Nars Week : Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer

It's the Day 3 of my Nars Week dearies, I just can't believe I almost forget to post this up, sigh~ This week, my blog revolves around Nars Cosmetics or in another words, Nars Cosmetics is my latest obsession!!! I believe its not really a secret anymore with the birth of this series but I'm more than excited to share about it anyway so forgive my endless rave, will you? Not that I'm giving you any choices either, lol Just stay tune for more Nars love, dearies ❤_❤

The star of the day is none other than Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer =) It is said to instantly refines the look of pores, regulates shine and mattifies the skin to create an immaculate canvas. This oil-free primer comes with mineral powders to manage oil in the T-zone and other shine-prone areas while blurring the look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles to set the stage for a velvety-matte, makeup-ready finish that last all day.

Besides that, this gel formula is ultra light and cool to the touch and help your skin stay fresh and well hydrated throughout the day, while makeup stays fresh and vibrant. Made with Pure Lentil Seed extract that can diminishes the appearance of dilated pores, natural Bisabolol & Butterbur Root extract to calm and soothe the skin and Vitamins A, C and E to help protect the skin from free-radical damage, this primer definitely works for skins concerned with controlling oil and shine.

Clad in a black tube packaging similar to Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++, it's oil-free, alcohol free, non-comedogenic, synthetic and fragrance free as well. It's pretty small in size actually, just about the size of my palm and comes in one universal shade, milky white with watery consistency. It's quite light on the skin and absorbs pretty fast too ^_^ The best thing about this product is it doesn't contain silicone like most of the primers in the market.

Nars Pro-Prime Pore Refining Primer 
30ml [RM145.00]

MY VERDICT : I have mixed feelings about it actually. Contrary to it's name, this product didn't do a great job at minimizing my large pores =_= It's however works wonderfully at getting rid off those nasty shine for approximately 5-6 hours. I don't plan to get it at first but when I try applying it on my face, I fall in love by how very smooth and moisturize it feels against my skin. Will I recommend it to others? For the mattifying effect maybe but you might need something else to cover your pores.

For more information and details, please visit Nars Cosmetics official website or you can make your way to their flagship store at Pavilion, KL. Until we meet again dearies, don't forget to check out the other reviews from my Nars Week series, adieu~

Day 4 : Nars Blush - Amour 

Nars Week : Nars Powder Foundation SPF12

Bonjour again ladies, welcome to the Day 2 of my Nars Week series @_@ If you have no idea what Nars Week is all about, just be prepared for lots of Nars Cosmectics awesomeness =) Basically this week, I'm gonna review every stuff from Nars Cosmetics that I own, yeay!!! I don't have a lot yet so it'll only be a 5 days series for now T_T I wish I can add more to my current collection but for now, I'm just wanna enjoy all these babies as much as I can ❤_❤

The object of my affection today ladies, is the lovely Nars Powder Foundation in Fiji ^_^ According to Nars Cosmetics, this advanced, lightweight formula give the performance of a foundation with the ease of a powder to create a polished complexion with a soft-matte finish. Infused with active ingredients like SPF12Nars Powder Foundation offers dual protection against UVA and UVB rays which may lead to premature signs of aging, dark spots, and wrinkles. 

Just like any other Nars Cosmetics products, this powder foundation comes in their signature sleek, chic black case that scream both exclusive and expensive. There's a sponge compartment hidden underneath it as well which actually made the case looks rather big than other compact powders. I don't have any problems with it since it fits my bag nicely but I'm however, not really thrill by how easily the rubber case picking up mark and stain though, sigh~ 

There are 12 shades to choose from in this range so afraid not, there's a shade for everybody =) Mine is Fiji, which can be defined as light with golden peachy undertone. I'm quite surprise actually by how spot on the shade is, I always thought it's impossible to find a shade that can truly represent my skin and fit it perfectly after my previous foundation nightmare... It blends very well into my skin to the point that I can't really tell whether I had put something on or my skin just magically looking better, lol

