Spur of the Moment with Spurr...

Women and heels is pretty much like peanut butter and jelly, inseparable and compliment each other perfectly =) It makes you look taller, give you better posture and increase your confident level instantly... I love heels, I didn't have much but rewarding myself with a beautiful pair of shoes once in a while certainly can make any girl feel like a princess ^_^

My favorite type of heels is actually peep toe slingback but its kinda hard to find a decent one (I wonder why???) so I always have to settle with peep toe pumps instead =( I browsed Zalora Malaysia page couple months ago and accidentally stumble upon Spurr shoes; my oh my the quirky design and affordable price really speak to me!!!

According to the Zalora helpline, Spurr is a brand originated from France... I didn't believe a single word she said though, the brand edgy-ness looks more like UK high street kind of style, don't you think? Trust me, when it comes to buying shoes, I never made spur of the moment decision, but these 2 wonderful babies really made me literally shivering with excitement to get my hands on it, lol

This red studs peep toe pump scream sexy and crazy at the same time, me love @_@

I heart this fuschia heels, making me feel extra cute and pretty~ n_n

I should have bought more but I guess other shoes can wait, I will wear these gems until I get bored and maybe someone kind enough will send one for me for my birthday this May (hint2) I'm wearing size Europe 36 by the way, hihi =P


  1. That fushia heels is.... Gorgeous!!! Would love to have one like that!

  2. I think they still have it at Zalora, and if you're Watson VIP member, you get RM 30 off for any purchase more than RM100 , it's kind of hard to walk with actually, since its so pretty I can forgive it for being hard on me, lol


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