Pursuit Of Happiness...

It's funny sometimes how little things can make me happy... I'm happy today because I have made someone else happy (by making fun of myself as usual of course, hehhhe =P) I'm happy because I get unexpected gift out of the blue from my daddy, hehhhe ^_^ (don't be jealous Tqah *wink2*) I'm also happy because my sis, Kak Zura will celebrate Raya this year with us for the very first time in 5 years period...yeay!!! ^_^ I'm happy because I just realize how fortunate I'm to have such a strong support system around me... (my precious family and my lovely friends, I love u guys!!! ^_^) I'm happy today because I make it to the dean list again, hehhhe =P (but this sem I'm not that confident la~ T-T) I'm happy because I'll finally get my hands on the gorgeous Stila makeup case very2 soon~ @_@ (thanx dear, u know who u are, hehhhe =P) AND I'm happy because I love being happy for no reason, hehhe =D Don't worry girls, be happy~ Gambate, hait2!!!

Aishiteru, Stila...

I'm so busy these few days, 2 of my assignments are due in next week and I haven't start doing anything yet... =( In fact, I spend my weekends with doing chores, my not so hot date~ (2 consecutive days with 2 different guys, hehhhe =P), and also my part time class... I missed the Stila workshop @ KLCC (T_T sob2) and girls movies out with Miu2... So sad la~ 

But because I heart Stila, I went to Jusco MidValley today after my class hopefully to get the Japanese magz, Steady which feature Stila on their January issue... (with free Stila Pouch & stickers ^_^) Too bad, they don't sell it there anymore~ =.= The magz is currently sold out at Kinokuniya too!!! (according to the staff) I'm totally devastated and disheartened~ Anyone knew other places that sell Japanese magz ???

The cover girl is Ryoko Hirosue~ so kawaii !!! ^_^

Makes me happy...

Between my not so busy job, my part time study, and my non-existence social life (hehhe =P), I managed to squeeze a little time for the Metrojaya Sales, ^_^ I'm not really a big fan of perfumes since I'm quite sensitive to strong scent... But because they have Stila on sales as well, I decide to give it a shot, hehhe ^_^ The crowd was crazy and everyone was like buying at the night market... I by-pass the perfume section and go straight to Stila first... very2 cheap, but the colors are quite limited... So, I bought 4 pan eye shadows and 1 lipstick only...

Love stila ^_^
I met other bloggers over there too like the very2 adorable Miu & Tubbies, all of us kind of gossiping and shopping at the same time, hahaha =D Since I'm not gaji yet, I'm restricting my purchase to RM200 only for the sales... I grab a few Marc Jacobs shower gel (super duper cheap, hehhhe), Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker EDP 50ml (this one is cheap also!!!) and last but not least, JLO body lotion (thanx so much Tubbies, hehhe =D) Love you guys!!! ^_^ 

Lovely scent for me ^_^
After that, I hang out with the girls for a while and having our lunch before all of us go separate ways... I went to Kinokuniya, and get myself few books there too, hehhhe =P And they have 20% discounts some more, I'm sooo damn lucky today, hehhhe ^_^ For less than RM300, I get my fav makeup, my fav fragrance and my fav books... (normal price for all of the items is RM600++) I'm beyond happy, I'm estatic, hehhhe =D Suki Desu!!!!
Books I love ^_^

Lost in translation...

It's quite difficult actually to translate malay phrases to english... I've taken translation course like years ago because at that time I hope I will be some kind of translator, then moved to another country, married to cute foreign guys and have a cool beach house, hehhhe =P

Okey, back to the topic, since I can be so damn lazy sometimes with nothing else to do, me and my bro, Boy invented a little game of our own... I named it "Do your worst" game... It's simple, just try to translate the Malay phrases in the worst way possible... hehhe =D It's so funny, u guys should try it sometimes, hahhha ^_^ Below are some of the questions that I can remember, forget the rest already =P

