Summer Love with Vanity Trove...

Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate... That's exactly how I feel about Vanity Trove - The Shower of Summer April beauty box. To compare it with a summer's day is clearly an understatement

Last weekend, me and 19 other girls were gathered at The Vault to discover the latest Vanity Trove edition together in a girly high tea session organized by Vanity Trove Malaysia team. With the cozy ambiance and laid back atmosphere, we were entertained by the people behind the beauty box themselves while having our tea and manicure done @_@

Back to the beauty box, you're in for another surprise this time around ladies... Well, there are some variation to the stuff provided in this box compared to the previous one so every boxes kind of special in it's very own way =) Let's take a look at it, shall we? 

Since I haven't used any of the items yet, I'll briefly share my thoughts based on my experience with similar products before...

 1) Perkins Nail Wrap (RP:RM39.90)

I tried a cheap version of nail wrap before and certainly not pleased with the results, sigh~ Perkins Nail Wrap however look promising with it's clear step by step instruction and money back guaranteed. They have lots of cute designs to choose from and I'm happy that I was given the blue stripey prints in my box,weeeeee~

 2) Oriks Gemstone Nano Platinum Aqua Watery Cream (RP:RM398 for 50g)

This cream is actually a moisturizer and a wrinkle diffuser in disguise, that also help tighten up pores and brighten your complexion. I'm not really sure how this gonna work with my oily skin, I can't wait to give it a try though since it contains more than 90 types of natural mineral in it, perhaps this is the answer to my large pores problems =)

3) Clarins Intensive Brightening Serum (RP:RM295 for 30ml)

I had the opportunity to tried a few of Clarins products before; they have a wide range of products that cater to almost every skin problems. They also developed various technique to apply their products. Since brightening is not really my top priority right now, I'll certainly keep this for my future beach gateway in Thailand soon, wink2

4) Clarins 50% voucher for any face or body treatment + 3pcs beauty kit

This is no doubt one of my favorite stuff in this month box... Have you ever been to Clarins Skin Spa at KLCC? Their treatment is beyond awesome, especially the body massage, it's so heavenly!!! With the 50% discount, I won't feel the afterglow guilt anymore

5) Issey Miyake Florale EDT 

True to it's name, this fragrance clearly influenced by floral scents... I love how womanly this perfume make me feel, soft and subtle without trying too hard. I normally prefer sweet, fruity scents which I always associate with youth, maybe it's about time I grow up and learn to act like a real lady instead, LOL From the leaflet, I can tell that some boxes come with either Elie Saab, Jean Paul Gaultier or Narciso Rodriguez perfume vials. I'm curious about JPG the most since the bottle design looks so pretty, hehe =P

 6) Kate Eyeshadow DB (RP:RM49.90)

As my mom used to say, I have enough eyeshadow to last a lifetime but honestly, it never really stop me from buying more, hee~ Having a new one to add to my existing collection is something that I always looking forward to... Okay, this eyeshadow consist of 2 colors that can be easily blend to create another shade of color. It's quite shimmery but not that overwhelming, wearable for most skin colors and last but not least, it can last forever!!! I got the light pink + brown duo and loving it very much

7) KilaDoll Licorice & Job's Tear Whitening Mask

This is the extra item included in this month edition, I'm not familiar with the brand and as I previously indicate; I'm not really crazy about whitening stuff, I'll probably give it to someone else who'll put it to a good use =) 

To sum it all up, I'm very happy with this month trove @_@ The product sizes are bigger, with 2 full size items no less =) The theme can be clearly seen from the selected items (fancy nails, brightening cream/serum, shimmery eyeshadow) and finally a voucher that really excite me, the Clarins Skin Spa 50% discount

The joy didn't end there, the Vanity Trove Malaysia had also revised their beauty box price from RM60 to RM50 starting this May edition, awesome wholesome right? Subscribe for 3,6 or 12 months now for a chance to win a full size Benefit Fake Up worth RM90 in your next trove. You can visit their website here or FB page here for more information. Trust me, you don't wanna miss a great summer catch like this one, wink2


  1. Great writeup! Im Going to try out the clarin spa when im back frm kuching!

  2. Thanks Cindy, yes you should try the Clarins Spa, I can easily doze off during their session and I dont sleep easily!!! =)

  3. Aah sheet mask! I always love sheet masks so im wondering how this one from KillaDoll does the whitening on my dull skin. Nice stuffs u got there for this month's beauty surprises! :)

  4. I'm not really a big fan of whitening products,i'm afraid I'll look uneven elsewhere, hehe =P you can have mine if you want to, wink2

  5. That would be great. Thanks Ayna! =D


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