Discover The Latest Addition @ Elianto Makeup

Can't believe I've successfully restraint myself from buying any cosmetics all this while and the latest beauty arrival from Elianto couldn't have come at a better time. If you're a fan of natural botanical extracts in your cosmetics and skincare, this one is definitely for you. Say hello to the brand new makeup from Elianto! Meet the Deep Sea Water Lip & Eye Makeup Remover that's formulated with the deep sea water, the Pro Matte Lip Crayon which is enriched with natural oil and of course the Stay On Mascara that is specially created to enhance your beautiful eyes.

Ammaar Zahran Is Officially 3!

Technically, Ammaar Zahran is already 3 last May but as usual, I like to take my time writing about the object of my affection. If you knew me well, you probably noticed how reserved I can be when it comes to everyone I loved and hold dear. Surface stuff like OOTD and beauty review, I don't really mind sharing that for the whole world to see but intimate moment with my loved one, I like to keep it private and confidential. I do however make an exception for my son's birthday every year as a tradition that I intend to keep for as long as I lived =P

Refresh & Revitalize With Hijabista Hair Care

It's been a while since my last beauty review and to be honest, I don't really have high expectation when it comes to hair care products. I switched shampoo all the time but nothing really impressed me to just stick to one. I have an oily scalp with dry and dull hair. Let's add dandruff to the equation too so basically my quest for the perfect hair products that address all this issue is kind of on-going battle that will never end. Sounds pretty dramatic, right? Not really actually because trust me, I can easily find 10 other women who going through the same problems...

[Tips & Tricks] Keeping the Love Alive

When you first start dating your partner, you're two single people getting together and having a good time. You probably enjoy holidays and romantic meals together, and you can spend the evenings curled up on the couch watching TV doing absolutely nothing. However, when the kids come along, this scenario can dramatically change. You might not have the time to go out together anymore and when you do, it's probably somewhere fun for the kids instead. So, how can you keep the magic alive once you become a parent? 

Stay Protected, Goodness Shared With Dettol

Raya is just around the corner and I know all of you lovelies must be feeling excited to reunite with your loved one. To help your family stay protected during this festive season, Dettol Malaysia is running a hand hygiene initiative at selected Rest & Relaxation stations (R&R) throughout Peninsula Malaysia. Just like a mother who want to provide unconditional love protection to her children, Dettol is committed to safeguard your family hygiene during the joyful celebrations so that you can love more and share more with each other without worries. 

Starlet Smize With Esqido Mink Lashes In Starlet

It's been a while since the last time I'm wearing false lashes and I still remember clearly how unpleasant the experience was to me. It felt so heavy and irritates my eyes to no end, sigh~ Yes lovelies, I'm talking about my wedding day, probably the only day you ever see me with falsies. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't bless with naturally long or curly lashes and rely heavily on mascara and eyelash curler. I know, sooner or later I'm going to need a lot more help to elevate it instead of hiding behind my good old glasses. 

Nothing Less Than Ordinary With The Ordinary Coverage & Serum Foundation

I've been let down over and over again by overrated, high-end foundation so I guess why not I change direction and set my sight on a cheaper alternative instead. That's basically how I end up with not one but two highly rave and cult favourite foundation from The Ordinary. Since it's so affordably priced, I decided to purchase both version; coverage and serum right away. All the review I read looks promising, the website information is very thorough and the shade selection is quite easy to figure out with, who am I to say no to all that, right?

Style Diary : Lovely Lace

Hello again May, you know you'll always be my favorite month. It's so much more special this year, we welcome Ramadhan this time around and of course, Tun M is making a spectacular comeback for Malaysian as well! Political aside, it's also my son and I birthday month and mother's day too so we're a little busy preparing for everything. Thank god the long weekend came just in the right time, I finally have more time to spend with family and close friends. I just wish it will never end, we could use more days like this, right?


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