Scrub Up with Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Exfoliating Body Scrub...

Hi lovelies, how are you holding on in this hot weather? Not very well I guess if you share the same genes with me, hehe =P Instead of the normal moisture level, my skin become unnaturally dry and flaky, I feel like crying everytime I see it T_T The only thing that crossed my mind when its happen, is how can I get rid of it as soon as possible? And suddenly it hits me, I have Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Exfoliating Body Scrub hidden somewhere in my stash to rescue me, phewww~

According to Crabtree & Evelyn, this body scrub is infused with fine exfoliating pumice to slough off stubborn dead cells, besides packed with additional doses of cooling peppermint oil and polishing jojoba beads to ensure your skin gleams with renewal. It's also formulated without using mineral oil or sulfates and equipped with aloe vera and camomile extracts to soothe your skin. Not only that, La Source Exfoliating Body Scrub promise you an extra-gentle cleansing and pH balancing in every use. 

One of the reasons why I bought Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Exfoliating Body Scrub is because of the wonderful peppermint scent it comes with! It's smells so relaxing, I feel like dozing off right away, hehe =P The texture on the other hand is quite grainy, probably due to the fine pumice and jojoba beads contain in it so please use it gently if you don't want to irritate your skin. It did a very good job in removing my dry, flaky skin but make sure you moisturize your skin afterward =)

All in all, I think this scrub is a bit expensive compared to similar products in the market but it's Crabtree & Eveleyn, enough said ❤_ If you feel like spoiling yourself, why not give it a try cause I'm sure it can last you for months! Retail at RM108 (175g) per tube, Crabtree & Evelyn La Source Exfoliating Body Scrub refreshing ingredients might be what your skin longed for to survive the unpredictable weather here in Malaysia... Until we meet again, have a nice day lovelies, adieu~

Into the Core with Real Techniques Core Collection...

I'm in the mood to review lately, so you can expect a lot more cosmetic reviews coming your way soon, lovelies ^_~ Today it's gonna be about my favorite brush set, Real Techniques Core Collection by Samantha Chapman, the youtube makeup guru! I got it from The Fashionette Sisters, an online seller for cosmetic products that you can't get it here in Malaysia. Have you read my Sigma Make Me Classy - Travel Edition review here? I purchase the set from them as well, do check them out ya =)

This set consist of 4 makeup brushes for your face and comes in a panoramic case which you can double use to keep the brushes neatly or transform it into a holder for your brushes after cleaning.The brush handle is quite firm and sturdy, it's so fun to apply products with it and of course, they have the brush engraved with it's name to make it easier to identify the function. All the brushes here are made from ultra smooth taklon (synthetic fiber) bristles so yes, no animal is harm during the process, wink2

Real Techniques Core Collection - Buffing Brush
I really really love this brush. It can be use in lots of way from applying loose powder, powder foundation to liquid foundation and I like the fact that it blends very effortlessly! It feels so soft against my skin, sometimes I wonder why I spend so much money on brushes that deliver less result T_T

Real Techniques Core Collection - Contour Brush
I'm not really into contouring so I choose to use this brush for applying my blusher instead. You might end up looking too sharp if you didn't properly blend it afterward but you can always use the buffing brush after that to get a more refine and finish look =)

Real Techniques Core Collection - Pointed Foundation Brush
This brush is actually meant to be use for liquid foundation application but I find it's a bit hard to work with compared to the buffing brush... Afraid not lovelies, after a few tries I learn that this brush is quite good at being a concealer brush! Happy dance, weeeee~

Real Techniques Core Collection - Detailer Brush
Detailer brush is another one of my favorite from this set; it's very versatile and precise, I can use it for difficult to reach area around my eyes or it can double up as a lip brush as well! I'm sure you can always find a new way to use this brush, maybe to highlight your cupid bow, wink2

All in all, I think this set is really a worthy buy not only for beginner but for avid makeup users too... It's priced at approximately RM100 (very budget friendly, isn't it?) and you'll get 4 makeup brushes that perform quite well with or without each other and a nice brush case for traveling! Check out Real Techniques official website or youtube account to watch the tutorial on how to use the brushes from Samantha Chapman herself & until next post, Happy Monday everyone, adieu~

Eternal Youth with The Bodyshop Nutriganics Drops of Youth...

