Reinvent Your Meat Experience with Phuture Daging

One of the things that MCO taught me; it's never too late to learn how to cook and I guess, I'm not as bad as I thought either... It's hard to believe that it takes a lockdown to make me finally realized how fun and exciting cooking can be! Everything from choosing the ingredients, preparing the meals to enjoy it with your whole family is definitely an experience I wish to relive over and over again. 

When it comes to ingredients, I obviously want nothing but the best for my loved one. A healthier and innovative alternative like plant-based meat is something that I really look forward to indulge myself with. In the United States for example, plant-based meat by companies like Beyond Meat  made waves when it was first offered in restaurant and cafes. It was packaged and sold in US supermarkets since 2016 and popularly consumed not just among vegans but meat eaters too. 

In case you're wondering, plant-based meat is not actually meat regardless of it's name. It's actually made from the mixture of plant proteins, carbohydrates, healthy fats, natural colouring and natural flavouring to mimic the texture and taste of meat. Due to it's similar texture, taste, smell and colour to meat, it can be used as a substitute for items in your menu which were originally meant for meat. Isn't that music to every animal lover ears out there?

Here in Malaysia, we have Phuture Daging that's fully dedicated to produce high quality plant-based meat with its Halal food production facility and ingredients sourced from ethical suppliers that's adheres to the highest food safety and hygiene standard. One of the main ingredients of Phuture Daging's plant-based protein is made from the combination of rice, soy, peas and chickpeas. That's not all, carbohydrates from rice and potato starch are added, along with healthy fats derived from olive oil and coconut oil. Natural red colouring from beetroot and tomato also adds to the nutritional profile as well as the look of the meat.

The development of plant-based meat solutions by Phuture Daging is currently undergoing multiple rounds of research, development and trials by food scientists and researchers around the world. They aim to develop the ultimate plant-based meat solutions that are most suitable for our Malaysian taste buds and cooking preparations. Phuture Daging is looking to offer their plant-based meat solutions as an essential part of the menu of local restaurants and cafes. SME companies and local restaurants can count on Phuture Daging to support them with research and recipe curation to adapt plant-based meat seamlessly into their menu options.

Phuture Daging believes that eating a plant-based diet will contribute positively to the climate crisis by reducing the impact of food production on the environment. They planned to eventually develop a variety of plant-based products to reinvent the meaty experience for all types of local and international cuisines. More than just the future of the people, the plant-based movement contributes to the future of the planet.

If you're looking for a healthier and greener way of life, food is certainly the best way to start it. With lower content of saturated fats, cholesterol and lower calories, plant-based protein is definitely way to go!  For more information and details about Phuture Daging plant-based meat solution, head over to their official site listed below. Until we meet again, stay safe and enjoy the long weekend lovelies, adieu~

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