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Just like any other muslim women who wear hijab out there, I have a pretty extensive hijab collection on my own as well, some of them are gifts from my family and friends but most of it I purchased from time to time according to the latest style and trend. I'm pretty sure you have more than 10 scarves in your collection too, am I right? And yes, in every single colour you can think of, isn't it? Not only that, you willing to queue up for hours just to get hijabs from your favourite brand during their sale too, right? Welcome to my world then =)

Well, you can't really separate women with fashion whether you're wearing hijab or not, every women want to look stylish and beautiful.  So, to keep up with the trend is a must! In conjunction with the new year, let's check out koleksi tudung online terbaru yang harus anda miliki untuk memulakan tahun 2016 dengan lebih bergaya.

There are lots of instant shawl collection that you can find in the market nowadays; from the basic instant shawl, you have the option to choose from different kind of fabrics, design, pattern, and details. Some of them using materials like crepe, cotton or chiffon with lovely touch of colours and different styling that's not only perfect for our super hot weather but easier to wash and taken care of too.

Koleksi plain shawl ini sebenarnya bukanlah jenis tudung yang baru. Namun ia merupakan trend yang sentiasa evergreen dan diminati oleh ramai wanita berhijab. ia juga amat sesuai digayakan dengan apa jua pakaian dan mudah untuk dipakai. Antara jenis plain shawl yang boleh anda temui adalah cotton shawl, satin shawl, chiffon shawl dan crepe shawl. I always love basic plain shawl and still can't get over it no matter how much I got =P Share with me your favourite lovelies and don't forget to keep on being your beautiful self, adieu~


  1. mana cukup dengan sehelai shawl dlm koleksi...100 shawl pun boleh tentu cukup jugak...hahahah...

    1. Tau x pe, kalau boleh nak satu kedai baru puas hati, hehehe =P

  2. shawls...penuh almari pun xpernah enuf ok...i la tu..
    bukan org lain pun


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