Style Diary : Snow White

For someone who is neither fair nor lovely, dressing up in all white is a pretty huge risk. I could end up accentuating my flaws and honestly, the odds is really not in my favor at the moment. I do however can't help but loving the idea of being clad in white again. The last time I did was during my wedding day and god, I felt nothing but beautiful on that day! Since it will be weird to name the whole look 'White Bride', I decided to go for 'Snow White' instead, a rather unconventional  and modern interpretation of the damsel in distress.   

I had the top from S. Baharim's last year raya collection which I bought during discount. It's a very unique piece that can stand on it's own with a romantic sleeves and geometric details that's create attention in a subtle way. I completed it with my favorite white pants from Aere, Victoria Sloane's handbag and Christy Ng's shoes. For the scarf, I picked The Chic Traveller range from Sugarscarf's which I beginning to love, it's too pretty not to!

Scarf | Sugarscarf
Top | S. Baharim
Bottom | Aere
Bag | Victoria Sloane
Shoes | Christy Ng

Dressing up in white might not be such a bad idea after all, I do like the softness the whole ensemble brings. It does make me bigger and darker but hey, I'm perfectly fine with saying all that out loud, getting older means you've to learn to accept and embrace all your flaws, right? Of course it's all nice and sweet until my son spills his food on me, thank god we took the photos before having our meal, phew~ Yes, that's what happened when you become a mom, you can only looks nice for so long, lol Until then, have a glorious week ahead lovelies, adieu~

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