Fashion Intervention with Elya Shazleen...

When it comes to fashion, I'm fiercely loyal =) I always stuck with the same style over and over again~ I pretty much dress myself with the same stuff throughout the years (different colors and pattern of course, lol) Its not just my outfit and shoes, I even wear the same hijab style (Bawal scarf) for almost 16 years, can you believe it? Even my mom change her style every now and then!!! I'm so old fashion at heart I guess =P

saving the date for the play date

That was before I got caught up with the lace obsession bug early last year, I bought myself tons of lace products from tops, lingerie to shoes ^_~ And now, I come across another extension to my lace fascination, it's the "lace hijab" girls!!! =) I know it's not exactly a ground breaking discovery but when I accidentally stumbled upon Elya Shazleen FB page, I think I found a healthy way to channel my lace fever to another direction, lol

variety of shade, budget and design to choose from n_n

The simplicity of the hijab and the beautiful manipulation of the lace itself is quite creative I must say and after deliberating for quite sometime, I decided to give it a shot and quickly registered myself for her Play Date/Jumbo Sale event last week and feeling very excited over it like a teenage girl waiting for her crush to pass her at the school hallway... (sorry, I watch way too many teenage show lately xD)

the face behind the brand, Elya Shazleen =)

Being one of the early birds, I was given a rare opportunity to get to know up close and personal and learning lots of interesting tips about hijab from the founder & owner of the Elya Shazleen Hijab herself, Ms. Elya Shazleen ^_^ She's very lovely and down to earth, just like what I imagine she would be and one more thing, she didn't treat my never ending question as anything but thirst for fashion (big words, I know =P) Elya shown us the simplest way to rock the turban style and wear her hijab series which I did record but having trouble to upload it from my camera, sigh~

the doorgift, yeay!!! x)

Besides that, each of us were given a set of doorgift which include a booklet on how to wear the hijab, sample of Cosmoderm cleanser and also a brooch which I think is a very cute touch, wink2 And of course me and my lace-a-holic self bought couples of hijab to bring back home too @_@ My fav is definitely the Dahlia Elite hijab series which comes in plenty of wonderful colors, I have to literally restrain myself from buying every shades available and quickly paid and leave before I'm losing the battle, haha =D

my hijab haul of the day

If I don't get the "lace craze" out of my system soon, I think I'll be a walking lace before I know it, hehe =P But the most important thing right now, all I want to do is enjoying my infatuation while it lasts, all the intervention can wait I guess... Last but not least, here's a picture of me wearing my brand new Dahlia Elite Hijab, I don't wear red a lot, so I kind of surprise how well the whole look turn out to be =) Feel the love for the hijab too? Check out Elya Shazleen FB page for more details... Have a nice day everyone _

lady in red ^_~

p.s : pics were taken using Samsung Galaxy Camera ❤

[Tips & Tricks] Sleeping Beauty...

I'm pretty sure most of us experienced sleepless nights before, right? I used to have the problem during my college years, it's really exhausting to brace the day without enough sleep, sigh~ A good 7 hours sleep as suggested by doctors is not that easy to achieve if you're not willing to change your lifestyle but afraid not, I've got a few tips up my sleeve for all of you girls ^_^

  • Avoid drinking coffee during night time - I know some of you are hardcore coffee addict, you can try switching your daily coffee intake from all the time to only day time instead, you have nothing to lose and lots of sleep to gain ^_~

  • Working out at night - this might not bode well with some of you but trust me, it surprisingly work!!! When we're working out, yes we feel the adrenaline rush and everything but our body will be sore and tired; the next thing we know, all we ever want is to lie down and sleep =)

  • A long bath - it's not very good in the long run (having bath at night I mean) but it can ease your tension and relax your body especially if you're using bath products that come with aromatheraphy essence, my choice is definitely Lush Twilight Shower Gel, even using it can lulled me into deep sleep, hehe =P

  • Say NO to supper - I rarely eat late at night and always opted for early dinner instead... My reason have nothing to do with health actually, I'm so used to eat early from high school years (I was a boarding school student) and it naturally become a practice to me n_n

  • Listen to ASMR videos - I'm saving the best for last, ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is the tingling sensation that we get in response to audio, visual or cognitive stimuli... I discovered it during sleepless night 3 years ago on youtube and still very much a big fan till this day!!! The soothing whispering voices and triggers give me goosebumps and makes me relax and sleepy immediately ^_^ You can check out the videos on youtube, my fav channels including GentleWhispering, Amaldz, TheWaterWhispers, HeatherFeather, TheOneLillium and lots more =)

Before I'm signing off, I want to leave you girls with my trusted sleep fairy, Maria @_@ Till then, enjoy your long weekend and I'm wishing all of you beauties, a very good night sleep =)


Spur of the Moment with Spurr...

Women and heels is pretty much like peanut butter and jelly, inseparable and compliment each other perfectly =) It makes you look taller, give you better posture and increase your confident level instantly... I love heels, I didn't have much but rewarding myself with a beautiful pair of shoes once in a while certainly can make any girl feel like a princess ^_^

My favorite type of heels is actually peep toe slingback but its kinda hard to find a decent one (I wonder why???) so I always have to settle with peep toe pumps instead =( I browsed Zalora Malaysia page couple months ago and accidentally stumble upon Spurr shoes; my oh my the quirky design and affordable price really speak to me!!!

According to the Zalora helpline, Spurr is a brand originated from France... I didn't believe a single word she said though, the brand edgy-ness looks more like UK high street kind of style, don't you think? Trust me, when it comes to buying shoes, I never made spur of the moment decision, but these 2 wonderful babies really made me literally shivering with excitement to get my hands on it, lol

This red studs peep toe pump scream sexy and crazy at the same time, me love @_@

I heart this fuschia heels, making me feel extra cute and pretty~ n_n

I should have bought more but I guess other shoes can wait, I will wear these gems until I get bored and maybe someone kind enough will send one for me for my birthday this May (hint2) I'm wearing size Europe 36 by the way, hihi =P

[Giveaway] Hot & Cold...

How do you like your coffee/tea? Hot or cold? Warm or chill? I'm a mass of contradictions, I'm the kind of girl who went to a coffee shop and ordered tea instead, wearing flats when everyone else wear their highest heels and still using glasses when everyone else moving on to contact lenses... Weird, but that's just how I roll, lol =D 

This post however is not about coffee or tea, remember my little giveaway here ? Before we see who's the winner, let's take a sneak peak on what's hiding inside the coffee cup shall we? ^_~

Since I wanna try doing a lucky draw this time around, I write down the names of my followers who joined my giveaway in a piece of paper, fold it and shake the cups 4 times (to honour my blog 4th anniversary =P) before took out one of the paper from the coffee cup... Enough suspense, lets head on straight to the result!!! The lucky winner goes to... (DRUMROLLS)

Congratulation Dalina, I'll contact you for the prize delivery & enjoy your M.A.C Evil Eye palette girl!!! Before I go, I guess it's not too late to wish everyone a very Happy New Year 2013 & have a fantastic weekend lovelies @_@

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