Fun In The Sun with Kiehl's...

If I were given the chance to choose between hiding from the sun or having fun soaking up in it, I think I will pick the latter in a heartbeat!!! Imagine enjoying the heat with your girlfriends while gossiping and doing fun activities with skincare brand that needs no introduction like Kiehl's, sounds like a lots of fun, isn't it? Thanks to The Butterfly Project initiative, my fun in the sun fantasy can finally become reality next Sunday at the One Utama Secret Garden, weeeeeeee \\@_@//

The event will focus on Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Formula range that were design to combat shine without leaving the skin feeling dehydrated. For someone who have combination-oily skin like me, finding products that's both moisturizing & shine-free is like a search that will never end... Most of the stuff I used before tend to make me look shinier instead of giving me the dewy effect, sigh~ So yes, I'm looking forward to give Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Formula a try with the other 30 butterflies =)

Why do I need 24 hours no-shine fresh hydration? 

If you take a look at my skin closely, you'll noticed that my cheeks area can be very dry and intensified especially when I exposed to air conditioning for hours during my working period. Sometimes the dry area will look even more obvious when I used certain type of makeup such as powder or gel type foundation =_= I really hope Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Formula can help me fix that problem and give my skin 24 hours no-shine fresh hydration that it deserved

What do I love about Kiehl's?

What I love the most about Kiehl's is how customer oriented their policy really is. Unlike certain brands, you can ask freely for sample before making any purchase to make sure the products perfect for your skin and won't cause any allergic reaction. That's not all, they do go as far as giving money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with their stuff after using it for 28 days!!! Who can resist such confidence? Even Hollywood celebs like Brad Pitt & Julianne Moore succumbed to that, lol

So, if you're looking for the solution to your shine and lack of moisture skin, you can always visit any Kiehl's outlets to ask for the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Formula range samples and try it out yourself ^_^ After all, you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot, wink2 For more information & details, do check out Kiehl's website or facebook page. Until then, have a wonderful day lovelies & don't forget to have your fun in the sun, adieu~

Unearth The Rainforest Gems with Borneo Soap...

Do you ever wonder what's the treasure hidden underneath the world's oldest rainforest? Yes lovelies, I'm talking about our very own Borneo Rainforest, the kingdom of heaven to more than 15,000 species!!! Isn't that amazing? I used to live in Sarawak for almost 10 years but the beautiful scenery and untouched pristine nature still have the ability to mesmerize and render me speechless... Now, I can finally have Borneo best kept secret to enhance my bathing experience with Borneo Soap, weeee~

Inspired by ancient wisdom, Borneo Soap organic skin care products fuses time honored tradition with modern bath and beauty formulations that are natural, healthy, and from non-toxic alternatives from facial, body to foot care. Individually handmade, all the soaps are made from natural ingredients native to the rainforest of Borneo and totally devoid of harsh detergents, synthetic preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances, greasy mineral oils and even animal fats. 

According to Amin Aznizan, the Borneo Soap representative during their Mother's Day Appreciation Event; all the organic skin care products were derived from specific skin-loving ingredients heralded for their healing, therapeutic properties and long used by the indigenous people of Borneo in their bath and beauty rituals. Not only that, every attention to detail is given to each and every blend of the handmade soaps to provide a luxurious cleansing experience to be treasured and enjoyed daily.

Curious about the unique ingredients from Borneo Rainforest that were used in the making of Borneo Soap? Some of them might rings a bell for example the Bario Rice which originates from the Bario Highland. Watered by the mountain, Bario Rice is rich in minerals and renowned for its reviving skin care properties. Another popular one is Dabai, an indigenous fruit that can be found along the riverbanks of Sibu, Kapit & Sarikei. It is often used for facial care due to its moisturising nature.

Not only that, each soaps were made using pure and concentrated Goat's Milk as the base & enriched with high quality ingredients such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Evening Primrose Oil or Avocado Oil to moisturize and smoothen your skin. What sets Borneo Soap apart from the other brands in the market is their soap is actually made using unusual soap making method called Cold Process, where no heat is applied and the ingredients were mixed evenly until it produces the finest mixture.

