Create Better Future with Paddle Pop Young Builders Award

For 4 consecutive years since 2013, Wall's Malaysia successfully did their part in raising the awareness among children to go green and love the nature through their Paddle Pop Young Builders Award which is fully supported by Ministry of Education. This national program was designed to encourage kids to create their 3D artwork from recyclable items such as the Paddle Pop ice-cream sticks. The competition is open to all primary schools in Malaysia (standard 4, 5 or 6 students). To participate, the schools only need to send in their design sketches according to the theme given and the shortlisted school team will be building the 3D replica using recyclable stuff based on the sketches they submit earlier at the final this June. 

Catch The World Champions @ 2016 Powerman Asia Duathlon Championship, Malaysia

Did you heard about the 2016 Powerman Asia Duathlon Asia Championship that will take place in Putrajaya next week? After 2 years hiatus, Powerman Asia Duathlons Championship is making a comeback with over 3,000 participants from over 35 nations!!! If you're unsure what Powerman is all about, it's actually the premier label for long distance duathlons that unites the biggest and most well known long distance duathlons in the world under the International Powerman Assocition (IPA). It's cooperate with International Triathlon Union to develop and grow duathlons as a sport in general, and long distance duathlon in particular.

Geometrical Affair with OwlbyND - Love Me Not Hijab Collection

I've been developing a rather strong obsession with printed scarves lately all thanks to the rise of my plain dress collection that I kind of inherit from my sisters, hehe =P The truth nothing but the truth fact is, I'm still far far away from my pre-pregnancy weight that I'm feeling almost depressed whenever I looked at my wardrobe T_T So my lovely sisters lend me some of their outfits to cheer me up and of course I have to get matching printed scarf to go with it, right? I came across our local actress Nora Danish hijab label, OwlbyND recently and I think I'm hooked for life!!! She really know what she's doing because all of them looks so stunning ^_^ 

Keeping Up With All Things legal @

Do you feel overwhelm by all the legal terms and jargon whenever you look for information related to your legal issues? Years of watching Law & Order didn't help me much apparently and hiring a lawyer can cost a fortune... But what if I told you that there's an online portal fully dedicated to help you with all things legal and more? Not only that, you can easily access legal information and seek for legal guidance at the comfort of your home for free of course, who doesn't want that right? I know I do =)

Glow On The Go with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Opal

I've been meaning to post about this amazing highlighter for ages but there's always something distracting me from getting it done... This is actually my very first product from Becca Cosmetics, if it wasn't because of my dear friend Caroline gave it to me I don't think I'll ever come close of getting myself any, hehe =P Thank you so much babe for knowing what I need even before I need it, love you, muahssss ^_^ Becca Cosmectics is not available in Malaysia before which is really why I didn't feel like getting my hands on any of their stuff but hey, you can purchase them now at Sephora Malaysia, yeay!!! Good things are meant to be shared so yes, I'm gonna share with you reasons and reasons why every girls need to have this in their purse =)

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