Style Diary : Monochrome Chic

I heard it all the time, you can never go wrong with the combination of black and white so I always try to be a little adventurous when I'm wearing these two colors. I have way too many black in my closet, I kind of like the mysterious feels it gave whenever I had it on me. Since I wear black most of the time, I guess why not adding a little twist by dominating the entire look with white and a little splash of black this time around instead. I had other looks in mind but when I lay my eyes on this Aere stripes palazzo pants, I just knew that this is it right away!

I like jumper so much, I probably have more than I need and I got this one from Fv Basics during their sales last month. The same goes to the pants, I bought it during sales as well, who can say no to good deals, right? I love mix and match my clothing and pretty excited with this one because I rarely wear statement piece when I'm hanging out with my family. Guess what, this pants here really got me a lot of attention, perhaps they secretly think I looks like zebra crossing, lol I can't help but loving it though, the monochrome blend brings out the hidden diva in me~

Scarf | dUCk
Bottom | Aere
Shoes | Mel & Molly

This entire looks however is not the most practical ensemble for Malaysian hot weather... Unfortunately, comfort is the last thing on my mind when I'm in my fashion mode. I like surprising myself and my husband with different style every now and then. Sometimes he will even go along with it and wear matching outfit. Besides taking photos, he is pretty good at giving style direction for my OOTD too, now you probably know why I married him, right? Just kidding, of course I love him! I think I should stop before I bored you to death with my declaration of love. Until then, Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate and spread the love around lovelies, adieu~


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    1. I wish they came in "KK" too, that'll be perfect for you, babe!!!


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