If Only...

With the new year approaching, I can't help but looking back at all the things happened this year... My 2009 resolution included of course... What I have achieved so far and what did I missed, the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows...

It's quite frustrating to know that somehow you're not among the lucky one, the one who got everything fall smoothly on their laps without trying too hard... Anyway, I'm not gonna fret about how unfair life is, I'm just a little too excited to discover that I actually do achieved some of my 2009 resolution...

  • Saving money instead of spending it... ----------> errr, this will be on the top of my next year resolution list, I can promise you guys that ^_^
  • Learn how to swim... -------------> erm, baby steps, huhu~
  • Learn how to cook... -------------> I'm still sucks but I will start buying more cookbook next year, hahaha =D
  • Learn how to play guitar... ----------> @_@ I do learn how to play guitar eventhough it cost me my fingers, sob2 T_T
  • Bungae jumping... -------------------> I'm not sure if its even possible in Msia, Y-Y
  • Join dancing class... ---------------> I haven't succeed in persuading anyone to come with me yet, ^_~
  • Get myself a NICE boyfriend... --------------> selfless man is so RARE, huh~
  • Join a marathon ??? ---------------> I do join a marathon earlier this year, I can prove it, hehhhe =)
  • Lead a healthier and happier life... ----------> I try not to eat lots of spicy food anymore, but I still can't totally escape sweet stuff, I just can't resist when it comes to dessert =P
See what I meant??? I do get some of it right at least, I'm so very proud of myself, ^_~ (I'm allowed to feel a little smug here, heehee =P) If only I can get everything on my list come true... *-*

The last goodbye...

dancing in the day-light =D

walking skeletons =P

belle of the ball n_n

all the graduates.. ^_~

with Fiza =)

with Danish @_@

I missed my old job, i missed the way all the kids looking up to me, trusting me and adore me like I'm some kind of a godsend... But most of all, I missed the way people treat me and believe in my abilities... I'm freaking good at it, I know I do... Teaching and sharing knowledge has always been my passion since forever... I got as much excitement as hunting for the perfect shoes just by thinking of new activities for my students...I never got the chances to properly say my goodbye to all of them before, so when my previous boss send me the invitation to their graduation, I'm more than happy to oblige... I'm a little afraid of course, I'm afraid they won't remember me as well as I do remember them... But I need this, I need to feel alive like I used to feel before...

It's not that my current job is that bad, it's quite okay actually but I'm not used to people treat me like I'm nothing more than a mere girl whose existence may or may not affected them at all... I'm so used to feel needed and wanted at home or at work... I hate it when I didn't get enough respect as I should just because I happened to be in lower position than them... I hate it when my ideas and creativity wasn't welcome here... It almost get to the extent that I just gave up and acting just to get through the day... I can't be myself, my jubilant self, the real me that everyone knew... Omg, I just hate my job!!!

Anyway, back to the kids graduation, I feel happy to be part of them again eventhough it's for a short period only, they still recognize me but a little wary and reserved than they used to... It's not for long however, the second I start making my funny faces, they let all their guards down and I'm once again Teacher Ayna that they once knew...

I'm glad that little thing like this making my day felt so much better... I can't help feeling unnatural sense of awe and proud watching them dancing, singing and acting like there's no tomorrow... I'm a little sad when it's all over, but live goes on and I have no choice but to say my last goodbye... Y_Y sob2

Conspiracy theory...





I know most of you out there will probably feel like throwing up reading anything about vampires and werewolves already but I think I need to post about this to get it out of my system, hehhee =P Most of my guy friends were wondering what do all the girls see in these 2 men??? Why they are soooo obsessed with Edward Cullen and not Jacob Black??? I'm gonna tell you why...

I might not be right and fair about this but I've come up with another theory which is quite similar to my previous theory in this post The same rules applies here, Edward represent someone solid, faithful, intense, and quiet just like Liverpool fans, meanwhile Jacob represent someone daring, bad tempered, loud and fun just like Manchester Utd fans... (you are allowed to puke now, hahaha =D)

Of course given the choices, most of the ladies will pick the most stable one right??? But they can't really shake away their attraction to the dangerous one... Which one I'll choose for myself???
ahha, it's for me to know and for you to find out, wink2 ^_~

p.s : I just wish I can have them both, hehee @_@

Lash out...

I never dream of using fake lashes before cause I always opted for more natural look... Besides, I think the over the top lashes are better saved for once in a lifetime event such as your own wedding or maybe special occasion...

Well, not anymore!!! After I heard about Shu Uemura crazy bargain in Loreal's warehouse sales, I just can't help myself to finally own the Shu Uemura's fake lashes... Thanks to Miu2, I managed to get my hands on couple of them at a very reasonable price @_@ I wish I'm daring enough to get more exaggerate pieces, perhaps after I'm invited to Academy Award's, hahha =D (keep on dreaming, Ayna =P)

mine, hehhhe ^_~

I heart this lashes so much!!! very unique & stylish... n_n

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