1) Kelapa Parut

Me : Shredded coconut

Boy : Coconut scars

Winner = Boy (his answer is funnier, hehhhe =P)

2) Pulau Pandan jauh ke tengah

Me : Pandan island far in the middle

Boy : Pandan island at the centre too far

Winner = Me (because I'm good? lol =P)

3) Luka lama berdarah kembali

Me : Old wound bleeding again

Boy : Old injury period again

Winner = Boy (i didn't even think of that, hahhha =P)


4) 2,3, kucing berlari, mana nak sama si kucing belang

Me : 2,3 cat run run, cannot beat stripes cat

Boy : 2,3 cat running, not the same with cat stripes
Winner = no winner because we got almost the same answer (he copy my answer!!! =P)


5) Pisang emas di bawa belayar

Me : Golden banana go sailing

Boy : Golden banana bring when sailing
Winner = no winner also, we got almost the same answer =D

6) Hancur budi dikandung tanah

Me : Destroyed deeds contain soil

Boy : Scrambled deeds pregnant sand

Winner = Boy of course, his answer is quite hillarious, hehhe ^_^

So the winner goes to,(drum rolls) clap3x BOY !!!! T_T sob2 I didn't win... But he deserved it la since his english is so much worst than me, hahahha =P Next time I'll make sure I win, ^_^ Gambate ayna!!!

It's your birthday...

Today is my youngest sis, Syiqin 9th birthday and besides the absence of my other sis, Kak Zura and my bro, Atab I think we all had a blast... Usually my family will eating out on birthdays but today, we just gathered and have a quiet dinner together at home... It's been a while since all of us together at the same time... So, this is something that I really looking forward... And Boy even cooked for us, hehhhe =D We had kueh tiaw goreng, my fav ^_^ And being Boy, of course we are forced to puji his cooking skills before we can eat them, hehhe =D

For the birthday girl, we get her a special powerpuff girls cupcakes!!! I heart powerpuff girls and so do all my sis!!! GIRL POWER~ ^_^ I want to surprise her with the cupcakes but kantoi already by my mum and Tqah, hehhhe =P They are so hopeless with secrets =.= Nvm, we have fun and was entertained by Boy's lame jokes, hehhhe =P To Syiqin, Kina wish you the very best, happiness & health and may all your dreams comes true...

Happy Birthday, girl !!! ^_^

Attack of the clone...

Currently all the girls in my house have develop a new disease, (especially my mum and Tqah,hehhe =P) I called this one "The Iqram Dinzly Effects"... The symptoms are:- 

- using high pitch voice everytime speaking of Iqram Dinzly
- mentioning his cuteness more than 5 times in a day
- read anything related to him
- criticizing and praising his acting a lot
- admiring all his pictures in paper and magazine
- compared every men "machoness" with him
- wishing to have him as husband or the "significant other", hehe =P
(Tqah only, I want Josh Harnett/Wentworth Miller/Eric Dane)
Why the sudden interest? We couldn't be bothered about his existence before... The person behind this weird obsession is.......... none other than my brother, Boy!!! Eversince he said his friends mentioning about his features similarity to Iqram Dinzly (very perasan lah him =P), this house is buzzing with the Iqram Dinzly effects, hehhhe =P The funny thing is, I can't see the resemblance at all... Iqram Dinzly is soo much cuter ^_^ What about you guys?


(Spot any differences? A lot, hehhe =D)

Button up...

I'm watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button yesterday for obvious reason... (Brad Pitt of course, hehhe =P) And I never expected how moved I would be by this movie... It's a very2 sweet love story, and sad too~ Adapted from a short story by F.Scott Fitzgerald, it's about Benjamin, who was born with a rare disease... He seems to be aged backward... Physically he look so much older than his actual age and looking younger as he gets older... Very2 hard to fathom at the beginning but as the story move, you will have a better understanding of his condition and dilemma...