It's to ensures that the good nutrients are retained since it'll most likely destroyed if you apply any heat. The soaps were then left to cure naturally for 21 days in room temperature. This procedure will remove all the moisture & made the ingredients react with each other. Next, the soaps will be cut using traditional chinese musical instrument and will be manually inspected to make sure it meets the standard quality before it'll be packed and send all over the world ^_^

So basically yes, you'll get 100% natural ingredient in every bar of Borneo Soap. Everything from foot & body bath, facial bar and feminine wash, they have it all. Now, you can get a taste of Borneo goodness like Limau Masam Borneo, Lada Sarawak, Sago Mukah, Daun Sireh Sarawak, Madu & Gandum Borneo and of course the famous Beras Bario and Dabai Sarawak at a very interesting price and deal. Wanna know more? Stay tune till the end of this post okie, wink2

To make the event even more fabulous, all of us were treated with pampering session at the award winning spa, Spa Village @ Ritz Carlton... If you're a fan of Asia Next Top Model Cycle 2, you probably noticed the spa beautiful interior in one of the episode. I felt instantly relax just from entering this spa =) How I wish my dear mum was there to enjoy the awesome day with me T_T Let's save up for another date, I'm pretty sure you'll love it here mummy @_@ 

I was taken to a private room that comes with an outdoor jacuzzi and shower area. I was given the option to choose for the body oil and I pick the Purifying Body Oil in a heartbeat =) Soon after that, the masseuse start kneading all the knots so smoothly and expertly, making me almost asleep numerous times, lol Next, she apply Papaya Body Scrub generously all over my body before I was left to clean off with the refreshing Limau Masam Borneo soap ❤ What a great day indeed!!!

Can't wait to get your hands on the luxurious Borneo Soaps? It's available exclusively at The Skintopics, E-Curve outlet or if you're interested to buy it online, you can head over to their official site here. They're running a special offer right now where you'll get a free Beras Bario soap when you purchase 2 Borneo Soap or more. That's not all, you can also use this code borneosoap-Ayna to get additional 10% discount on top of that too!!! For more details, visit their website or facebook page & until then, have a wonderful day lovelies, adieu~

Online Cinema with Bento Live...

Calling all movie goers, drama lovers and anime fans out there, have you heard of Bento Live before? If you haven't, today is your luckiest day cause I'm gonna share with you the latest website in town that can satisfy your creative and entertainment needs at the comfort of your home or while on the go!!! Imagine all the money and time you can save by watching your favorite movies/dramas online... I can sense a shopping spree coming my way, hee~ 

Cutely named after Japanese home packed meal, Bento Live  is a new website that offers movie streaming service in High Definition quality with English & Bahasa Melayu subtitles. Just like Bento, Bento Live have variety of movies, tv drama, anime and documentary to choose from that covers lots of genre from such as reality shows, horror, action, comedy to award winning movies. You'll never get bored with Bento Live, this I can promise you, lovelies =)

I actually heard about Bento Live from a friend of mine couple of days ago and I quickly search for the website soon after that. She knows how much I love watching movie at home with my family and Bento Live definitely perfect for us ^_^ It's totally legal so you don't have to worry about it and only interrupted with short advertisement. All you have to do is register an account at Bento Live website and you can start watching your favorite shows!!!

I really love watching horror movies especially when my siblings is around and with Bento Live, we can view all the trailers first at Bento Lounge before selecting the movie we want. Since the majority of the vote goes to Monster Wolf, we spend the weekend watching the movie and scream our hearts out while teasing each other mercilessly =D Weird I know, but that's what sisters do by the way, we like to show our affection by scaring the hell out of one another, lol


Back to Bento Live, it's also available at various platforms like Samsung Smart TV and Samsung Mobile Device. Yes, you heard it right, you can view movie, tv drama from Bento Live through the state of the art Samsung Smart TV & if you stay with me, I'll let you know how you can score one for yourself too, wink2 If you're attached to the hip with your cellphone like me, you can opted for the Bento Live mobile app which is available for free at Samsung App Store @_@

Before I forgot, they're having a Share & Win Contest and will be giving away 2 x 40 inch Samsung Smart TV every month!!! Awesome, right? To join the contest, simply register your Bento Live account, like their Facebook Page, share about the contest and tell your favorite Bento Live movie. That's it and you're good to go. I just submitted my entry, hopefully I can bring the TV home with me, hihi =P For more details, please visit their Website or Facebook Page & until then, enjoy your weekend lovelies, adieu~

Bad Hair No More with NSA Beauty Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum...

