I'm not going to London btw and I wish this is my legs, hahha =D

This is my last entry for this month... I'll be leaving to a secluded place where's no connection between human are possible (just kidding, heehee =D) Actually, I'll be going to a destination alone, without my family and friends in a trip to reinvent myself as part of my 25th years old wish to be a more matured and sensible me, hahhaha =P I'll be away for a week from tomorrow until Friday next week and to tell you the truth, I feet quite nervous about it because it's been a while since my last separation from my family... I wonder if they could live without me, hehhhe =P

The major questions are how I'm gonna live without my family and internet for a week??? I will have to forget about Facebook (I'm addicted to Facebook games n_n), Youtube (I learn guitar almost every day from Youtube, pathetic isn't it??? hahha =D), Email/YM (I have to chat with my bff, my sis in Ukraine and my friends on a daily basis!!!) and also Blogging (I like to spend hours reading and commenting my on9 friends blogs and sometimes if the mood struck me, I'll posting something too, heehee =P) This is hard man,arghhhh~ =_=

And yes, I hate packing and unpack too. I rather doing the laundry or cleaning the dishes than start packing... The only good thing is I probably losing the extra weight that I gained lately (thanks too Cadbury's strawberry yogurt chocolate bar, heehee =P) I truly wish, next week will pass quickly... I'm so gonna miss my Aika, my shoes, my books and my Stila... (I'll only bring with me Cherry Crush + Angel Light compact + Convertible Eye Color + Multi Effect mascara + Cassia e/s) I hope the rest will behave themselves when I'm gone, wink2

p.s : To my family, friends and my blogger friends, please don't change too much ya when I'm not around, heehee ^_~ Adieu, guys...


Writing on the wall...

Okie, I've been tagged by Hanna around last week, but I kind of forgot to post about it, heehee =P Excuse my senget and bad handwriting ya, hahha =D I'll just copy paste the rules from Hanna's blog since I'm too lazy to type down everything, hehhhee ^_^

This tag need you to write on a piece of paper to show how your handwriting looks like and fit your personality.

1. Write down who tagged you
2. Answer these:

  • your name/ user name/ pseudo
  • right-handed or left-handed?
  • your favourite letters to write?
  • your least favourite letters to write?
  • write 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'
3. Tag five person

my bad handwriting, hahha =D

Revenge of The Fallen...

As one of the lucky winners of Miu2's Blog Birthday Bonanza, I've won myself a pair of Transformers : Revenge of The Fallen movie premier invites which was held at GSC Midvalley yesterday, weeeeeee @_@!!! Since I owe my friend a little favor, I decide to bring him along for the premier which by the way is one of his fav all time action heroes, heehee =P We both heart the movie so much, thanks a gizzilion Miu2 dearie n_n Love ya girl ^_~

I got the chance to met few bloggers who also winners of the contest like very sweet Hanna and her shy bf (I only heard his voice when all the transformers killing each other, hahha =D), friendly Harim and her cute brother, heehee =P, the skinny Cuna and her mesra alam bf, hahha=D, Korean petite girl, Basyirah @ Gedik with her fiancee and last but not least the loving couple, Angelzoe with her hubby (I don't know ur real name dear, sowiee2 ^_~) I haven't bumped with the other winners, maybe I'm too busy gossiping with the girls and didn't noticed them, hehhe =P

gossiping with the girls =P

say cheese, hehhhe n_n

the invites card +_+

Anyway, the movie is super duper awesome... Even the invites card looks so cool~ (potential to be collectible items n_n) What else can I say about the movie??? It's freaking hilarious, full of fantastic graphics and animations, and not to mention great choice of casts (I heart Leo and Sam's mum, hehhehe =D) The storyline is quite predictable, I'm a little sad when Optimus Prime died even though I knew very well he'll resurface back sooner or later~ But who cares, I came for Joshie and Bumble Bee anyway, hehhe ^_^

My fav scene is of course the museum invasion, heehee =P It's funny and kinda make me wanna have my own stun gun too ^_~... (The chances are higher that I might electrocute myself for the 3rd time if I'm using it, hahha =D) It does reminds me of a scene from Ocean's Twelve when Julia Roberts pretending to be Julia Roberts, hehhhee =P The odds are Michael Bay's probably inspired by that scene too ^_^

My only complaint is with the soundtrack actually... Most of the songs isn't exactly new and with the exception of The Fray-Never Say Never, I didn't really like the soundtrack very much... I'm hoping for something similar with Before it's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls... It's their strategy probably using songs that already been released before...
Nevermind, as long as the movie is good, no one gonna noticed about it anyway... ^_^

For those out there who hesitate about watching this movie, trust me, you won't regret paying for the tickets... All 2 and a half hour watching this movie is totally worth your every cents except maybe the momentary weird thing part when Sam's having vision, hahhha =D To Miu2, I can't thank you enough for the tickets, me likey this movie very2 much!!! Arigato Miu2-chan @_@ I'm very2 happy to be among the first who watch Transformer : Revenge of The Fallen in Malaysia, wink2

p.s : So sorry for the lack of pics, later I'll kidnap from other bloggers, muahahha =D (pics credit to Cuna)

More Than Meets The Eye...