Nars Powder Foundation SPF12 in Fiji
12g [RM170.00]

MY VERDICT : I really love how practical this powder foundation turns out to be. I can choose to use it lightly for sheer coverage, using the sponge given for medium coverage or I can also wear it as loose powder after applying my liquid foundation for full coverage, how cool is that? ❤_The powder texture is very fine and smooth, doesn't cake or flake at all and keep my shine at bay for about 5 hours too! I feel nothing but love for this powder foundation, I'm so glad I found you darling, wink2

For more information and details, please visit Nars Cosmetics official website or you can make your way to their flagship store at Pavilion, KL. Until we meet again ladies, don't forget to check out the other reviews from my Nars Week series, adieu~

Day 4 : Nars Blush - Amour 

Nars Week : Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++

Bonjour lovelies, how's your day, today? I'm having a great one so far, thanks to the awesome weekend I had, wink2 My April is pretty much a roller coaster ride btw and honestly, I just can't wait for my favorite month, May to come =) This week gonna be all about my new love, Nars Cosmetics. Ever since they hit our shore last year; I eat, sleep, walk and constantly finding reasons to stalk their outlet, lol I absolutely love how they create the line with simple girl like me in mind ❤_

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy getting dolled up before heading out just like most of you girls out there but there are times I just wanna go bare and naked without all the fuss... Of course it's not an option with full of flaw skin like mine, sigh~ The next best thing I can do is going for something  subtle and natural like tinted moisturizer. I'm so glad I finally found what my heart desire with Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++, it's definitely lust love at first sight, wink2

A little bit about Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++; it's infused with naturally derived ingredients that instantly hydrates and even out skin tone. Equipped with SPF30/PA+++, it has been shown to reduce the appearance of discoloration and dark spots with regular use for a clearer and brighter complexion. The luxurious, oil-free formula obscures the appearance of lines, wrinkles, pores and other imperfections while providing a translucent veil of broad spectrum sun protection.

Besides that, the oil-free, non comedogenic formula comes in 11 shades to date with Kopara and Mineral Rich Seawater as the key ingredients to revive your skin for a softer, smoother, and brighter natural glow. I've been matched with Groenland, a shade that can be describe as medium light with neutral pink / peachy undertone which I think is a little fairer than what I normally go for. Thank god it's very buildable and blends like a dream, I can use it just like that or layer up for more coverage @_@

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF30/PA+++ in Groenland
50ml [RM155.00]

MY VERDICT : What I love the most about this product is how little you need to work it all over your face, one tube can probably last you around 3 months... I also love how light it feels against my skin, it almost like I didn't wear anything at all!!! My only concerns is, this might not works well for combination to oily skin. You have to set it after with loose powder or powder foundation to make it last longer. Other than that, I'm very happy with it and thinking of buying another one for my sister ^_^

For more information and details, please visit Nars Cosmetics official website or you can make your way to their flagship store at Pavilion, KL. Until we meet again lovelies, don't forget to check out the other reviews from my Nars Week series, adieu~

Day 4 : Nars Blush - Amour 

Kiss Kiss with Guerlain Rouge & Shine Automatique Lipsticks...

I never really thought that statement lipsticks can do more than attract the opposite sex attention, it actually works to divert others from my skin imperfection too, hehe =P The truth is, I normally go for predictable and boring colors when it comes to lip products... So when I came across Guerlain Rouge Automatique - Ballade [600] & Guerlain Shine Automatique - Flirt [761] bold shades in a sale last year, I quickly grab them without thinking twice! Who am I to say no to these beauty, right? @_@

These lipsticks might look identical but it's actually quite different from one another. According to Guerlain, their Guerlain Rouge Automatique range combines the radiance of a crystal pigment, the luminosity of colors and fine texture to give a long lasting, moisturizing lipstick that glides over the lips like a second skin. With 25 playful pop shades to choose from, this lipstick is infused with a delicate vanilla scent and nestled in a jewel case & golden sheath that close with just a flick!

