The Wait Is Over for Samsung Galaxy S4...

Rejoice my dear friends, 
The wait has finally come to an end, 
Galaxy S4 have safely landed on our shore,
Let's visit Samsung Centre nearest to you and explore!!!

Yes Malaysia, you heard it right; Samsung Galaxy S4 have made their grand entrance last Saturday in a full of style & splendor ceremonies; enough to lure all the gadget addicts and tech enthusiasts to swarming around shopping malls on a very hot day! The series of events began at Sunway Pyramid as early as 9.30am, followed closely by The Gardens Midvalley, Berjaya Times Square and not to forget their last destination, Low Yat Plaza.

I was there at the last pit-stop to witness the coolness myself and the first thing that crossed my mind was "these Samsung people really know how to throw a great party!" =P The atmosphere that day felt very much like a carnival, with circus performers all over the place (mimes, clowns, jugglers), cheerleaders, marching band, musicians, singers, dancers and even celebrities happily entertained the crowd that were clearly in a festive mood =)

As much as I want to enjoy the show, I'm more interested to take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 so I quickly made my way towards the Samsung Centre and playing with the smartphone before anyone else get their hands on it, hehe =P And it definitely live up to my expectation! It's 5 inch Full HD Super Amoled display give a brilliant image clarity like no other, 13 megapixel rear camera that works wonder and 12 shooting mode that would be perfect for the-not-so-tech-savvy me, wink2

If someone ask me what's S4 features that fascinated me the most? I will gladly answer back; you ask a very tough question young lady, there are so many cool stuff you can do with this gadget and I happen to love them all! But if I have to narrow it down to only 3, my pick are definitely the Dual Camera, Air Gesture and Story Album =) I even took some pictures of me fooling around with the S4 unique functions for girls and guys out there who are curious about the latest Samsung "it" thing @_@ 

Dual Camera function

It’s true ladies and gentlemen, there are always 2 sides of every story and S4 bringing the whole concept to another level with their Dual Camer function which cover both rear and front camera in a photo! There are endless possibilities to capture your precious moments with this feature existence and the best thing is, the photographer won’t be left out in their photos anymore! Isn’t that genius? I tried it myself the other day and come up with a fun way to photobomb, hehe =P
Air Gesture function

This special feature is something that I really look forward to experience eversince I watched the Samsung Galaxy S4 ads on Youtube couple of weeks ago. With Air Gesture, I can change the music track, scroll up and down a web page, and even accept a call simply with a wave of my hand! This can come in handy especially when I'm driving or when your hands are not clean enough to touch screen. S4 definitely create a new touch-less experience for their users through the motion detector, something you really have to see it to believe it ^_~

Story Album function

Here's another one of my favorite, the Story Album function. I love to take a lot of pictures during vacation but I always dreading organizing photos for my family viewing pleasure, sigh~ The truth is I'm an organize freak by nature; arranging photos normally took me days to complete, something that I rather skip if I was given a choice, hehe =P Thank god now I finally found the answer to my first world problem, yeah~ Samsung Galaxy S4 organize photos and create albums based on specific events and you can customize them in any way you want. There are various layouts and themes that you can add on before printing the photos as a keepsake =)

Feeling the love for the Samsung Galaxy S4 awesomeness yet? Well, you're not the only one, head over to you favorite Samsung Centre or visit their page here for more details before it's too late! I heard that it was out of stock at most outlets~ Retail at RM2199 for the device alone and a lot cheaper with TelCo providers packages, Samsung Galaxy S4 is definitely something you don't wanna miss for the world

Keeping Cool with TT Mask...

These couple of months have not been easy for me, my mum was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy earlier this year and my little brother was badly injured from a nasty accident couple of weeks ago =( It really saddened me that I can't do much to ease their pain, I really wish I can do something to make them feel better... I did came up with some ideas to cheer them up but of course all of it were rejected, sigh~ Thank god they both agreed on a mini facial session, a backup plan that I devised at the spur of moment, wink2

Do you still remembered the Timeless Truth Mask that I briefly review in my Vanity Trove March box here? Well, they send me not 1,2,3 but 4 masks + vouchers as a gift for my participation in The Butterfly's Project - Beauty Bloggers and Plusizekitten giveaway, awww thanks guys =) The timing couldn't have been better, now I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone!!! Both my mum and brother can have their mini facial and I can spread the love for this wonderful mask to my awesome readers, what's not to love right? ❤_

I'll focus this on Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightnening Cooling Mask that I used on my little brother in this post since his skin transformation was quite obvious compared to my mum =) I begin the session by thoroughly cleansed his dull face using my new favorite cleanser from Ciracle (I'll blog about it soon =P) I know he haven't take a good care of himself lately so I guess a big sister got to do what she have to do right? LOL Next, I'm using my toner from Loreal to remove any remaining dirt and impurities on his face. Since this Timeless Truth mask coming with moisturizing effect, I choose to skip the moisturizer and using this mask for his face instead @_@

