Kiehl's-ing me softly...

I ♥ Kiehl's

I'm so tempted to try Kiehl's after I read other bloggers raves and crazes about the Kiehl's Ultimate White Surface Brightening Exfoliator. So, I drop by at their counter @ Isetan KLCC determine to find out more about the product. The SA, Joy was more than helpful to assist me and provide a very good information for someone who only knew Kiehl's because Brad Pitt used to be in their ads campaign, hehhee =P

Since my main concern is more on my skin flaws, she didn't recommended me to use the Surface Brightening Exfoliator, she advise me to use Epidermal Re-Texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion instead, which can help to improve my skin texture and clarity, fade discoloration, and marks on face. Besides that, it can also remove skin dulling dead cells, exfoliates plugged pores and help diminishing the appearance of facial lines.

I only tried it once and already felt that my skin are more lighter and smoother. Hopefully this can work miracle on my acne scars which disturbed me for years. The SA also gave me different types of cleanser and moisturizer samples to try at home and few shampoo samples for my sis too, very2 generous I must said compared to other brands that quite stingy with their samples, huh~ =_=

Anyway, the Kiehl's Isetan counter will have a promotion on Sept (I forgot to ask what kind of promotion they have) & I can't wait to check it out!!! @_@

Bag of tricks...

This post was tagged by dear Suzie like looooong time ago, a little sneak peak on what stuff we do keep in our makeup bag... What I really keep in my Stila cosmetic pouch/bag/etc??? A lot for someone who only wear simple makeup, I kind of like the comfort of knowing I have everything I need, everywhere I go, hehehhe =P

My cute Stila makeup bag @_@

Treat or trick, n_n

[ The Inside stuff ]
  • Johnson's Baby Wipes
  • The Body Shop's Mini Brush Set
  • Stila Tinted Moisturiser
  • Stila Convertible Shadow/Liner
  • Stila Cherry Crush
  • Stila Multi Effects Mascara
  • Stila Angel Light Foundation
  • Stila Pon Pon Gerbera
  • H2O Rasberry Guava Body Balm
  • Stila Perfecting Concealer
  • Lip Ice Strawberry
  • Stila Shine Lip Color
  • Bobbi Brown Tinted Lip Balm
  • MAC Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioner
  • MAC Cream Color Base
What's in yours??? ^_~

Guitar hero...

I knew that I haven't blogging much lately, Ramadhan is always one of the busiest time for me ever... It's the only time actually I feel tempted to cook and bake, hehhehe =P I'm too shy to post pictures of the dishes I made, partly because even cooking simple dishes I somehow have the ability to make our kitchen looks like it's been hit by a tornado, hahhaha =D

I'm so eager to bake my favorite cookies like Chocolate Chip and Sarang Semut this year but our oven is still in a box at my old house, sob2 T-T Please anyone, send a new oven for me, I promise I'll bake my delicious chocolate chip cookies for you, hahahha =D

Anyway, I'm getting more attached to Aika lately, she kinds of brighten up my day and I can't hardly wait to come home everyday to be with her n_n I think she is my no 1 love right now, hehehhe =P I done a little research on how to pimp my Aika and come across this kawaii Hello Kitty Stratocaster guitars and accessories from Fender... Btw, I still think Aika is more gorgeous, wink2

The acoustic guitars, so kawaii ^_~

I love this one the most, coolness n_n

Pinky spell, sweet =)

Super cool guitar case @_@

This strap will match my Aika beautifully, hehhehe =P

I want want want this, *_*

And this one too, me likey!!! =D

Sister act...

It's been a while since my last visit to Times Square, one of my favorite hang out places in KL. Lately, I seem to spend almost every weekend at KLCC, hehhe =P So this weekend, I wanna do it differently... Because we haven't ate any breakfast yet this morning, I drag my sis to the Papa John's which I heard before but never have the opportunity to try... It's pretty similar with Pizza Hut but with cooler ambiance and services... The food are quite nice and the price are very reasonable too... But sadly they didn't served lasagna here, sob2 T-T

Very cosy and spacious ^_^

Our starving pose n_n

Can you believe the 2 of us actually finished all this??? heehee =D

We also tried out some gelatos at Gelato Fruity's booth, but of course its far cry from Italian's gelato... For those who are not familiar with gelato, it's pretty much like ice cream but they using fresh fruit and often does not contain eggs in the ingredient. The variety of flavor offered here however won't make you felt disappointed... I love how colorful the display is, looking at it alone can make my mouth water, hehehhe =P

Yummy and tasty @_@

Of course our trip to Times Square won't be completed without visiting Borders, where I can make myself at home. Both of us are bookaholics but due to budget restrain can't afford to buy all the books we want =( After deliberating and intense discussion, we both agreed to buy the latest Harlan Coben's book - Long Lost since we are Coben's die-hard fans!!! Other books can definitely wait ^_~

Looking for the best book to spend my almost finish salary on =D

I also get a birthday gift for my bff @ Metrojaya but I can't exactly reveal what I got for her here because it won't be so surprise anymore, right??? wink2 ^_~ I can't wait for my next payday, huhu~ So many temptation, so little money to spend, sob2 T-T

August Rush...

