[Giveaway] Without You...

This post is obviously long overdue, I should have announce the winners of my blog giveaway yesterday but since my internet connection at home just love to acting up lately, I only got the chances to reveal the winners today~ I 'm having a hard time to choose the winners because I love all your entries so much, unfortunately I only got 3 mini lipglazes to giveaway =( So, without further ado, the winners are........... (drum roll please) :-

Nian Tse

Congratulation girls @_@ I'll email you asap and big thanks to everyone who have supported me all this while and participate in my humble giveaway, love you all, muahsss ^_~ Last but not least, I wanna share with you the stuff I can't live without... If you're hanging out with me all the time you probably knew the answer already, heehee =P It's an eyeliner, I'll practically feel naked without one and I bring mine everywhere... I even used it to answer my MCQ exam paper once when I forgot to bring my pencils, hahaha =D

my fav, Benefit BadGal Waterproof Eyeliner, it's almost finish T-T

[Givwaway] 100 and counting...

To celebrate the 100th posts in my blog (which took me forever to reach the mark =P) and also to appreciate all my readers/followers who have become my friends and confidante after all these years, I'm giving away 3 Stila Mini Lipglazes, \\n_n// Stila, as most of you already know, is no longer available in Malaysia, so hurry up girls, grab this opportunity to own one of the most popular lip gloss in US!!!

It's open to all my Malaysian readers/followers (my sister, Zura is probably the only international reader that I have, hahaha =D) and note this girls, you can only enter one submission... The winners will be chosen by their creativity and interesting answers, heehee =P

How to win this contest??? It's quite simple actually, just leave a comment at this post about One Stuff You Can't Live Without and Why... (just please don't boring me answering it with your boyfriend/fiancee/husband names, okey??? =P) and don't forget to include your name + your follower ID's and your email for me to contact the winners later @_@

You are welcome to blog about this contest & pls don't forget to insert your link in the comment if you do... This contest is open from 14th April 2010 to 23rd April 2010... I'll announce the winner @ my blog on 25th April 2010... Till then, good luck everyone & have fun!!!

the yummylicious Stila Lipglazes n_n

Stay don't stray, baby...

Last thursday, me and 6 other lucky bloggers (Hanna, Shazwany, Reiko, Stellar, Candy & Wing) were specially invited for Miu's Blogger Party - Tips and Tricks for Chicks night with Benefit @ Pavillion KL, yeay!!! @_@

Benefit counter looking cuter with all the balloons... n_n

It's actually in conjunction with the latest Benefit product launch, Stay Don't Stray (primer for the eyelids and undereyes area) which I think to replace the void for other Benefit primer/base, F.Y.Eye that have been discontinued last year... Anyway, as a Benefit truly, madly, deeply fans, I will never ever pass an invitation like this, hehehe =P Thank you so much dear for having me, muahssssss ♥ ♥ ♥

catchy name that comes with a subtle warning for the guys... ^_~
Hanna & me were among the excited early birds at the event besides Stellar who came earlier than us and Reiko who came just right after us... We were served with light refreshment from Zang Toi and were entertained by Ms.Yee Hwa, one of the representative from Benefit Malaysia and other sweet Benefit's SA from all over KL counters...

delicious food from Zang Toi, how can I resist? @_@

Since half of the girls were still stucked in the bad traffic, me, Hanna, Stellar and Reiko fill in the time with getting our brow done - Benefit Style, heehee =P This is the 3rd time I'm grooming my brow @ the Benefit Brow Bar and nothing really surprised me anymore unlike a certain someone who got red all over her face =P (just kidding Miu, hahahha =D)

the perfect brow tool =_= (beauty is pain in the ass =P)

Matt, the Benefit's Regional Makeup Artist also demonstrated the steps on how to acheive the smokey eyes look using Benefit products which quite different from mine and with absolutely stunning end-results, heehee =P (I'm far cry from professional, okey, hahaha =D) Anyway, we have fun participate in his little quiz along the way and asking few questions of our own to him, he's quite shy at first but a good sport and kind of cute too, I like... wink2

stuff for us to play & amuse ourselves with... *_*

busying gossiping + camwhoring + eating at the same time~ =P

After that, we all were getting our own touch-ups from the pro himself and tried the Stay Don't Stray to our eyes makeup to complement our perfectly groomed brow, ngee~ And I like the way it can be mixed with That Gal since I love it so much and use it religiously @_@ I'm thinking of buying it later when it's available in Malaysian market middle of this April (I think) =P
Each and everyone of us were also given a naughty mask with different designs/themes (I choose flirty by the way, wink2) and a polaroid picture to bring home with, hehehe =P And they also have special promotion that night for us, a GWP for any 2 Benefit products purchase; a Benefit's kawaii charmbracelet, yeay!!! n_n I bought the Benefit Smokin' Eyes Palette which I want since it's debut last year and their nude lipliner that come with a lip brush which I like =)