If you look closely at the above pictures, you can see tremendous improvement on his skin complexion and he look almost glowing and radiant don't you think? Please ignore his smug expression though, I'm done telling him it is not flattering, sigh~ There's no edit whatsoever by the way to both pictures, just a slight different angle but still you can't missed the difference right? He's not a man with many words but he did told me that his skin feel very supple, moisturize and how much he love the cooling sensation =)

If you're looking for instant brightening effect with cool/refreshing feeling which can also moisturize your skin, this mask is clearly for you!!! Retail at RM8 per piece, Timeless Truth Mask is also an International Award Winning Halal Certified Facial Masks and available exclusively at Burj Al-Arab Hotel, something that other brands can't brag about, wink2 If this mask wasn't really your cup of tea, afraid not dearies, they have various type of masks that covered wide range of skin concerns under their wing =) Just visit their website here or FB page here to purchase and don't forget to let me know what do you think about it ya girls ^_~

Ready for Samsung Galaxy S4...

Have you heard the latest buzz in town? Well, rumour has it the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be here, on our shore very very soon, yeay!!! @_@ The excitement for the gadget had escalated drastically over the weekend, with tech enthusiasts, press, bloggers, fans and even yours truly waiting impatiently to catch the first glimpse of the Samsung mobile new addition, Samsung Galaxy S4  

Driving by the huge billboard on the way to my office everyday doesn't help much with my case either. It only fuel my anticipation more than ever unfortunately =_= I'm pretty sure you'll feel the same way too if you watch the commercial below =) So many functions for so little thing, it's brilliant with the capital B!!! Taking pictures of both camera simultaneously, Smart Stay + Smart Pause + Smart Scroll + Smart Alert; I wish I think of that...


While browsing H&M summer collection at Lot 10 the other day, the crowd were entertained by the Glee inspired street performance covering hits like Lady Gaga's - Age of Glory to Stevie Wonders - Isn't She Lovely, with a little twist of course; all the lyrics were talking about the much awaited, Samsung Galaxy S4!!! What a cute gimmick indeed, I enjoy the scene way too much, I almost walk out of H&M without paying, LOL

The gig doesn't end there, Samsung singing sensation also dropped by at other major shopping outlets to spread the love for the Galaxy S4. Right after Lot 10, they continue to wow the passersby at Low Yatt Plaza and Sunway Pyramid. With violins and cello players in tow, they delivered a splendid performance complete with catchy dance steps and beats @_@ Just what I need to cheer up my lazy weekend, wink2  

Looking back at the pictures I took, how I wish I get them on video instead, sigh~ I really like the randomness of street performance I don't really think I have the guts to sing or play guitar publicly like that, way to go guys!!! =) Speaking of S4, you can witness the coolness of the phone at your nearest Samsung centres this weekend, weeeee~ You can also pre-order through TelCo providers now if you don't wanna miss a thing, wink2 Till then, get ready 4 the next Galaxy guys, adieu~ 

The Devil Wears Prada @ Reebonz Malaysia...

My fascination with designer labels have begun ever since I watched my first episode of SATC on HBO more than 10 years ago ★_ The feelings however isn't mutual due to the unforeseen circumstances (you know what I mean~ =_=) and I just let it drifted away, at the back of my mind waiting for the right time to resurface again...

I remembered a conversation with my sister over our spa session couples of years ago about how bad we want to own something significant before we hit 30... She's getting closer to her dream (she want a sport car) but I couldn't see myself getting any nearer to mine, sob2 T_T The truth is, I'm a very simple, laid back, "girl next door" kind of girl you might overlook in a crowd... What I really want is a piece of item that can make me stand out and speak for myself without I even have to utter a single word =) I know I can attract people attention if I want to with my charm (perasan =P) but sometimes I hope I don't have to, you know? 