The Guerlain Shine Automatique range on the other hand describe by Guerlain as light reflecting cocktail that made of various shimmering pearly particles, tone-on-tone, contrasting, red, blue or golden which boosts lips with subtly sparkling scintillation to give soft, smooth and deliciously glossy lips. Beautifully packed in a jewel case with golden sheath as well, this range comes in 12 gorgeous shades from beige, pink, red to orange hues and have vanilla floriental scent too ^_^

Guerlain Rouge Automatique - Ballade [600]
  < Limited Edition >

MY VERDICT : As much as I want to love this lipstick, I don't think it's really meant for me, sigh~ It doesn't show up nicely on me and not moisturize enough as well. I have to re-apply 2-3 times to get the color pop up on my lips... I don't hate the scent but if you're not fond of fragrance lippie, you might want to skip this! And yes, the fancy mechanism undeniably looks exclusive but if you're using it straight from the tube, you've to be extra careful to avoid your lipstick smearing the square edges =_=

Guerlain Shine Automatique - Flirt [761]
 < Limited Edition >

MY VERDICT : Contrary to Guerlain Rouge, Guerlain Shine definitely live up to my expectation ❤ The shade that I bought is quite vibrant and intense, very moisturizing on my lips and a great ice breaker too, hehe =P Having the same packaging and scent like Guerlain Rouge, I have nothing against it but others might feel differently... Other than that, I'm pretty happy with this lippie =) I only wish the color won't fade away too soon, it definitely speaks louder than words, wink2

In love with these golden babies? You can stalk Guerlain counter nearest you or any Sephora outlets to try out the lipstick yourself! Unfortunately, mine are limited edition shades that's no longer available =( Don't worry though, they still have plenty of colors to choose from. I'm still contemplating whether to get Guerlain Shine Automatique in Rose Imperial [261] or Mi Mai [202], mmmm... For more information, please visit Guerlain official site & until then, enjoy your weekend lovelies, adieu~

Enchant & Entice with Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion & Serum...

I spend most of my lifetime experimenting from one beauty products to another but there's something about Enchanteur Paris that brings back all the memories that I held dear... Spicing up your love letter with a sprinkle of Enchanteur Paris perfume talc? I'm guilty as charge, wink2 Thanks to The Butterfly Project and Enchanteur Paris, I get the chance to re-visit my adolescent years again with the latest Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion & Body Serum range. Let's take a look, shall we? 

Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion - Firm & Repair 
150ml [RM8.90]  | 300ml [RM14.90]

Enchanteur Paris Firm & Repair Body Lotion is create to improve your skin elasticity and repairs damaged skin with the help of it's 2 key ingredients; Micro Collagen and Swiss Edelweiss Concentrate. Micro Collagen is known not only to strengthen and firming up the skin, it can also works to give your skin a healthy, supple, youthful look too. Swiss Edelweiss concentrate on the other hand can protect skin against free radical generated by UV rays or other pollutants.

MY VERDICT : Its quite difficult for me to determine whether this lotion improve my skin elasticity or not in a very short period of time but I can say that it absorbs pretty well into my skin and have a soothing-like scent that immediately relax me whenever I apply it. The packaging did bother me though, I find it's quite hard to squeeze out the lotion and control the amount... Other that that, I'm quite happy with this one and will repurchase it for sure =)

Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion - Light & Fresh
150ml [RM8.90]  | 300ml [RM14.90]

Enchanteur Paris Light & Fresh Body Lotion is a whitening body lotion that's comes with UV protection and enhance with combination of unique properties such as Portulaca and Aloe Vera Concentrate to deeply moisturize your skin and Licorice Concentrate which can prevent the formation of dark pigments due to the UV rays exposure. This water based lotion keeps your skin fresh and soft even when you're doing outdoor activities in a hot weather outside. 