Are you suffering from bad hair day problem almost every day like me? I know lots of people out there think that woman who wears hijab doesn't have any hair issue to deal with (which I desperately wish is true too) but sadly, my hair seems to get worst everyday due to my habit of changing hair products whenever the mood hits me... I guess it's about time for me to start taking care of my hair seriously and fixing the root cause before it's too late @_@

After hearing and reading about NSA Beauty bestseller product, Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum, I wait no further to learn more about it. Made from 100% natural ingredients such as Avocado Oil and Coconut Oil, Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum instantly restore your hair condition with damage reversal function to gives you a healthy, beautiful hair every night and day. Wondering what else this hair serum can do? Let's check it out, wink2

According to NSA Beauty, their Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum works wonderfully to soften and moisturize your hair besides making it shinier and easier to manage. It's also perfect for split ends problem which haunted me for years and added with nourishing element to  treat damage hair, fighting hair fall and volumize hair in the process. Not only that, Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum comes with UV protection too, cool isn't it?

That's not all, this serum can help soothing your scalp from itchiness as well by making it a lot more healthier and cleaner especially for hijab wearers. It also known as a treatment to prevent grey hair and I've someone actually told me that Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum lessen her migraine and headache too!!! Isn't that lovely? You get so many great things bottled up in one product at a very affordable and reasonable price ^_^

If you're happened to have hair fall problem, split ends or maybe just looking for hair care product that's safe and natural, NSA Beauty might be the answer to your dilemma =) Retail at RM75 for 30ml, they're having a 10% discount promotion for first time purchase at their site now which you can get by subscribing to the newsletter. Do visit their Website or Facebook Page for more information and until we meet again, I'm wishing you a great weekend lovelies, adieu~

Losing It with Per'lXlim...

Hitting 30 is not exactly walk in the park for me... My metabolism wasn’t as fast as it used to be, I get sick easily and I’m not fit enough to flee if someone chasing after me, sigh~ And that’s not exactly the worst part, I’m honestly way too lazy to hit the gym and working out regularly wasn’t really my cup of tea! What’s that left me? Plastic surgery, extreme diet or super impose my photos maybe? I hope I won’t have to resort to that, lol

I’m very curious actually when I first heard about Power Root latest range for women; Per’lXlim. If you’re not familiar with Power Root, it has been around since July 1999 and known as the leading company in Malaysia that develops herbal energy drinks fortified with 2 rainforest herbs; Eurycoma longifolia Jack a.k.a Tongkat Ali and Labisia Pumilia & Pathoina or Kacip Fatimah. These herbs are indigenous to Malaysia properties for promoting physical well-being are highly regarded by Malaysians.

Being among the earliest people to discover the secret of Per’lXlim during the meet up session at Alessio, Publika; I can safely say that it’s really meets my expectation =) Since the product will be released very soon, I guess there’s no harm to share a little bit about it with you girls, right? Per’lXlim is definitely the perfect weight loss solution for busy (or lazy) women out there. It’s reasonably price, accessible and comes in 2 delicious flavors; Coffee & Chocolate @_@

What makes it even more special, it’s infused with 2 main ingredients; Green Coffee which proven can slows the absorption of fat food intake and activates the metabolism of extra fat and also Kidney Bean which stops the calories from being absorbed into our body by prevent the stomach from breaking the carbs down into simple sugar. Or in another words, Per’lXlim helps you losing weight without exercising or skipping your meal, yeaaaaay!!!

That’s not all of course, there are Collagen and Kacip Fatimah added to the mixture as well to give you additional benefit such as improving your skin condition, increase moisture content, skin elasticity, rejuvenate healthy hair and nail, stabilizing the tissue that in need of estrogen hormone and helps in managing diarrhea. 

Did I mention that we were weight in and measured at the event to track down our weight loss progress? I have no idea I gain 2 kg since last January and I need to look my best this June! Do you think I can pull it off in these couple of months? I really hope I can get rid of the unwanted fat by that time =) Let’s the next weight in be the judge, wink2

Well, I’ve consume Per’lXlim for 2 weeks now and guess what? I love how it taste; rich and creamy, full enough to fill me and how energatic it make me feels. It’s pretty easy to take too, just mixed it with 150ml water and drink it twice a day, 30 minutes before your breakfast and lunch. For more information & details about Per’lXlim, do visit their website or facebook page. Until the next post, have a wonderful day lovelies, adieu~

Keep Calm & Have a Happy Period with Whisper...

