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As one of the lucky winners of Miu2's Blog Birthday Bonanza, I've won myself a pair of Transformers : Revenge of The Fallen movie premier invites which was held at GSC Midvalley yesterday, weeeeeee @_@!!! Since I owe my friend a little favor, I decide to bring him along for the premier which by the way is one of his fav all time action heroes, heehee =P We both heart the movie so much, thanks a gizzilion Miu2 dearie n_n Love ya girl ^_~

I got the chance to met few bloggers who also winners of the contest like very sweet Hanna and her shy bf (I only heard his voice when all the transformers killing each other, hahha =D), friendly Harim and her cute brother, heehee =P, the skinny Cuna and her mesra alam bf, hahha=D, Korean petite girl, Basyirah @ Gedik with her fiancee and last but not least the loving couple, Angelzoe with her hubby (I don't know ur real name dear, sowiee2 ^_~) I haven't bumped with the other winners, maybe I'm too busy gossiping with the girls and didn't noticed them, hehhe =P

gossiping with the girls =P

say cheese, hehhhe n_n

the invites card +_+

Anyway, the movie is super duper awesome... Even the invites card looks so cool~ (potential to be collectible items n_n) What else can I say about the movie??? It's freaking hilarious, full of fantastic graphics and animations, and not to mention great choice of casts (I heart Leo and Sam's mum, hehhehe =D) The storyline is quite predictable, I'm a little sad when Optimus Prime died even though I knew very well he'll resurface back sooner or later~ But who cares, I came for Joshie and Bumble Bee anyway, hehhe ^_^

My fav scene is of course the museum invasion, heehee =P It's funny and kinda make me wanna have my own stun gun too ^_~... (The chances are higher that I might electrocute myself for the 3rd time if I'm using it, hahha =D) It does reminds me of a scene from Ocean's Twelve when Julia Roberts pretending to be Julia Roberts, hehhhee =P The odds are Michael Bay's probably inspired by that scene too ^_^

My only complaint is with the soundtrack actually... Most of the songs isn't exactly new and with the exception of The Fray-Never Say Never, I didn't really like the soundtrack very much... I'm hoping for something similar with Before it's Too Late by Goo Goo Dolls... It's their strategy probably using songs that already been released before...
Nevermind, as long as the movie is good, no one gonna noticed about it anyway... ^_^

For those out there who hesitate about watching this movie, trust me, you won't regret paying for the tickets... All 2 and a half hour watching this movie is totally worth your every cents except maybe the momentary weird thing part when Sam's having vision, hahhha =D To Miu2, I can't thank you enough for the tickets, me likey this movie very2 much!!! Arigato Miu2-chan @_@ I'm very2 happy to be among the first who watch Transformer : Revenge of The Fallen in Malaysia, wink2

p.s : So sorry for the lack of pics, later I'll kidnap from other bloggers, muahahha =D (pics credit to Cuna)


  1. tak lah jeles sgt. dh get over it. btw, kina bw sapa doww? bf eh.

  2. byk arr, kwn je okey... kina dah swears off men tau, wink2

  3. hahaaaa. still lakiiiiii gak. hensem x?

  4. hensem lagi brad pitt, muahahha =D

  5. atiqah_ Hensem2!!! Hehee

    Ayna-aih kawan ke...? Bwahahahaha me bf, shy? LOL I'm so bonnga tell him! Biar padan muke die. Mg malu xbtempat die. Hehe I'm so sorry yea guys, he's not a snob or anything, just a bit shy when around new people.

    Oh yeah the movie was AWEsome! A definite summer blockbuster.

  6. Kwn je la... I skrg dah insaf, hahhaha =D

    It's okey, completely understand, ingat dia shy2 cat org nye, hehhehe =P

    Definitely a blockbuster, but if Josh bukak baju ke, guling2 ke I confirm g tgk lagi 4 kali, hahhaha =D (mcm x insaf2 je lagi ni, heehee =P)


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