A Touch of Royal Beauty with Tunku Tun Aminah x Jovian Exclusive Collection

The closest things I ever get to a royalty is sadly my Royal Danish cookies T_T I do sometimes wonder how it'll feels like to be in their shoes or maybe their huge closet one day... And when I heard about the exclusive collaboration between Johor's very own enchanting princess, Her Highness Tunku Tun Aminah Sultan Ibrahim and Jovian Mandagie, I'm basically die of curiosity! I want to know everything since she's one of the royal fashion icon that I looked up to and honestly, I think I might have a girl crush for her that even my husband can't understand, lol If you're reading this Her Highness, don't worry I'm straight as an arrow =)

Back to the collection, it's inspired by the princess elegant character and demure personality, which features 21 unique designs that made with her personal style and taste in mind and named after her closest ones. The collection emphasize on finest appeal and materials that lay upon strong mixture of printed Chiffon, insertion of Crepe-like texture, combination of plush Silk for a soothing feel with a substantial amount of Organza to construct superior volume, added by a medium-weight of fine lustrous Taffeta and trimmed Shantung that creates better illusion of bodice structure and ribbed effect. 

With all the intricate, luxurious and delicate workmanship, all the designs from these line are reasonably price between RM459 - RM1488 each and every 10% from the sales made will be donated to Cerebral Palsy Johor Organization which specialize in educating, training, treating and providing the kids treated with Cerebral Palsy (CP) There's more of course, you'll also get a complimentary gift; a specially crafted fragrance from the princess herself with every purchase from Tunku Tun Aminah x Jovian exclusive collection. 

SAFIA - Modern Kurung 

KHATIRA - Modern Kebaya 

DEENA - Modern Kebarung 

SORAYA - Modern Kurung 

It's available for pre-order now at Zalora Malaysia and Fashion Valet until 13th March 2016 and you'll received it by this June. I've nothing but love for this lovely collection and mentally picked 4 of my top fav above to add to my ever growing wishlist! What do you think about this collection, do you fall hard for it just like I do or is it perhaps too overhyped? Share with me your thoughts & until then, have a great weekend lovelies, adieu~


  1. i was so excited when this announce but then i crash and burn when i saw the price haha! in shaa Allah one day! her design are unique and exquisite! suka sgt!

    1. I know right? The designs are so pretty & luxurious which I guess pretty much explain the price, Insyallah ada rezeki kita sama2 pakai baju TTA raya tahun ni <3

  2. few collections already in my list...tengok harga, nangis bawah meja opis...huhuhu...but wish to have 1...kumpul duit tabung sekarang jugak!

    1. Jgn nangis adik manis, mari kita sama2 gigih kumpul duit, korban makan x pe, hahaha =D



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