Style Diary : Out Of The Blue

I'm too blue to function should be the name of this look cause I'm still feeling gloomy whenever monday comes. Whether I like it or not, I have to drag myself back to work or I can't afford to shop any cute outfits for me or my son, sobsss Y_Y I'm not going to bore you out with my moaning and whining here, just a brief ootd post, I swear =)

Truth is, I need some cheering up to do and dressing up seems to do the trick! I know for a fact that blue is not a flattering shade on me... Navy maybe but not baby blue or blue itself, those colors somehow have the power to make me look dull~ I've been staying away from any blue ensemble for a while but this Gesa top from Adrianna Yariqa keep on seducing me, I guess there's nothing else I can do but to get it, right?

I infused a little touch of white to the whole look with the scarf, jeans and handbag before decided to make it slightly edgier with the Tessa silver gladiator heels from Mel & Molly that I recently bought. I'm so into street style lately all thanks to ANTM, I think it kinds of gives a fresher look to my typical ultra feminine, ladylike style.

Scarf | dUCk

I love everything I'm wearing here especially the top and the heels. The top material is jacquard by the way, perfect for the mood I'm currently in and on top of that, it's the brand fashion collaboration with the beautiful Miss Fazura! More reasons to grab it before it's running out of stock. And of course the pearl white trafalgar crocs bag is a keeper as well, it's spacious enough to keep my purse, makeup, phone and perfume too. You can purchase all these from Fashion Valet website or outlet near you and until then, have a wonderful week ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. Nice outfit ayna! N by the way blue does not make you look dull at all 😊

    1. Thank you babe, you always said the nicest things <3 <3 <3

  2. I LOVE THE BAGGGG! Been wanting to get one but haven't got a chance to check it out properly in the store!

    1. You should babe but wait when they're on discount like I do, hehehe =P



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