MY VERDICT : If you're a big fan of refreshing scent, this body lotion is definitely what you need. It have non greasy consistency and moisturize your skin wonderfully with light lingering scent that last for hours. I didn't notice any huge differences with this lotion but I like the idea of smelling fresh from shower that it gave and spread. Do I love this body lotion? Isn't it obvious, I'm giving it 5 stars, wink2

Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion - Triple Whitening
150ml [RM8.90]  | 300ml [RM14.90]

Enchanteur Paris Light & Fresh Body Lotion is enriched with Vitamin B3 which stops the aggregation of melanin to prevent pigmentation, Sakura Concentrate that works against Tyosinase activity to even out skin tone and lastly, Licorice Concentrate which completes the trio perfectly to perform the 3 whitening actions by fighting the sign of dark pigmentation from the UV rays in order to give you fair and radiant skin to flaunt with.

MY VERDICT : I'm on the fence with this one, I do feel a slight improvement on my skin tone but I don't know why, the scent seems to be too fruity for my liking. The texture is pretty similar with the other lotions from this range; it absorbs fastly, non greasy and moisturizing enough for my dry skin. I am however don't think I'll repurchase this lotion due to its scent =_=

Enchanteur Paris Body Serum - All in One Whitening SPF 24++ 
135ml [RM11.50]  | 275ml [RM19.90]  

Enchanteur Paris All in One Whitening Body Serum is design specifically with practicality in mind to deliver multiple benefits in 1 application to achieve fair, beautiful and soft skin no matter how harsh the weather is. Infused with Licorice Concentrate to whiten and even out your skin tone, Hyaluronic for 24 hours skin hydration and also SPF24++ to protect your skin against the nasty UVA & UVB rays which can cause skin darkening and premature aging.

MY VERDICT : Living up to it's claim, this body serum really gives my skin a long lasting hydration besides even up my skin tone in every application. Comes with soft floral scent and sunscreen benefit, it's hard for me not to fall for this one. Reasonably price and works well with my body lack of moisture skin, I don't mind stocking this up for my family as well @_@  

Love to pamper your skin but have limited budget? Maybe Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion & Body Serum is exactly what you need. Pick the one suit your skin need the most or go for the scent like yours truly instead! Enchanteur Paris Body Lotion & Body Serum range currently available at local pharmacy, hypermarkets and other participating outlets. For more information, do visit Enchanteur Paris Website or Facebook Page. Until we meet again, have a fabulous week lovelies, adieu~

Asean Invasion with Ninetology Plane Livery...

Going Asean in style? I guess Ninetology Malaysia know exactly what I've been wishing for all this while, hehe =P To fire up their Asean expansion initiative, Ninetology Malaysia and Qualcomm join forces to unveiled their brand new Air Asia Aircraft Livery recently in a festive ceremony at Sepang Aircraft Engineering. Ready to take off with Ninetology? Fasten your seat belt lovelies, wink2

Selling over 1 million units to date, Ninetology begin spreading its wings to Indonesia in September 2013 and collaborate with Indonesian renowned actress and singer, Agnes Monica too. Not only that, all of their devices are powered by Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM mobile processors, the world leader in 3G, 4G and next-generation wireless technologies to continue the efforts in delivering outstanding value for their consumers as evident by their results for the past two years.

On a side note, Ninetology also state that humanizing their products will be the foundation for their business growth and expansion. Some of its upcoming efforts include strengthening its Smart Communication project this year and incorporate partnership with content providers to implement Cloud–based E-tracking system in their products to produce humanized devices for the public.

As a part of their expansion strategy in the country, Ninetology will be investing up to RM5 million to increase its experiential centres to 9 other locations across Malaysia by 2015. Ninetology and Qualcomm partnership is expected to be the catalyst for their Asean expansion plan and  development such as its upcoming LTE mobile device which is expected to be announced soon.