Back to the labels, yeah I think owning at least one designer bag will make me feel like I achieved something in my life... The thing is, every time I'm getting closer to buy one, I always feel a sense of guilt thinking how hard it is for me to save up the money and spend it on one thing just like that~ I'm a big fans of Anya Hindmarch btw hence the blog name but her bags isn't that cheap, sigh~ I know there are pretty good knock off out there but I kind of hate fake people and extend the same courtesy to the fake stuff as well, LOL

So, I tried to channel my needs to a healthier alternative which is buying designer cosmetics instead and browsing website, blogs and magazines =) My enthusiasm of stalking beauty sites had finally paid off when I joined Fatin's blog; Chocolate Cats - Reebonz giveaway last month!!! I've been reading her rave & reviews for years and she's one of the people that you really can trust when it comes to desserts and cosmetics @_@ Check out her blog here if you doubt my words =P

Now, I'm the proud owner of the very sexy Prada pouch worth RM1,300 _❤, thanks to Chocolate Cats and Reebonz Malaysia!!! I still can't believe my luck, the timing couldn't be any perfect with my birthday coming up next month and the company dinner soon =) I already imagining myself using it as a clutch and statement item in numerous occasion~ 

I can't resist the urge to call myself "the devil wears Prada" now that I have this baby, hihi =P Not that I'm a fan of Red Devil or the movie but yeah, I can be pretty devil-ish too when I'm driving, haha =D This prize however won't make me giving up my dream of owning a designer bag that easily, it's definitely a great motivation for me to work harder and dream bigger, a Chanel flap perhaps? wink2

Before I go, check out Reebonz Malaysia FB page here or their website here for more awesome bags at a bargain price ★_★ They currently have on-going promos that would be a perfect for Mothers Day gifts Don't worry, all of their items are authentic, with various of luxurious brand to choose from and exclusive offers for members!!! Sign up now and unveil the surprises within, who know you might get lucky too =) 

Class Act with Sigma Make Me Classy...

While I was organizing my beauty stash the other day, I realized that I never really review any of my makeup brushes before!!! A little bit unusual considering the amount of time I spent playing with my brushes, hehe =P I remembered posting about my Stila & Shu Uemura brush hauls few years ago and that's it I guess... 

Among all the makeup brushes that I own, the only close to complete set that I've got is Sigma Make Me Classy - Travel Edition =) I bought it last year from a local online seller, The Fashionette Sisters here after having second thought on buying Sedona Lace brush set which I think quite large for my tiny face =P

This travel edition is actually the spin off from their Make Me Classy - Essential Kit, with identical but slightly smaller and a little less makeup brushes (only 7 instead of 12 brushes). Just like the original collection, the travel set also come in 4 color variants; Black (Make Me Classy), Pink (Make Me Blush), Purple (Make Me Crazy) and Aqua (Make Me Cool). 

I used to travel a lot and it really bugs me when I forgot to bring my fav brushes, sigh~ Applying makeup with fingers might be fun if you're good at it but If you're not, makeup brush is your best option unfortunately... Since the brush come in a unique case (it can transform into 2 brush holders!!!), I can easily pack it and not worrying about missing any of my brushes, yeaaaaaah \\@_@//

Moving on to the brushes, there are 3 face brushes and 4 eye brushes in this kit. It's more than enough to do a full makeup =) Some of the brushes were made from pony or goat hair meanwhile the rest are synthetic brushes. The brushes have a solid handle which make it quite easy to work with and engraved with the brushes name to help you identify their function. 

I have nothing but love for this brush, it's so soft against my skin and works perfectly with my fav setting powder, MUFE HD Powder It doesn't shed much like my other powder brushes, so yes I'm happy with it =) Since it's made from natural bristles, I normally use my M.A.C brush cleanser delicately to clean it to maintain the brush condition.

I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to contouring, so I'm using this brush solely for applying blushers. I have mixed feelings about it cause it gets dirty easily but on the other hand, I like the brush slanted shape which fit the cheeks better than the typical blush brush ^_^

This is unfortunately my least favorite brushes in this kit... I don't know why but i really can't spread my liquid foundation evenly with it and have to resort to other method to get the job done, sigh~  Is it me or the brush??? I only tried it with my MUFE HD Foundation so far and perhaps this two wasn't really match made in heaven =(

Honestly, one of the reasons I bought this kit is because of the existence of this brush. Sadly, this is nothing like I imagined it would be, it's quite big for a blending brush even with my not so small eyes!!! I think blending shades with my fingers gave me a better outcome than using this... I end up using it as a my concealer brush instead. It works amazingly well to cover my spots and imperfections so it's not really a total waste in my calculation @_@

This brush on the other hand, is pretty small to be all over eyes brush. It serves it purpose but could have been better if it is slightly bigger... It's okay for me I guess, but it always keep me thinking of my Stila No 15 brush which I love dearly~

I really2 love this brush, it's precise enough to use at my lower lash line, soften pencil eyeliner remarkably well, great for inner corner highlight and also perfect for applying shades at the crease before blending!!! Highly recommended for makeup addict, you can experiment lots of looks with this baby

I normally use this brush to apply my brow powder but it can also works as your brow arch highlighter when you pair it with shimmery pink shade =) It's just like any other angle brush, pretty easy to use and quite versatile... I even used it once to highlight my cupid bow, wink2

