Create A Better World For Pets with Whiskas

Initiated in 2015 by Whiskas, "Jom Sayangi Haiwan Kita" is a global initiative aims at raising awareness on the importance of taking care of pets, particularly cats and encourage responsible pet owners among schoolchildren aged between 10 to 12 years old. The program which started with just 15 schools in the Klang Valley is now extending its reach to Penang, Perak and Johor which covers more than 45,000 schoolchildren in 65 primary school.

Triaction By Triumph Summer 2017 Launch @ Maison Francaise

Modern women these day not only busy hustling and bustling looking after our loved one, we also have to juggle between leading a healthy lifestyle, focusing on the career and not to forget a little attention to our social life too. In order to do all that and more, it's extremely crucial for us to get all the support we need without compromising on style and function and obviously, nothing make a woman feels better than wearing a sportswear that is on trend, comfortable, lightweight and highly supportive that make them look and feel good while being active.

Style Diary : Lady In Pink

Alhamdulillah, I'm officially 33 and there's nothing I love more than playing dress up on my special day! Of course there are tons of things I'm wishing for (like every makeup collection I can think of) but I'm very grateful with everything that I have today. Everyone I love and care about are healthy and happy, that's definitely what truly matters to me. Since my birthday this year falls on the same day as the Mother's Day, I choose to wear something that represents both mothers and women. Looks like the combination of flowers and pink fits the bill perfectly.

Smooth, Velvety Touch with Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

I don't have lots of luck when it comes to foundation. With the complicated skin that I'm currently in, it's quite hard to find the perfect balance while achieving the look I desired successfully. My combination-oily skin can sometimes leans more towards oily or change dramatically to dry overnight so I switched and tested out few samples every now and then to get the perfect match. I'm still figuring out which one work best for me but based on everything that I've tried so far, Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet never left me feeling disappointed. 

Style Diary : Snow White

For someone who is neither fair nor lovely, dressing up in all white is a pretty huge risk. I could end up accentuating my flaws and honestly, the odds is really not in my favor at the moment. I do however can't help but loving the idea of being clad in white again. The last time I did was during my wedding day and god, I felt nothing but beautiful on that day! Since it will be weird to name the whole look 'White Bride', I decided to go for 'Snow White' instead, a rather unconventional  and modern interpretation of the damsel in distress.   

Style Diary : Spring Fling

I know we don't have spring here in Malaysia but it's always and forever will be my favorite season probably due to the feminine and floral fashion collection that's surrounding it. Don't get me wrong, I love flowers, the idea of it however is more fascinating to me because I'm realist, flowers doesn't last long enough and way too expensive, lol Floral prints on the other hand is timeless and effortless, it's subtle and dainty, pretty much like me =P

Matte Love With Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

I don't think my fascination with matte liquid lipstick will fade away anytime soon. In fact, I'm still and very much into the craze for quite a while now. Since beauty brands all over the world keep on coming up with new one, I just can't help myself from buying more and more... I heard a lot of great things about Huda Beauty Liquid Matte and of course I feels the rising need to get my hands on this sought after lippies immediately!

Levi's "Set The Standard" Store & Orange Tab Collection Launch @ Pavilion Elite

Levi's officially launched their first ever 'Set The Standard' store in Malaysia recently in Malaysia's premier shopping destination; Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Located at Level 4, Pavilion Elite, the new 2,771 sq ft outlet echoes the effortless appeal of Levi's that steeped in authenticity and craftsmanship. The new concept store aims to enhance Levi's retail experience by creating the best possible expression of the brand in a scalable way, from the welcoming store ambiance and product placement to the consumer journey through the store.  


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