If Only...

With the new year approaching, I can't help but looking back at all the things happened this year... My 2009 resolution included of course... What I have achieved so far and what did I missed, the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows...

It's quite frustrating to know that somehow you're not among the lucky one, the one who got everything fall smoothly on their laps without trying too hard... Anyway, I'm not gonna fret about how unfair life is, I'm just a little too excited to discover that I actually do achieved some of my 2009 resolution...

  • Saving money instead of spending it... ----------> errr, this will be on the top of my next year resolution list, I can promise you guys that ^_^
  • Learn how to swim... -------------> erm, baby steps, huhu~
  • Learn how to cook... -------------> I'm still sucks but I will start buying more cookbook next year, hahaha =D
  • Learn how to play guitar... ----------> @_@ I do learn how to play guitar eventhough it cost me my fingers, sob2 T_T
  • Bungae jumping... -------------------> I'm not sure if its even possible in Msia, Y-Y
  • Join dancing class... ---------------> I haven't succeed in persuading anyone to come with me yet, ^_~
  • Get myself a NICE boyfriend... --------------> selfless man is so RARE, huh~
  • Join a marathon ??? ---------------> I do join a marathon earlier this year, I can prove it, hehhhe =)
  • Lead a healthier and happier life... ----------> I try not to eat lots of spicy food anymore, but I still can't totally escape sweet stuff, I just can't resist when it comes to dessert =P
See what I meant??? I do get some of it right at least, I'm so very proud of myself, ^_~ (I'm allowed to feel a little smug here, heehee =P) If only I can get everything on my list come true... *-*

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