For her blog's 1st birthday celebration, my dear friend, Miu2 have organize a contest where we can win tickets to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen before it release in cinemas... I'm so freaking excited to win this because firstly, I heart Bumble Bee, ^_~ secondly, I looooove Josh Duhamel (hate u Fergie =P) and thirdly because I kinda like Shia LaBeouf too, heehee =P (If I minus his Even's Steven days la... =D) And one more thing, I can't wait to check out the music features in this movie since the prequel's was very2 good indead ^_~

Me likey ^_~

This is how they looks like early in the morning, hehhhe =P

Below are my entry pics which may look quite ordinary but you'll never know what goes exactly behind the scenes, huh~ =_= I'm not exactly proud to say this but yes, I have to resort to bribery since they're all acting like zombie early in the morning, hahaha =D (you can tell from their expression, LOL =P) I gave them my not so famous Milo Milkshake (Milo + Milk + Booty shake = My milkshake, hehhe =P) and cookies to get their almost full cooperation... These pics are actually the only decent pics from almost 30 frames I got (we are so not gonna make it in ANTM, heehee =D) Check out my entry, wink2

Dear Miu2,

After one wonderful year, I believe your blog have certainly became an important part of yourself... You may not realize this but somehow, you have touched and inspired lots of people in so many ways... Keep being yourself girl, we won't have it any other way, your blog is so special, just the way you are... Happy Birthday plusizekitten.blogspot.com, wishing you the very best and many great years ahead!!! Gambate Kundasai!!! @_@


p.s : weeeeeeeee, I won the contest, hehehhe =P arigato gozaimazta' Miu2 ^_~ Yeay!!! Can't wait to drool over Joshie although I can always meet him every Thursday on AXN, heehee =P

My Stila girls...

Firstly, I would like to thanks my dear friends Vivian, Hanna and Miu2 for the Neno's Award, Friendship Award and The Adorable Blog Award... (feels like I'm giving my Oscar's speech pulak, hehehhe =P) Since I don't know which awards I should do, I think I better make my own instead, hahahha =D

It's not exactly an award, more like a recognition and tribute to my dear blogger friends that I have come to love and treasure their friendship even though I met most of them through blogging and internet. Trust me, they are all beautiful person inside out and I really feel grateful to get to know all of you. They are just like my most prized possesion, the Stila palettes...

My Stila Palettes ^_~


Deya (Stila Pon Pon Gerbera Trio Palette)

She's my bff for almost 12 years, partner in crime and my confidate... Like Pon Pon Gerbera, she's cute and nice, selfless and kind... She's always there when I need her even though we're thousand miles apart +_+

Miu2 (Stila Love Yor Look Palette)

I relate this palette mostly with her because she gave it to me for my bday,yeay!!! Thank q so much, dear ^_~ Just like the natural colors, she's so naturally sweet, adorable and easy to love... Plus, she's also my Stila informer too, wink2

Vivian (Stila Red Carpet Look)

She's lovely and cute, good cook and a great mum... She's kind of chic in her own way... I think the colors will work wonders with her subtle-glam look, hehhe ^_~ I heart ur cuppies, gurl =P

Vonvon (Stila Scarlett Palette)

Like Scarlett, she's pretty much everything in one...She's a doctor who choose to be stay-at-home mom because of her little girl (so sweet ^_^) She's never afraid to stand up for herself and defends what she believes in... You go, girl!!!

Aida (Stila Blanc Palatte)

She's a wonderful girl who shares similar interest with me... ^_^ The artistic Blanc cover reminds me of our passion for music and I think the rare design certainly fitted with her personality and character, hehhe =P


Hanna (Stila Smokey Eye Palette)

She's such a nice girl who love make-up and barbie dolls... This palette suit her the most because it have voices just like dolls nowadays, hehhehe =P Soon to be teacher, she's definitely a force to be reckon with ^_~ Gambate!!!


 Suzie (Stila Montmarte Palette)

She's shopaholic mom, cute and chic like the purples in      montmarte... Being so close to delivery, she still can raid the sales and blogging, hehehhe ^_~ This girl certainly will go after what she want without any second thought!!! @_@

Lisa (Stila Asian Exclusive - Warm Trio Palette)

She's warm and nice, exactly like these colors. She's someone you want to be friends with and sweet in her own way, ^_~ A mom to be, her child will surely inherit her love for shopping, hehhe =P


Love you guys... ^_~


Under the sea...

What's with me and song titles??? I always used songs as my post titles, I wonder why, hehhehe =P This one is from Disney's Little Mermaid by the way, which I think can best described this post ^_^ My 2 weeks holiday doesn't really work out as I planned (I actually thought I can lazying around, complete my Japanese Drama marathon, rearrange my room and finish reading all the books I recently bought) Well, fate intervenes of course, without my mum around, I practically in-charge in almost everything which include attend to my little sisters every wish and whim, huhu~

So, they happily dragged me to Aquaria earlier this week, which I rather pass since I'm trying my damnest to avoid any shopping complex trip due to the large hole in my wallet, sob2 T-T But, I didn't have the heart to turn them down because after this, I won't have much time to spend with them anymore... So, the 3 of us made our way to Aquaria, KLCC after having quick lunch at Bandar Tun Razak.

