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I'm pretty sure most of us experienced sleepless nights before, right? I used to have the problem during my college years, it's really exhausting to brace the day without enough sleep, sigh~ A good 7 hours sleep as suggested by doctors is not that easy to achieve if you're not willing to change your lifestyle but afraid not, I've got a few tips up my sleeve for all of you girls ^_^

  • Avoid drinking coffee during night time - I know some of you are hardcore coffee addict, you can try switching your daily coffee intake from all the time to only day time instead, you have nothing to lose and lots of sleep to gain ^_~

  • Working out at night - this might not bode well with some of you but trust me, it surprisingly work!!! When we're working out, yes we feel the adrenaline rush and everything but our body will be sore and tired; the next thing we know, all we ever want is to lie down and sleep =)

  • A long bath - it's not very good in the long run (having bath at night I mean) but it can ease your tension and relax your body especially if you're using bath products that come with aromatheraphy essence, my choice is definitely Lush Twilight Shower Gel, even using it can lulled me into deep sleep, hehe =P

  • Say NO to supper - I rarely eat late at night and always opted for early dinner instead... My reason have nothing to do with health actually, I'm so used to eat early from high school years (I was a boarding school student) and it naturally become a practice to me n_n

  • Listen to ASMR videos - I'm saving the best for last, ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the tingling sensation that we get in response to audio, visual or cognitive stimuli... I discovered it during sleepless night 3 years ago on youtube and still very much a big fan till this day!!! The soothing whispering voices and triggers give me goosebumps and makes me relax and sleepy immediately ^_^ You can check out the videos on youtube, my fav channels including GentleWhispering, Amaldz, TheWaterWhispers, HeatherFeather, TheOneLillium and lots more =)

Before I'm signing off, I want to leave you girls with my trusted sleep fairy, Maria @_@ Till then, enjoy your long weekend and I'm wishing all of you beauties, a very good night sleep =)



  1. I remember having sleepless night in my early 20s. But now it looks like on work season (if there was ever such a thing) I can sleep at night easily. But during holiday season it is hard for me to get a good sleep. So i end up sleeping late at night after reading online articles & watching tv

  2. Maybe because I like routine, my body well adjusted to any situation, I sleep early and wake up early on weekdays and sleep late and wake up late on weekends, hehe =P The ASMR video really help me sleep too, I usually doze off before I know it,lol

  3. Good tip! As I am now struggling to sleep! Hehe... Owh, no supper? Huhu... That one is hard... I love the work out idea!

  4. Glad you love it, it based on my experience, Might not be working for others but you have nothing to lose if you try, wink2

  5. Oh yes that ASMR video. Honestly I've never heard of it until I read this post, so thanks Ayna for sharing. Hope it might help whenever I have problem to doze off. ;)

  6. You're very welcome Hanna, i hear it all the time, it's like the feeling when you're in a spa, love it =)

  7. Thank you ayna :) will try it out

  8. You're very welcome dear, hope this will help <3


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