Lisa Surihani for Jovian 2.0 Collection Preview @ The Ritz-Carlton, KL

Just like the first release that immediately stole the heart of Malaysian fashionista, Jovian Ready-To-Wear is making a comeback with 'Lisa Surihani for Jovian 2.0' which sets to reflect her enthusiasm on fashion, motherhood and evergreen beauty of an icon in a more mature level.

Award winning actress Lisa Surihani, the muse behind this collection collaborate again with Jovian Mandagie to create a line up that resonate her sophisticated and demure style with a touch of bold prints and shades.

This second edition allows the modern day women to be seen with the newest trends of that funky flare she houses within. While reviving her signature way of dressing, the embellishments and silhouette surely give the collection a coveted style that offers a broad range from optical prints to vivid patterns on the power staple pieces.

This collection is made with love and joy and specifically design for those who share the same spirit in life which is to celebrate life with fashion and beautiful apparels. Dedicated by Lisa for all the wonderful women that close to her heart, "Hati Lisa" is created to be versatile and appeals for women from all generation.

Consist of 50 designs featuring modern kurung on a different peplum cut that goes from hip panel, split curved, soft ruffle to asymmetric cut. For that minimal effort look, the shade of hues amid between blue, yellow, champagne, purple and orange that's not only fresh but age appropriate as well.

"Hati Lisa" will also have it's range of signature hijab for to compliment 10 of the designs and perfume that are available for purchase in-store and online on February 2017. This special edition is also debuting it's kids wear line which consist of 20 designs inspired by Lisa Surihani's daughter, Yahaira Leanne. For more details about the collection, do visit their official sites listed below and until then, happy weekend lovelies, adieu~


  1. Omg so cantik!! Ada kids version juga 😍😍😍😍

    1. I know right? Perfect for you and Sofea (Zandria too small, hehe) <3 <3 <3

  2. cantik kan collection ni??? serious i tergoda!!

    1. I pun tergoda tp tunggu discount lah br mampu, sobssss T_T


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