and tricks will help with your online shoe shopping. Until the next entry, have an awesome week ahead lovelies and happy shopping, adieu~

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