Sigma Make Me Classy - Travel Edition is a great investment if you're on the look out for a basic makeup brush set that's travel friendly... It's however not complete enough for a whole look (no lip brush, concealer or eyeliner brush included) but the great thing is some of the brushes can multitask quite well =)

It's price at USD65 on Sigma Beauty website which is approximately RM200 (not included postage); still a lot cheaper compared to M.A.C brushes!!! It also comes in vegan option for animal lover out there (Mr & Mr's Bunny), so you can pretty much have the best of both world ❤_

I like most of the brushes btw, I only wish I picked my fav color, purple or pink instead, black is so yesterday, LOL Do you own any Sigma brushes or planning to buy any? Feel free to share your thoughts with me =) Till then, adieu girls~

Summer Love with Vanity Trove...

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate... That's exactly how I feel about Vanity Trove - The Shower of Summer April beauty box. To compare it with a summer's day is clearly an understatement

Last weekend, me and 19 other girls were gathered at The Vault to discover the latest Vanity Trove edition together in a girly high tea session organized by Vanity Trove Malaysia team. With the cozy ambiance and laid back atmosphere, we were entertained by the people behind the beauty box themselves while having our tea and manicure done @_@

Back to the beauty box, you're in for another surprise this time around ladies... Well, there are some variation to the stuff provided in this box compared to the previous one so every boxes kind of special in it's very own way =) Let's take a look at it, shall we? 

Since I haven't used any of the items yet, I'll briefly share my thoughts based on my experience with similar products before...

 1) Perkins Nail Wrap (RP:RM39.90)

I tried a cheap version of nail wrap before and certainly not pleased with the results, sigh~ Perkins Nail Wrap however look promising with it's clear step by step instruction and money back guaranteed. They have lots of cute designs to choose from and I'm happy that I was given the blue stripey prints in my box,weeeeee~

 2) Oriks Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream (RP:RM398 for 50g)

This cream is actually a moisturizer and a wrinkle diffuser in disguise, that also help tighten up pores and brighten your complexion. I'm not really sure how this gonna work with my oily skin, I can't wait to give it a try though since it contains more than 90 types of natural mineral in it, perhaps this is the answer to my large pores problems =)

3) Clarins Intensive Brightening Serum (RP:RM295 for 30ml)

I had the opportunity to tried a few of Clarins products before; they have a wide range of products that cater to almost every skin problems. They also developed various technique to apply their products. Since brightening is not really my top priority right now, I'll certainly keep this for my future beach gateway in Thailand soon, wink2

4) Clarins 50% voucher for any face or body treatment + 3pcs beauty kit

This is no doubt one of my favorite stuff in this month box... Have you ever been to Clarins Skin Spa at KLCC? Their treatment is beyond awesome, especially the body massage, it's so heavenly!!! With the 50% discount, I won't feel the afterglow guilt anymore

5) Issey Miyake Florale EDT 

True to it's name, this fragrance clearly influenced by floral scents... I love how womanly this perfume make me feel, soft and subtle without trying too hard. I normally prefer sweet, fruity scents which I always associate with youth, maybe it's about time I grow up and learn to act like a real lady instead, LOL From the leaflet, I can tell that some boxes come with either Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier or Narciso Rodriguez perfume vials. I'm curious about JPG the most since the bottle design looks so pretty, hehe =P

 6) Kate Eyeshadow DB (RP:RM49.90)

As my mom used to say, I have enough eyeshadow to last a lifetime but honestly, it never really stop me from buying more, hee~ Having a new one to add to my existing collection is something that I always looking forward to... Okay, this eyeshadow consist of 2 colors that can be easily blend to create another shade of color. It's quite shimmery but not that overwhelming, wearable for most skin colors and last but not least, it can last forever!!! I got the light pink + brown duo and loving it very much

7) KilaDoll Licorice & Job's Tear Whitening Mask

This is the extra item included in this month edition, I'm not familiar with the brand and as I previously indicate; I'm not really crazy about whitening stuff, I'll probably give it to someone else who'll put it to a good use =) 

To sum it all up, I'm very happy with this month trove @_@ The product sizes are bigger, with 2 full size items no less =) The theme can be clearly seen from the selected items (fancy nails, brightening cream/serum, shimmery eyeshadow) and finally a voucher that really excite me, the Clarins Skin Spa 50% discount

The joy didn't end there, the Vanity Trove Malaysia had also revised their beauty box price from RM60 to RM50 starting this May edition, awesome wholesome right? Subscribe for 3,6 or 12 months now for a chance to win a full size Benefit Fake Up worth RM90 in your next trove. You can visit their website here or FB page here for more information. Trust me, you don't wanna miss a great summer catch like this one, wink2

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