I heard it all the time that 30 is the new 20, the "prime time" for every lady... Unfortunately, all I can ever feel and see, my body getting tired easily and of course my skin start showing signs of aging!!! All my dream of growing old gracefully ala Hollywood celebrities might require a lot more work than I actually think, sigh~ Thanks to The Butterfly Project & The Body Shop, I finally come across their latest anti-aging solution that promise younger looking skin in just 5 days, let's take a closer look shall we?

The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth is actually a pre-serum made from 99% natural ingredients and enriched with Criste Marine, a unique plant stem cells which can be found from sea algae that thrives on cliff tops along the coastline of France during the spring time. It's also known as the revolutionary anti-aging property that can delay the premature aging through it's special ability to restore your youthful radiance by keeping it well hydrated! There's still hope after all for my skin, phew~

According to The Body Shop, Drops of Youth is specially formulated to optimize your skin youthful beauty by helping to enhance surface skin renewal, the skin's natural process of replacing the uppermost dead skin cells with new ones beneath. The high level of organics content in the youth enhancing concentrate will leave your skin looks so much smoother, fresher and healthier besides instantly moisturize and makes your skin appears brighter =)

I really like the fact that this product comes in a solid glass bottle with a fancy white dropper which made it quite easy for me to administer the product intake and avoid any spillage. Since it's a pre-serum, simply massage 2-3 drops into your skin and allow it to sink for a few seconds before applying your usual moisturizer or serum. The best thing about Drops of Youth is, it works for all skin type! You don't have to worry if the product won't suit your skin anymore, cool isn't it?

The texture on the other hand feels very light on my skin and absorb pretty quickly which I think mainly due to it's watery consistency. The scent is very pleasant and nice too, it reminds me of garden and sea every time I'm using it... Here's a little confession, sometimes I purposely apply Drops of Youth to the other part of my body as well just because I love the refreshing feeling and the scent of the product! I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who did that by the way, wink2

Honestly, I don't really expect to see results in just 5 days but after someone told me that I look a lot younger than I normally do, I started to compare my before and after photos and guess what, I really like what I see!!! Upon close inspection, my acne scars appear less pronounced than it used to and I think I look healthier too =) If you're wondering how it works on oily skin like mine, it helps by giving my skin the right amount of moisture to survive the current hot weather, I'm lovin' it _

If you're looking for a solution to restore your skin youth and vitality, Drops of Youth might be the answer to your skin dilemma! It's not only infused with natural ingredient, it's also light enough for all skin types and I believe with continuous usage, I'll see a lot more improvement on my skin. Available in 30ml (RM129) and 50ml (RM189), you can get Drops of Youth from The Body Shop outlet near you or purchase it from their website. Until we see each other again, stay younger lovelies, adieu~ 

Smart Shopping with Cream Mobile App...

I enjoy shopping and I believe lots of women out there share the same interest as well but do you realize that we can end up paying more than we should just because we shop at the wrong place and time? I experienced that most of the time mainly because I'm too lazy to ask around for a better deal but afraid not if you're on the same boat with me because there's new mobile application in town to make your shopping expenditure even more awesome and worth it!!!

Introducing Cream App from BuzzElement, a consumer based mobile application and platform that leverage the crowd to help consumers determine whether they are receiving a good deal or the other way around on their purchase. Currently available for free at Google Play and will be coming soon to Apple Store, Cream positioning itself to be the "waze for real time pricing data" with interesting features such as currency converter, follow functionality, enhance design and so much more...


Still puzzled about how the application works? Check out the above video to get the full idea behind Cream App, which initial focus is to establish a large community of users to make the pricing data more accurate and valuable. As the users and pricing data growing, Cream will be able to use the analytic to create a real time pricing engine using their proprietary technology which can benefit consumers, travelers, brands and also researchers to help them predict the global pricing patterns.

Step 1 : Snap A Photo
It's pretty easy to use this application too. After finish installing Cream App in your mobile device, sign in using your Facebook account and start snapping photos of things you intend to buy right away!

Step 2 : Enter The Price
Next, add brief description and information about the items you thinking of purchasing and enter the price with the correct currency for easy reference and comparison.

Step 3 : Start Sharing
After that, you can start sharing your photos and you can monitor the feedback you received through the notification and analyze it from graph chart percentage before you make your purchase.

Interested to know more about Cream App and wondering how the geo-technology and crowdsourcing feature can help you make a better purchase? Well, you have nothing to lose and a lot more to gain by giving this application a shot, wink2 Visit their website, to learn more about the application and start making your purchase worth every penny with Cream App =) Until then; don't forget to follow me on Cream & have a wonderful day lovelies, adieu~

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