Lovely Lace with Charles & Keith and Guess...

When it comes to "lacey" stuff, I'm definitely beyond help, sigh~ I love how feminine lace is and how subtle-ly sexy it can be without even trying... It's super chic and have a classic, vintage feels to it which I absolutely adore... Whether lace itself as a fabric or on clothing, lingerie and even accessories, I love them all... Right now, I'm head over heels with "lacey" shoes!!! @_@ Instead of buying baju raya, I can't stop hunting for more "lacey" shoes, hehe =P

To date, I have 3 "lacey" shoes, 2 of them from Charles & Keith and the other one is from Guess... I love the simplicity of the shoes designs with only lace detailing to give additional edge, it's demure and sexy combined, me love @_@

This pair I bought at Charles & Keith few months ago, I heart platform heels but I always have difficulties to find designs that I like... Surprisingly, as long as I live, I never own any white shoes except kasut sekolah, so it's about time I get one for my collection, don't you think? hee~ n_n

This pink & black lace ensemble is my favorite by far, it's a very simple slingback kitten heels with a little lace decoration from Guess, sweet and cute in it's own way, perfect for hari raya or maybe even for a hot date, hihi x)

Last but not least is the black lace peep toe heels from Charles & Keith, I wear this religiously to the office and sometimes for outing... People complimenting me all the time when I'm wearing this shoes, cool rite? =) I used it way too much that even some part of the heels already showing signs of worn out, LOL I can't wait to add more "lacey" shoes to my collection, hopefully I'll find something in red next time around, wink2

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