Endless Love with Endless Jewelry

2016 is just around the corner and if you're thinking of surprising your special someone for this coming new year, I can definitely help you with that =) Endless Jewelry; the colourful Danish fashion jewellery brand finally arrived here in our shore couple of weeks ago and with Jennifer Lopez as their brand ambassador and muse, you can have the best of both world!!! Designer fine jewellery with affordable price tags, Endless Jewelry is the brainchild of Danish entrepreneur, Jesper Nielson who created the line to offer fashionista all around the world a luxurious touch to their everyday style without costing them a fortune.

Slimming Down with London Weight Management

London Weight Management has been the most sought after slimming solution among women who going through weight problems. Since its establishment in 2000, they have worked their way into Malaysian women heart hence bagging the Platinum Award for the Most Trusted Brand in the Beauty and Slimming Centre category. Formulated by renowned slimming professionals with no involvement of any surgeries or injections, London Weight Management treatments are guaranteed safe with the engagement of the latest slimming technology breakthrough to help you slim down effectively and efficiently.

[Giveaway] Black Seed Love with Remember Me - The Wonderful Oil

Does Black Seed Oil or its scientific name, Nigella Sativa rings a bell to you? What about it's arabic name, Habbatus Sauda? I'm sure you've heard of it before, right? In case you haven't; Black Seed Oil is extracted from its annually blue and white flowering plant, which originally from Mediterranean region but has now spread to many parts of the world such as Arabian peninsula and central Asia. Famous for it's health benefit, there have been over 458 published studies in numerous medical literature referring to the healing properties of Black Seed Oil and it's even recommended by our beloved Prophet, Muhammad SAW =)

Poreless Whisper with B.liv CC Pores Away

The ugly truth about pores is; once it appear it'll never leave you alone forever... You can either minimize the appearance of it, hide it or act like it didn't exist at all which is what I normally do but of course, I want to look flawless and fabulous too!!! So I'll try my best to cover it up with layers of makeup that's not only bad for my skin, it's also end up accentuate my pores even more T_T Guess what else I did? I tried the famous egg white mask everyone talking about and applying ice cube all over my face, clearly it doesn't work with me and my pores is still very much there, waving and mocking my attempt to eliminate it, pfttttttt~

Assalamualaikum, Ammaar Zahran

All my life I always dreams of having a little family of mine with miniatures version of myself, clad in matching outfit + attitude and ready to rock the world and Alhamdulillah, my prayers were answered on 22nd of May 2015 with the arrival of the love of my life; Ammaar Zahran ❤_❤ I never knew I'm capable of loving someone so very much and looking at him, sleeping soundly next to me every night making me feel deeply humbled and blessed to be given such joy, thank you Allah for this beautiful gift =)

Candle in the Wind with Bath & Body Works

I love candles; it's a little luxury that I always indulged myself with every now and then not only because it can miraculously lift up my mood instantly, it can also double up as a home deco accessories too. I started collecting and spending my money on them since the early days of my marriage, I just can't help but loving the vibes and the aura it brings every time I lit it up. My husband is a big fan as well, in fact he's the one who pick and choose some of the scents for me~ Yeap, that's exactly how he get in touch with his feminine side, who am I to judge, right? Sorry honey, your secret is out =D

Online Revolution Sale @ Lazada Malaysia

Attention to all of you, online shopping addicts; there's super massive sales with huge discounts going on today, 11th November 2015 at Lazada Malaysia website!!! It's so much bigger and better than their previous sales, involved more than 30,000 products and yes, you can expect up to 95% discounts on some items, weeee~ You can check out all the exclusive deals at this link here If that's not enough to entice you, they're also having a "Spin The Wheel Deal" contest where you can stand a chance to win RM500 cash every day @_@

Guardian Bring Your Orange Bag Launch with Deanna Yusoff

Okay, the truth is I don't really practise recycling in my household like most of you environmentalist out there but one thing that I'm very proud of and will continuously do so is saying no to plastic bags whenever I shop for groceries every weekend. It's very hard to begin with at first, thankfully I have a strong arm candy a.k.a my husband to help me with that =) It's the least I can do to save the environment for the future generation and I'm more than happy to support the movement in line with that. Turns out, I'm not the only one who believe in it because the very beautiful Deanna Yusoff sharing the same sentiment as well, wink2

Spread The Love @ The School x Living Hope Children's Day Charity Bazaar

Sometimes I feel really bad for mourning over the missed opportunity when there are real people out there with real problems trying their hardest just to survive in this cruel and harsh world. And the worst thing is that what they really want is the basic, simple things that we took for granted every day  like food, clothing, shelter and education... Having a complete meal, wearing new shoes, collecting their favourite books is definitely a luxury they can't afford. It's hard to believe that we still have thousand of underprivileged kids in the midst of our big, prosperous city. It's about time we do something and join the movement to give these young souls a chance to enjoy their childhood like the other children.

