[Tips & Tricks] Lemonade Lip Scrub with True Lemon

We heard it all the time 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade' but what if you don't have any lemons to make lemonade or too lazy to squeeze one? That's exactly when something handy like True Lemon comes into the picture =) No more worrying about restocking your lemons in your fridge every week or wasting your precious energy in order to get just a cup of lemonade... Now there's a hassle free alternative for you that's 100% natural with no artificial flavour and no preservative with the same benefit and taste just like the real lemon fruits which can be use as your salad dressing, cold press fruit juice, tea, sparkling water, chicken seasoning, desserts and so much more! It's also great for detox and as your daily Vitamin C source too. 

I don't want to bore you out by showing all the ways I'm enjoying my lemon fix from True Lemon so today, I'm gonna share with you a beauty hack using it instead. Each box of True Lemon comes with 32 sachets of cyrstalize lemon that contain 0 calories and 0 sugar which made it not only safe to consume but to use on your skin as well. Since I've used lemon before to make my own acne treatment water here, this time around I decided to make Lemonade Lip Scrub because this scorching hot weather is really taking it tolls on my lips, sigh~ Now its super dry, chapped and so not pretty to wear lippy with...  Thank god with True Lemon, I can save lots of time and it's hassle free, I can prepare my Lemonade Lip Scrub in less than 5 minutes! 

All you need to make this; True Lemon + sugar + filtered water =) Super simple steps with basic ingredients that can be find in every home. You can replaced sugar with honey if you don't like the texture or change sugar to baking soda to make a Lemonade Face Mask! It's basically up to you because the possibility is endless and with True Lemon, you don't have to cry over your spoiled lemons, this can last up to 2 years lifespan with consistent taste all year long. It's been in the US market for over a decade and imported directly from there so you really have a good quality stuff here lovelies so make your Lemonade Lip Scrub with confidence ^_^

STEP 1 : 
Prepare the ingredients - 1/4 cup of water + 1/2 cup of sugar + 5 sachets of True Lemon 

STEP 2 : 
Dilute 5 sachets of True Lemon into the water

STEP 3 : 
Add the sugar into the mixture and stir it all

STEP 4 :
Rub it all over your lips gently and feels the different immediately 

There you have it, an easy peasy beauty recipe for you to try at home. For those of you who would love to give True Lemon a try but don't know where to purchase it, you can find it at Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Redticks and Urbanfresh, Selection GrocerHock Choon and Mplus Pharmacies outlets or through online at Lazada, 11street and Jocom. To know more about the product, do visit their official sites below and until then, when life gives you lemons, please don't make lemonade, make your Lemonade Lip Scrub instead lovelies, adieu~


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