During the event, Ninetology also introduced their latest campaign; 'So Wow for All' to the rest of the media. 'So Wow For All' is a whole year long promo where Ninetology aims to wow everyone. The campaign kick off with the launch of Ninetology latest model, the colourful U9J1 which comes in four different colors - Rave Red, Classic BlackFuschia Pink & Neon Green. This full fledged Android does everything a smartphone can do but at a price tag of only RM199 @_@

Falling for the beautiful colors and too good to be true price? Well, you could try your luck to win cool prizes with Ninetology #9Giveaway every 9th of the month ^_^ There's another surprise coming your way as well, don't forget to prepare yourself with lots of tissue for Ninetology heartwarming web-series which schedule to be released in the second quarter of 2014. For more details, do visit Ninetology website or facebook page. Until we meet again, have a fabulous week lovelies, adieu~

Stand Firm & Stay Firm with Shizens...

Woman is created by god not only to look good in high heels, there's inner power and strength in every women that have the ability to rule the world and make it a beautiful place to live in. To celebrate women roles and contributions throughout the years, Shizens Malaysia launched their Stand Firm, Stay Firm Online Photography Contest from 2nd - 30th April 2014 which focus on bringing strong emotions, human stories & feminine touch to be immortalize into photography medium. 

To participate, simply capture your best shot that represent the theme [strong emotion/human/feminine] and submit it at for Photography Enthusiast category or upload your picture via Instagram and #standfirmstayfirm for Mobile Photography category submission. Prizes worth more than RM18,000 waiting for the lucky winners so quickly grab your gadgets and start snapping fabulous pictures lovelies ❤_

Hurry up, send in your entries or vote for your favorite one to stand a chance of winning fantastic prizes from Shizens Malaysia. You can choose to submit high quality pictures through Photography Enthusiast category or if you love Instagram, you can submit yours through #standfirmstayfirm for Mobile Photography category =) For more information, please visit Shizens Malaysia website or their facebook page. Until my next post, enjoy your weekend lovelies, adieu~

Subtly Sexy with Benefit Maybe Baby...

My love for Benefit Cosmetics is not exactly a secret; the fancy packaging, the flirty names, adorable ads and the products itself, swept me off my feet in a heartbeat =P It's a shame that I called myself their big fan all this while but never really review any of their perfume!!! So here it is, my very first Benefit Cosmetics fragrance review with one of my favorite scent, Benefit Maybe Baby EDT @_@

Let's talk about the packaging first, shall we? Well, Benefit Maybe Baby EDT were packed in a chrome shade metallic like box that looks both exclusive and expensive. The perfume bottle however is a sleek see through white glass with black cap, which I personally think is way too plain compared to other Benefit Cosmetics fragrances... Is it me or do you feel the same way too? Mmmmm~

According to Benefit Cosmetics website here, the line up for this fragrance top notes are apricot and white ginger meanwhile the middle notes consists of fresh water blossoms of cyclamen, lychee and bergamot. The base notes on the other hand are the combination of white musk, Himalayan poppy and warm peach. Fascinating flower power ensemble there, isn't it? ✿_✿

Benefit Maybe Baby EDT
50ml [RM130]  

MY VERDICT : What I really like about Benefit Maybe Baby EDT is how subtly sexy the scent actually is, it's quite light but still have the warm and inviting feeling to it, just the way I like it ❤ Sadly, the scent doesn't last long enough on me and I have to re-apply every few hours, sigh~ The perfume bottle too is not practical for traveling =_= Despite all that, it still makes a great summer/spring fragrance and I can definitely see myself re-purchase it over and over again, wink2

If you're into floral scent and always curious about Benefit Cosmetics fragrances, maybe you can try giving this perfume a shot!!! Who knows you'll love it as much as I do ^_^ Benefit Maybe Baby EDT used to be available in 100ml but right now they only have it in 50ml bottle which I think can last you around 2 months or less if you use it religiously like me, hee~ Do check out their site to find out more & until we meet each other again, have a great day lovelies, adieu~

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