Sister act...

It's been a while since my last visit to Times Square, one of my favorite hang out places in KL. Lately, I seem to spend almost every weekend at KLCC, hehhe =P So this weekend, I wanna do it differently... Because we haven't ate any breakfast yet this morning, I drag my sis to the Papa John's which I heard before but never have the opportunity to try... It's pretty similar with Pizza Hut but with cooler ambiance and services... The food are quite nice and the price are very reasonable too... But sadly they didn't served lasagna here, sob2 T-T

Very cosy and spacious ^_^

Our starving pose n_n

Can you believe the 2 of us actually finished all this??? heehee =D

We also tried out some gelatos at Gelato Fruity's booth, but of course its far cry from Italian's gelato... For those who are not familiar with gelato, it's pretty much like ice cream but they using fresh fruit and often does not contain eggs in the ingredient. The variety of flavor offered here however won't make you felt disappointed... I love how colorful the display is, looking at it alone can make my mouth water, hehehhe =P

Yummy and tasty @_@

Of course our trip to Times Square won't be completed without visiting Borders, where I can make myself at home. Both of us are bookaholics but due to budget restrain can't afford to buy all the books we want =( After deliberating and intense discussion, we both agreed to buy the latest Harlan Coben's book - Long Lost since we are Coben's die-hard fans!!! Other books can definitely wait ^_~

Looking for the best book to spend my almost finish salary on =D

I also get a birthday gift for my bff @ Metrojaya but I can't exactly reveal what I got for her here because it won't be so surprise anymore, right??? wink2 ^_~ I can't wait for my next payday, huhu~ So many temptation, so little money to spend, sob2 T-T


  1. ni rupanye kerja bila dpt gaji

  2. ni time belum gaji lagi daaa, kalau dah gaji mesti la kina beli kasut punye, heehee =P

  3. Yummy those ice creams!So anything new @ KLCC? I ni lg la kesian, da berkurun x g KLCC padahal dekat aje ngan my parents place.

  4. Mmg yummy, u should try some Hanna!!! Many promotion at klcc right now in conjunction of the merdeka celebration... dtg le, hehhehe =D (mcm duta klcc pulak i ni, hahhha =D)


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