Make up my mind...

Wow, I can't believe I've been neglecting my blog for so long... I'm quite busy actually juggling everything in between from my part time studies, my family, my works to my friends (not that I'm complaining, ^_~) and I almost have no time to hanging out with my guy-friends, huhu~ maybe I'm experiencing some kind of distaste for men right now after fallen head over heels for Jacob's gorgeous body smile??? hehhhe =P

Anyway, I managed to squeeze my time to participate in 2 workshops this month... The first one is the Clarins's Power To Try Workshop courtesy of my dear friend, Miu2 and the other one is the Good Skin Lab's Workshop which reserved by one of my blogger friend, Jess... Thank you so much girls, I enjoyed both workshops tremendously especially their generous freebies and all the knowledge that I hardly knew before and also the fact that I met lots of bloggers along the way... I never thought how powerful our breed are, hahhaha =D

Since I've no pics to show you guys due to the absence of my digicam, I just posted pics of the freebies from my other blogger friends, Cuna, Harim and Baby... Eat your heart out guys, hehhhe @_@

The Clarins's freebies... n_n

Good Skin Lab's door gift... @_@

I like this pic of us, hehhe ^_~


I always believe with the "closure" concept thing which so many people preach on in order to get passed those bitterness and hard feelings... I get my closure just now but it doesn't make me feel any better, I just wish I never knew anything at all... It's true you know, ignorance is sometimes a bliss, please remind me everytime I make a big deal about closure in the future, huhu~

Not Ready To Make Nice...

This week is totally a roller coaster ride for me, when I'm happy, I'm very2 happy but when I'm sad, it's the lowest down I had... My facebook status this week are full of emotional burst of anger and also happiest moment I experienced, maybe it's the pms (thank god women can always put the blame on pms, hahaha =D )

To tell you guys the truth, I'm not really an angry person by nature, I hardly get angry with someone for a long time, it's kind of frustrating actually because when I'm angry, I just don't give a damn about anyone else, it's cooler and better than get your heart trampled over and over again, huh~ =_=

I'm angry with a lot of people this week, people who call themselves my friends but doesn't deserve my friendship at all, people who just can't leave me alone and people who judge me just because they think they are so much better... Well, you know what, I'm not gonna be nice to any of you again, you guys just lost my respect forever... Adios muchachos, dude~

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