I lurrrrrrrrveee August!!! 3 of my favorite people were born in August, hehehhe @_@ I just wanna wish them a very happy and merry birthday!!! I will celebrate all of you guys birthday in different ways and surprises, wink2 ^_~ (why I'm always get excited on someone else birthday, I'm still wondering, hahahha =D)

Miza, Aun & Deya, I love you all very much & always treasure your friendship and kindness... I feel so blessed and happy to have such a great friends like you guys... Happy Birthday my friends, wish you guys the very best, happiness & health... n_n

With love,

For the love of the game...

After doing a very2 extensive research, I've come up with a theory on men or boys or whatever you wanna call them, hehhehe @_@ The case study here are men that I have had relationship with, my momentary flings and also my friends... I hope none of them will ever read this or I'm so dead, hahahha =D

Men I knew usually fall into these 2 categories, the first one is the Manchester United football team fans and the other one is Liverpool football team fans... I've seen a different set of pattern in their behaviour and attitude and what surprised me is how accurate this can be, so take note girls,
hehhehe @_@ I try my best not being bias here, so all these are honestly what I see around me and what I experienced myself... n_n (scouts honour =P)

Manchester United Fans - usually the guys are the one women always fall for, attractive, interesting and fun... but the bad things are they tend to be a jerk, selfish and over confidence men... And all my relationship with this type of men always end up with disaster, huh~ anyway, they make a very2 good friends to hang out and distract yourself from your trouble... for a relationship??? major NO - NO

Liverpool Fans - they are slightly sensitive and a little self conscious, but very nice and understanding... they are very thoughtful and will never intentionally hurt you... So far, I never have any bad things to say about any of them... They are not as exciting as the Manchester type but they are very2 sweet indeed... I'm still maintaining my friendship with my exes who fall under this category... For relationship, they are worth it, hehhehe =P

Of course, you can't solely take my words for it, I might not be right cause different people act differently, but just take this as safety measure, in case you ever need a guide, ^_^ (omg, i sound just like oprah now, hahahha =D) and to tell you guys the truth, i dont even like football that much but I seems to knew all the important names and details due to the obssession of men around me with the game...

I rather watch Mr Bean on tv's than a football match by the way, hahhahah =D But what can I do??? Men... We can't exactly kill them, and we can't live without them, hehhehe @_@ or I can always ask their favorite team before going out with them???
Actually, I always avoid asking this kind of questions cause I'm afraid they will start doing football trivia with me and bored me to death, hahhaha =D

p.s : please don't take heart ya guys, this is my crazy theory only, wink2

Back to black...

Black and red affair... ^_^

This is what me and my sis, Kak Zura been up to during our that time of the month (you know what I mean, heehee =P) Since I hate keeping my nails long, I used my sis nails to experiment with the super cheap Face Shop nail polish... We choose black and red because the combination is hot and sexy, hehhehe =P She did her left hand and I did her right... Pretty good for ameteur isn't it??? Next time, I wanna try draw the ladybird instead, hahahha @_@

The color purple...

After successfully persuading my mum to choose purple as our family baju raya theme's color this year, I've been searching high and low for the perfect shoes to match with my baju raya... Guess what, I found it at Parkson, KLCC last week, and it's 70% discount too (match my budget and my specs perfectly~ =P) Thank god, I got the last pair of my size!!! Now, I can smile in my sleep, heehee n_n

gorgeous, aite??? ^_~

Part of the list...

I heart this song, n_n

What's the odd to find someone who didn't smoke, 1.8 metres tall, sweet, heart Jim Carrey's movie, very down to earth, love basketball, funny and single??? Pretty much none existence, right??? He can't exactly cook and doesn't play guitar but he's more than good enough for me... (of course he more than good enough for me, he fit 70% part of my list, heheheh =P) I think, I might have found my soulmate, wink2 ^_~

Love is in the air...

My parents in serious mode, hehhe ^_~

May happiness surround both of you and filled your life with love and laughter... ^_^ Right now, both of them are at Port Dickson alone without any of us presence, hehhhe =P I deeply hope they will have a blast because they really deserve it for being such a wonderful parents to us...

People always think I resembled my mum's personality the most but I think I have the best of both worlds like my dad's positivity in life (we always wanna believe and see the good side in people even though some of them doesn't deserve it, =_= ) + his organizing skills (we like everything to be in order and can't stand chaos, hehhe =P) and I have my mum determination to do whatever it takes to get what we want and her ability to laugh at herself which I dont think many women out there have, hahahaha =D

They make such a lovely couple because of their differences, which always make me secretly hope I will find someone that can complement me perfectly like what my parents do... Too bad, I haven't come close yet... Maybe that kind of men no longer exist I guess... Pray for me ya, heehee =P

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