Style Diary : Blooming Romance

I guess my fondness for floral prints is not really a secret anymore. On scarfs, blouses, dresses, I just love them all! It brings out the romantic and feminine side of me without trying too hard and looks effortlessly graceful and elegant from day to night. That's not all obviously, floral prints have the ability to disguise bulges efficiently especially after I'm having a hearty meal besides require minimal ironing. Isn't that the music to every women ears? Of course I still have to iron it if the material is cotton or silk (not that I think anyone will care anyway =P)

This floral Sansa dress from Petra RTW that I wore here actually comes with golden 3D flowers details around the sash area which I choose to remove to make it less glittery. For the scarf, I decided to go for the subtle and reliable Tudung Ruffle's Bawal Eyelash Diamante in Dusty Peach. It's so easy to wear and stays perfectly in shape for hours. To complete the look, I add my new Charles & Keith tote bag in green that I received from my lovely friend, Caroline for my birthday recently (not in the picture) and last but not least, my trusted rose gold heels.

Scarf | Tudung Ruffle
Dress | Petra RTW
Bag & Shoes | Charles & Keith

What do you do when you're wearing a nice dress and saw a beautiful staircase nearby? You definitely need to stop and strike as many pose as you can. right? Thanks to the hot and sexy Fiona who help me captured all these photos, I'm going back home that day feeling very much like a celebrity, hee~ Dressing down or dressing up, you can never go wrong with the dainty and delicate touch of flower. Not a fan of floral prints? Just give it a try, who knows you might like it more than I do! Until then, have a blossoming week ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. lovely as always Ayna :) have a blooming week ahead to you too!

  2. Replies
    1. Pika lg pretty, kalah Preity Zinta <3 <3 <3


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