I'm a flirt by choice, hahahha =D
And last but not least, all of us were going home with the very very very very cool goodies bag with lots of treasures for Benefit die-hard fans like yours truly a.k.a me, weeeeeeeeeeee \\^_^// I'm literally and figuratively jumping up with joy looking at the tremendous freebies Benefit gave us!!! I love you, Miu for inviting us and of course Benefit team too for making my day!!! I'm officially a Bene-freak, hahhaha =D

the 8 blogger girls, wink2 (minus Wing coz she doesn't blog anymore, hehe =P)

the goodies bag, weeeeee~ \\^_^//

Wondering what's inside the goodies bag??? Heee, it's something worth feeling envy for since Benefit rarely gave such a generous freebies like this, ^_^ We got gorgeous fridge magnets (Betty, Lana & Gabbi) + tons of samples (Posietint, That Gal, High Beam, Firmology & Your place or mine~ Gina fragrance) + 2 free Brow Arch services + cute notepad + pencil case and also a kawaii Benefit pillow (this is quite a nice touch btw, to make us think of Benefit before sleeping every night, hahaha =D) Eat your heart out, girls... ^_~

I ♥ Benefit n_n

my purchase of the day + the charmbracelet (GWP)

samples + 2 free brow arch services, yeay!!! @_@

cute stationery, me likey!!! ^_~

gorgeous fridge magnets

naughty mask & my not so naughty polaroid, hahaha =D

*pics credit to Stellar, Hanna & my sis camera, thanks girls ^_~

Head over heels...

this stiletto reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada, so fierce @_@

I might not have the most expensive shoes in the world or even in Malaysia but at least I can bragged about my photo with the largest red stiletto in KL, hehehe =P Can you guess from what this stiletto was made off? n_n

Sleep like a child...

Introducing the Origins Night Health™ Collection n_n

When it comes to sleep, the quality always count more than the quantity... In my case, I always practice a little routine on my own to make me more relax and sleep well... Origins collaborated with Dr Andrew Weil, an integrative health authority, have develop a new range, Origins Night Health™ Collection which design to get you get your quality sleep without any meds and prescriptions...

They are using formula that combines soothing blend of 100% natural Chamomile, Lavender and Mandarin essential oils which relaxes mind, body and spirit before bed to help you get the rest you need. As we all knew, a good sleep has been proven over and over again as one of the key ingredient for refreshed and rejuvenated skin.
Style magazine with Origins and Bobbi Brown had organized a private event at Hotel Maya, Jln Ampang last week to introduce Origins Night Health™ Collection to 40 of their readers. Me and my sis were among the lucky 40 who had been chosen to experience the complete range of the product ourself.
We were asked to wear red actually (I wear pink, that's the closest to red shirt that I got, wink2) and not wearing any makeup to this event (I cheat, I wear my compact and lip gloss, hehehe =P)

The facial range in this collection @_@

After registration, we were given hotel slippers to change and ushered into a room that overlook the splendid view of kl city. As soon as we entered the room, I immediately felt very relax and at ease thanks to the soothing smell of aromatherapy candles all over the room.

Being me, we almost an hour late and missed some of the demonstrations but make it just in time to experience ourselves the Bedtime Balm, which target the key relaxation points in neck, shoulder and feet to help you get restful sleep. This is something I would definitely love to have... Retail at RM300++ for a jar, it's definitely a luxury I can't afford, sob2 T_T

All the colors just makes me go crazy, hahaha =D

After that, Bobbi Brown Cosmetic present us with a little talk about their latest line and demonstrate how to achieve the no-make up look which is all the rage right now (I so don't get why people bother going to all the trouble just to create the no make up look when you can play with all the colors, huhu =P)

Anyway it was followed by a simple makeover for each and everyone of us from Bobbi Brown makeup artists which I think is way too simple for my liking... Anyway, they also have lucky draw for 2 winners (which I didn't won again, sob2 T-T) courtesy of Hotel Maya (I envy those lucky girls!!!)

Everyone were swarming the Bobbi Brown and Origins corners =P

After helping ourselves with all the delicious foods and beverages, we all busying around taking pics from the Skylounge and gossiping around, I met one of my blogger friends, Jess and camwhore like no other, hehehe =P Unfortunately girls, the pics were all in my sis camera, so I just post pics taken from my camera only... Did I mention about the freebies we got??? I'll just let this picture do the talking, ^_~

freebies from Origins + Max & Co + Bobbi Brown, I loike ^_^

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