Nars Week : Nars Powder Foundation SPF12

Bonjour again ladies, welcome to the Day 2 of my Nars Week series @_@ If you have no idea what Nars Week is all about, just be prepared for lots of Nars Cosmectics awesomeness =) Basically this week, I'm gonna review every stuff from Nars Cosmetics that I own, yeay!!! I don't have a lot yet so it'll only be a 5 days series for now T_T I wish I can add more to my current collection but for now, I'm just wanna enjoy all these babies as much as I can ❤_❤

The object of my affection today ladies, is the lovely Nars Powder Foundation in Fiji ^_^ According to Nars Cosmetics, this advanced, lightweight formula give the performance of a foundation with the ease of a powder to create a polished complexion with a soft-matte finish. Infused with active ingredients like SPF12Nars Powder Foundation offers dual protection against UVA and UVB rays which may lead to premature signs of aging, dark spots, and wrinkles. 

Just like any other Nars Cosmetics products, this powder foundation comes in their signature sleek, chic black case that scream both exclusive and expensive. There's a sponge compartment hidden underneath it as well which actually made the case looks rather big than other compact powders. I don't have any problems with it since it fits my bag nicely but I'm however, not really thrill by how easily the rubber case picking up mark and stain though, sigh~ 

There are 12 shades to choose from in this range so afraid not, there's a shade for everybody =) Mine is Fiji, which can be defined as light with golden peachy undertone. I'm quite surprise actually by how spot on the shade is, I always thought it's impossible to find a shade that can truly represent my skin and fit it perfectly after my previous foundation nightmare... It blends very well into my skin to the point that I can't really tell whether I had put something on or my skin just magically looking better, lol

Nars Powder Foundation SPF12 in Fiji
12g [RM170.00]

MY VERDICT : I really love how practical this powder foundation turns out to be. I can choose to use it lightly for sheer coverage, using the sponge given for medium coverage or I can also wear it as loose powder after applying my liquid foundation for full coverage, how cool is that? ❤_The powder texture is very fine and smooth, doesn't cake or flake at all and keep my shine at bay for about 5 hours too! I feel nothing but love for this powder foundation, I'm so glad I found you darling, wink2

For more information and details, please visit Nars Cosmetics official website or you can make your way to their flagship store at Pavilion, KL. Until we meet again ladies, don't forget to check out the other reviews from my Nars Week series, adieu~

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