Style Diary : Floral Fixation

I believe most of you're still in the festive mood, right? Well, so am I! And since I don't have any raya food to indulge myself with, I guess an outfit post of what I wear during the first day of Eid will do. Last year, we picked purple as our little family color theme and this year, we choose purple again but a slightly deeper shade because Ammaar's grandma already bought him a cute baju melayu from Omar Ali in dark purple that fits him perfectly. Since my husband and I love purple, we're more than happy to go along with it so dark purple it is!

I'm still into my floral fixation phase and Tudung People Bohemian Collection definitely came at the right moment. You have no idea how hard it is to get this particular piece named Vanilla Latte. I have to visit the outlet twice and constantly stalk their Instagram because it's sold out online and offline. Thank god I finally got my hands on it, it's really a stunner up close! My dress on the other hand is from Love To Dress Eid'17 fashion line. The lovely pleats drapes so beautifully, making me feels very much like a modest version of Greek goddess =P

Scarf | Tudung People
Dress | Love To Dress
Shoes | Charles & Keith

There's nothing fancy about this particular outfit selection of mine; floral scarf and feminine dress is so yesterday but I'm a huge fan of simple and sweet ensemble lately. Who am I to say no to the dress that flatter your figure and fuss free, right? Perhaps I can try wearing it with sneakers to add a little bit of edge to the entire look or throw in a crazy clutch in between... Mmmmm, maybe not the wisest idea for a boring girl next door like me, lol How about you, lovelies? Share your outfit inspiration with me and until then, Selamat Hari Raya lovelies, adieu~


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    1. Thank you babe, you're very lovely yourself <3 <3 <3

  2. tudung tuuuuuuuuuuuuu... nakkk!!! hehe aah ur kinda style always lovely babe :)

    1. Thanks Jujai, you punye style lagi meletopsssss okeh, aummmm =P =P =P


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