If you have been to Underwater World, Langkawi, you guys will probably dissapointed with the exhibit they got here. It's actually not much to bragged about, they have piranhas, sharks, sting rays, electric eels and few rare fishes but that's about it... Compared to Underwater World, I think the sea creatures here is quite limited. They tried to make it up though with variety displays of reptiles and insects... But Aquaria supposed to be about sea animals, rite???

Anyway, we definitely have lots of fun, watching the animals certainly awaken the curiosity in you and kind of makes me a little giddy too, hehhhe =D The sea tunnel is one of the main highlights over here besides the feeding show which I love very2 much... @_@ 

The sting ray definitely put quite a show and mesmerized every single person there especially me and all the kids... It certainly deserved a standing ovation, hahahha =D My photography skill is bad by the way, so I didn't manage to capture most of the beautiful scenes that day, T-T sob2 And the professional snorkelers who do the feeding are quite hot too, ^_~ I wonder if they will do free tutorial for me, hahhaha =D

The sea tunnel ride ^_^

Me likey this pic... @_@

The smiling sting ray +_+

The sand tiger sharks *.*

These fishes are making out in a broad daylight, hahhaha =P

The electric eel ^_^(we are from the same species as my bff used to say, hehhee =P)

Before I forgot, they are having on-going promotion at Aquazone (fish-spa) right now. If you bought any tickets to Aquaria, you are entitle to get 30 minutes fish-spa theraphy for only RM15... What a bargain, rite??? The prices at other fish-spa normally range between RM30-RM50 per person... So, of course I wouldn't miss it for the world... After tiring day walking around in heels for hours, a little treat like this was definitely worth a try... This is my first time meeting flesh and bone (literally =P) with the famous Garra-Fish and I'm totally hooked, ^_^ It felt like a weird kind of vibration and a little ticklish too but after sometime you'll get used too it... After the theraphy, your feet will feel a lot lighter and fresh exactly like after you scrubbing it with The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Scrub, hehehe =P

Aquazone Entrance ^_^

 The Aquazone interior... =)

They're feasting on my feet hungrily, hehehe ^_^

Fish-spa models wannabe, hahhaha =D

p.s : One more thing, if you happened to be a college or university students, don't forget to bring your matrix card, you'll get special rate at Aquaria (I used my PJJ's ID, hehhe =P) for only RM20, a lot cheaper than the RM38 usual price... The money you saved can be use for your fish spa theraphy experience instead, hehehe ^_~

Hit the road trip...

This post actually is long overdue. We were visiting Dinotrek, Petrosains like 2 weeks ago but as usual I haven't got enough time to sort out all my pictures... I'm more excited than most of the kids apparently as my last trip visiting Dinosaurs & The Gang was like 13 years ago, hehehhe =P And I haven't ride bus in years... So, it was a trip down the memory lane just like when I was back in high school... How I wish I could turn back the time, hehhehe =D

I personally preferred Dinotrek than Petrosains because I always have a fondness with cute Dinosaurs (Denver, Barney, etc ^_~) To make sure the kids won't be terrified, I have brainwashed them weeks before with Dinosaurs cartoons and movies, hehehhe ^_^ Now, they probably think Dinosaurs can talk and dance, (I'm so dead if their parents find out, hahaha =D)

Even though all of the teachers looked half dead at the end of the day, (I looked almost dead by the way, hehehe =P ), we were really having fun and enjoying every seconds of it... My favorite part??? Of course the bus ride... Singing along in the bus with the kids and looking at their thrilled and excited face, it's definitely worth the time and sweat ^_~

My over excited pose, hehhe =P

Teachers ready to blast off, huhuhu @_@

I'm trying desperately to convince one of the kids to visit the toilet first, heeehe ^_~

When is my turn eh??? Teacher wanna play too, hahha =D

Weeee, lets bring this bones to our cat at home, hehhehe =P

Just dance~ ^_~

Bring it on, Dinosaurs!!! @_@

My almost dead face, heehee ^_~

Sweetest surprise...

My new love, Aika ^_~

OMG, I finally got my surprise birthday gift today from my dear sis... Domo Arigato Tqah-chan !!! @_@ I can't believe how well my family kept this secret from me all this while, hehehhe =D This certainly the sweetest surprise ever!!! I'm so freaking delirious, not to mention ecstatic to own my very first guitar!!! And the color match my mp3 player too (weeeeeeeee =P) I've been craving for a guitar since forever, thank you dear for making my wish come true...

After lots of thinking, I have decided to name my lovely guitar, Aika (which means love song in Japanese) ^_~ I can't hardly wait to start accessorize my guitar, hehehhe ^_^ As for learning guitar, I'm still searching for the best candidate, +_+ (I'm sure most of you can guess how easily I get infatuate with guys who play guitar well, hehhe =P
) I knew the basic but not that well, who knows later I'll start posting videos of my humble performance, hehehhe =P Thanks again girl for your thoughtful gift, you definitely makes my day... Love ya!!!^_~

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