Style Diary : Down To Earth

There's nothing make me feel more in sync with the nature than wearing an earthy shades all over. Ironically, this is what I chose to wear for our indoor outing to Ikea last weekend. If you knew me well, you probably figured out how much hate I have for crowded places so we came early to avoid the massive crowd and got the aisle completely to ourselves for a quickie OOTD session before finishing up with a little home shopping.

Style Diary : 50 Shades Of Grey

Grey, a shade always perceived as something that's border the line between right or wrong is slowly become a favourite of mine due to the minimalist effect and classic feels it brings. The understated beauty of grey never cease to amaze me, it's effortlessly stunning even in 50 different shades of grey (if you get what I mean, winks)

Lisa Surihani for Jovian 2.0 Collection Preview @ The Ritz-Carlton, KL

Just like the first release that immediately stole the heart of Malaysian fashionista, Jovian Ready-To-Wear is making a comeback with 'Lisa Surihani for Jovian 2.0' which sets to reflect her enthusiasm on fashion, motherhood and evergreen beauty of an icon in a more mature level.

Jovian White - Bridal RTW Collection Launch @ Bangsar, KL

Since the birth of Jovian RTW in 2012, Jovian Mandagie gain a huge following among Malaysian women who love to own his couture pieces for an affordable price. Intricate design, detailed beading and beautiful embellishment making his collection a hit not only locally but in other regions as well. This time around, Jovian added a new twist to his fashion line by bringing in his first bridal Ready-To-Wear collection known as "Jovian White".

Style Diary : Out Of The Blue

I'm too blue to function should be the name of this look cause I'm still feeling gloomy whenever monday comes. Whether I like it or not, I have to drag myself back to work or I can't afford to shop any cute outfits for me or my son, sobsss Y_Y I'm not going to bore you out with my moaning and whining here, just a brief ootd post, I swear =)

Surviving Motherhood : Unbreak My Heart

It's true, nothing breaks a mother's heart more than seeing her child in pain. I thought I'm one tough cookie but when I saw my son putting up a brave face while the doctor insert the needle on his hand, I cried like a baby... In fact I'm still crying whenever I'm thinking of that moment, how my little baby try to comfort his weepy mommy with his reassuring gaze, that's without a doubt a super heroic move in my book T_T

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