His father abandoned him since birth because of his weird look and he ends up at old folks home where he look just like any of the residents there... In the home, he was sheltered from other people perceptions and growing up believing that he is one of them but when he was forbidden to be friends with one of the residents grandchild, Daisy, he knew that he's different from other people... After he was 17, he left the home and begin the journey to the outside world where the true challenge awaits him...

I don't want to ruin the suspense, because I really2 recommended this movie to everyone looking for something beyond love story... It's about life too, how simple act can affects you and people around you, how do you perceive life with all the ups and downs... how do you savour every minutes of it because you won't get a second chance and how redemption and salvation can set you free... (I'm deep today, I know~)

You may learn a thing or two from this movie especially from the old folks scenes... I cried like 3 times and ruined my make up, which is sign of a very good movie, hehhe ^_^ and Shiloh have a special apperance too!!! You will also get to see a great ballet performances in this movie... Kind of 3 in 1, hehhhe =P If you're familiar with old movie, Forever Young (starring Mel Gibson) you would probably love this one... Brad Pitt acting in this movie might have a little resemblance with his other movie, Meet Joe Black especially the innocence part but don't let his acting skills deterred you... You definitely won't regret it... ^_^

Life Is A Roller Coaster...

I'm quite cynical these days, maybe life did it to me... I thought I'm so close to something good, but apparently it's only my hopeless dream... I growing up believing that I can always get whatever I want, the truth is we can't really dictate our life... So, I guess I have to just go with the flow... I'm done with hoping and wishing for something that's not within my control... I felt like I've been kicked in the stomach when my very own flesh and blood shattered my dream... It's so deep and hurtful because I have to act like I didn't take it to heart but in the inside, my heart broke to million pieces... T_T

Why people can be sooo damn forgetful? Do you really thought other people won't treat you the same way as well? This goes to all my used to be "close friends" too, who seem to forgot who really stood by them all these years... To both of them, I don't need your selfishness lurking in my life, just consider we never really friends from the very start because friends will not forgot their friends... My only consolation these days is when I'm at my workplace, where I can forget all my troubles and try to be happy for 8 hours... Compared to my bff, I'm sure she's having a hell lot worst problem than me... I felt so sad that I can't really help her out in her most excruciating time... I wish her brother will have a super speedy recovery from dengue soon, amin~ My only highlight of the week is my Japanese drama marathon this weekend... Can't wait to complete watching the series... ^_^

Btw, I accidently watch 8tv last night, they have movie night or something that showing a very pro-jewish movie called Everything is Illuminated...
Fyi, Israel is the only Jewish state in the world, so I don't get it what the hell is 8tv trying to pull in the heat of Gaza crisis showing movie like that... The movie more or less want us to sympatatize with the Jews that have been victims of the Nazi in the Holocaust tragedy... Are you kidding me? They of all people should understand the pain they inflict to the innocence people in Gaza... Or they want to become like the Nazi themselves, I'm not that surprise...

To 8tv, please be more sensitive next time, this is not a laughing matter... More than 1,000 peoples dies (most of them are children), hospitals + schools + houses are severely damaged, all the channel for medical and food supplies are blocked for their usage, and the number of traumatic children growing each and every day... Only someone with a very2 dark and black soul can do monstrous act like that... To all the heartless Israelis, how can you guys sleep at night? Do you really think you can get rid of the Palestine people that easily? I beg to differ, I believe all the survivors are more than determine to prove them wrong... What doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger...

Let It Be...

Finally, the 10 days of misery is over and I can't wait to move on... To "the person", I honestly wish u the very best and carry on with your high and mighty life... Lowly peoples like us, we stand up for ourselves and in everything we believe in... I had enough of your excuses, promises and apologizes... Words are cheap by the way, just tell it to anyone who might cares~ But life goes on, and I don't wanna look back in anger... I wish we both can act like adults and leave all this behind us... If our fate do intertwine again in the future, I hope we won't start trading insults and blaming each other... Thanks for everything and nothing... adios muchachos,dude~

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