Style Diary : Rock & Roll

Music and me, we go way back... In fact I've been introduced to my husband because of our mutual love and understanding for music so I guess it feels kind of right to dedicate my first installment of Style Diary to a genre that I'm always fascinate about, Rock & Roll.

This look was obviously inspired by my favorite rockstar, Faizal Tahir (FT) although my interpretation is quite literal I must say. He's practically living in his bikers jacket and shade but I added a little feminine touch to the whole look with the fancy sequin top, fuschia lippy and black suede heels~

Scarf | dUCk
Shades | Kaca Kaca
Jacket | Miss Selfridge
Top & Pants | Dorothy Perkins
Bag | Sometime
Shoes | Christy Ng

I really like how it turns out to be and might consider wearing this on daily basis (kidding) eventhough I ended up looking more like a rockstar wannabe than a glam rock diva look I'm aiming for, lol What do you think? Did I nailed the rock & roll style or falling short? Looking forward to hear from you and to FT, if you've accidentally find your way across this post, call me okay =D Until then, have a fabulous week ahead lovelies, adieu~


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