Black Friday Fest @ Reebonz...

Every year, I always looking forward to hear about my friends who living abroad talking about their Black Friday experience... It's sadly as close as I can get to experience one, sigh~ But this year fortunately, I can finally get my shopping gear ready with Reebonz Black Friday Fest Sale, yeay!!! From 24th to 30th November, Reebonz offers a series of enticing gift shop and top designer picks with attractive promotions throughout the week =)

Denim Fever @

Denim is more than fashion statement to me... It's something that every generation can relate to; it can be style in so many ways & available in so many forms that you'll never get bored of it!!! Of course there are some rules you need to follow through when it comes to denim like it's always a big NO-NO to wear denim from head to toe & why it's never wrong to wear colored denim if you want to =)

Sneaky Sneakers @

Honestly, I'm not the kind of girl you'll be seeing around with sneakers... In fact, the only time I'll wear my sneakers when I really2 have too which is actually once a year, lol But that never stop me from lusting after good looking sneakers all the time!!! Perhaps I should invent new ways to rock sneakers after this, hehe =P Back to sneakers, do you know that lots of designer start to include them in their shoe range line nowadays? I totally have no idea, let's take a look at some of the cool one, shall we?

Rose Gold Love @

I know the rose gold trend is not exactly new but I guess it's never too late to start investing in one since it's so timeless and wearable, right? I don't normally splurge for accessories but once in a while, I do feel like spoiling myself silly just to lift up my day (I'm sure most of you can relate to that, wink2) So, I spend my days and let my search for new rose gold bling-bling begin at =)

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