Shazzwan's Album Launch @ Hard Rock Cafe

I heard about how music turns someone life around all the time before but seeing a living proof of one right before my eyes definitely a blog worthy mention in my book. Shazzwan, the latest hip hop act in town might choose the wrong path during his rebellious phase, his passion for music on the other hand certainly not one of them... It's not only saved him from sank even deeper, it's also served as a reminder for him to change for his future.

[Tips & Tricks] High School 101

Just like most of you late bloomers out there, I going through my teenage years feeling awkward, unpretty, self conscious, insecure and the list goes on and on and on... I spend so much time dwelling on my body issue/skin issue/unrequited love issue and trying very hard to fit in that I kind of forgot to be my fabulous self, enjoying the moment and have tons of fun!!! What a waste, right?

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