I’m sure most of the women out there have lots of experience dealing with that “time of the month”... PMS, period pain and the bloody mess (just to name a few) might looks like nothing from men perspective but believe me, it’s a very2 big deal  for us women. We still have to go through the motion despite the uncomfortable situation when the only thing we crave more than anything is just to lay down on our bed all day and cry ourselves to sleep T_T

To address this issue, Whisper organized a Yoga session at mYoga, Plaza Damas last week to help women embrace their body natural flow. I always dream of signing up for Yoga classes before and the invitation came just at the right moment @_@ I learn lots of interesting poses and meditation technique which can be apply to control my stomach cramp and lessen my period pain. Thank you Whisper

That’s not all, we were introduced to Whisper new products that day, Whisper Cottony Cotton & Whisper Ultra which comes with double protection and fresher feels. Being women bestfriend for years, Whisper definitely understand what every women needs to make their period experience, a very happy one =) Let’s check out what sets them apart from the other pads, shall we?

Whisper Cottony Clean is equipped with not only Circle of Protection to prevent fluid leakage for all sides protection, it’s also design with Blue Lock Core to absorbs even large amount of menses and lock it away from the surface. And of course, the Soft Cottony Cover is wonderfully made to be gentle against your delicate area to give you the best cottony experience for super clean whisper protection.

Whisper Ultra on the other hand, comes with Dri Weave property to absorbs fluid and helps preventing it from going back to the surface in order to keep your pad clean and dry throughout the day. Not only that, it’s also created with advance Duo Protect System which works by absorbing more in the middle and protects at the sides so you will continuously feel clean and dry.

Having the opportunity to try out one of them during my monthly flux these couple of days, I can confidently say it’s really deliver it claims. Whisper Cottony Clean leaves me feeling fresh and clean without any leakage!!! Now I can brace the day comfortably without having to worry about changing pads every few hours, weee \\^_^// Can’t wait to try my Whisper Ultra next, wink2 Until we meet again, keep calm & have a happy period ladies, adieu~

Nars Week : Nars Satin & Sheer Lipstick - Niagara & Mayflower

Time really flies fast, don't you think? And it's the Final Day of my Nars Week, lovelies!!! I'm having so much fun with the series and I'm actually sad that it has come to an end T_T Don't worry though, I'll work extra hard to widen my Nars Cosmetics collection and you can expect Nars Week 2.0 coming your way, wink2 I'm saving the best for last of course and today, we'll take a look at the gorgeous Nars Satin Lipstick in Niagara & Nars Sheer Lipstick in Mayflower _

Honestly, I have no intention to buy any lipstick during my first visit to Nars outlet early this year but after testing and trying some of them, I really like how moisturize and buttery smooth it feels against my lips @_@ Noticing that, they suggested me to give their bestseller lipstick, Mayflower a try and oh my, I just can't stop there and decided to bring Niagara back home as well. I knew I still have lots of lipsticks that I barely touch but who can say no to these beautiful shade? Not me obviously, lol

Nars Satin Lipstick - Niagara 
3.4g [RM90.00]

A little about Nars Satin Lipstick, it claims to give you a lustrous, long wearing lipstick infused with patented blend of conditioner and antioxidants to provide ultra smooth, comfortable wear and sumptuously, silky color that hydrate, nourish and protect your lips. It's also enriched with Vitamin E to increase wearability and keeps true color intact. Comes in a 12 sophisticated shade, Niagara is defined as pink based coral color with soft, satin finish.

Nars Sheer Lipstick - Mayflower 
3.4g [RM90.00]

According to Nars Cosmetics, this sheer formula is infused with patented blend of conditioners and antioxidants to hydrate, nourish and improve the condition of the lips. With 24 lush shades to choose from, Nars Sheer Lipstick comes in a lightweight formula that glides on smoothly and beautifully besides giving you long lasting color pigments. Mayflower is describe by Nars Cosmetics as a sheer shimmering raspberry with lightly shimmer, glossy finish.

MY VERDICT : These lippy I'm afraid, doesn't stay as long as I want it to be, sigh~ It does however last longer when I dab powder foundation before applying it which I don't really mind doing since I always do it anyway. I'm in love with the lipsticks mostly because it's hard for me to find lipstick that doesn't cling to my dry area and Niagara definitely helps me with that. Mayflower on the other hand, doesn't really show well with only one swipe but other than that, it's wonderful enough for me ^_^

For more information and details, please visit Nars Cosmetics official website or you can make your way to their flagship store at Pavilion, KL. Until we meet again lovelies, don't forget to check out the other reviews from my Nars Week series, adieu~

Day 4 : Nars Blush - Amour 

Nars Week : Nars Blush - Amour

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