Bloom & Grow 2015 Catalogue Launch with Scha Al-Yahya, Awal Ashaari & Lara Alana

I'm sure most of you can easily recognize the celebrity power couple; Scha Al-Yahya & Awal Ashaari, right? But on the Bloom & Grow 2015 Catalogue Launch couple of weeks ago, it's Lara Alana who really steal the limelight!!! I was there to celebrate another milestone for Bloom & Grow because this time around, they're not only unveiled their annual catalogue, they're also introduced 2 new and interesting addition to the line; CuddleCo and Make My Day besides new designs from the existing brands. I guess it's not really a secret who is the most excited by the news (besides Lara Alana, of course =P) 

Watches to Watch For @ Zalora Malaysia

Honestly, I never really wear any accessories besides my wedding ring and glasses... I don't have anything against it, I'm just happened to be too lazy to experiment or match it with the rest of my outfit =( I know I know, that's totally a lame excuse but hey, I have tons of other things to think about, okie =P Watches on the other hand is a different story, I need it to function and keeping track on time! It's the only accessory you'll see me wearing every single day and with all the beautiful designs and trends that evolving over the years, I just can't stop myself from start collecting a few as well. After all, timepiece is a perfect reflection of your personality and style. Be it edgy, romantic or retro chic; your watch can make a very good (or bad) first impression~

[Giveaway] Flat to Fab with Dove Volume & Nourishment range

Wearing a hijab is not an excuse to stop caring for your hair, in fact it's making me even more determined to take extra measure in order to keep my mane looks healthier and shinier. After all, I still wanna look good for myself and of course for my husband viewing pleasure as well, wink2 Unfortunately, nobody's perfect; I wasn't blessed with a thick, bouncy hair like the rest of my siblings and with small facial bone like mine? It's not really a good combination to begin with T_T I can't seem to forget my husband expression when he saw my attempt to recreate the sexy siren looks ala Kim Kardashian; it's not exactly turns out the way I want to but at least I know I'm getting somehwere. Big, fluffy hair, I'm coming after you baby!!!

Younger Looking Skin with DocLab Face Ampoule

I thought my Korean addiction will be over by now, turns out I'm way deeper into it than I think I can possibly be, all thanks to my girl Caroline =P One particular thing I noticed about Korean beauty scene, it's constantly evolving and making waves not only in Asia but to the rest of the beauty world as well. I saw more and more western companies came up with their own version of BB Cushion and BB Cream, something that I'm not exactly excited about, sigh~ They should focus on their brand strength instead of jump on the bandwagon...

Pretty in Pastel with Poplook Weddings & Celebrations IV Collection

Just like the rest of female population, wedding invitations always send me into super frenzy mode! What should I wear? Why I can't fit in into this dress anymore? Will this outfit match my husband? I always end up borrowing something from my sisters or worst, wearing the same look over and over again, sigh~ Of course if it's up to me, I'm just gonna stick with my all time favourite combination; kebaya nyonyaskinny jeans but let's face it,  it's so last season and not age appropriate for me anymore T_T

Scrub Your Stress Away with Princess Malaysia Body Scrubs

First and foremost, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my dear friend, Illy Ariffin on the launch of her beauty line; Princess Malaysia, yeay \\^_^// She's so passionate about homemade, organic products and I knew it just a matter of time before she come up with her own brand =) You know how much love I have for bath & body products, right? 1 body scrub is clearly not enough for me, I need at least 2 to feel complete, hee~ But yes, 2 is always better than 1 and I'm lucky enough to get my hands on both Princess Malaysia body scrub variants; Princess Happiness + Princess Glorious to play with last weekend ❤_❤

Gentle, Loving Care with Mustela Bebe

If you already read about my previous experience with Mustela 9 Months range here, you'll probably wondering about their extensive series of baby products too, right? They cover pretty much everything for your baby from cleansing, diaper change, skincare and well being in the Mustela Bebe line, specific skincare concerns with their Dermo Pediatrics line and not to forget, protection against the harsh sunlight for your little one in the Sun Care & Protection line. So yes, that's what really drew me in to Mustela in the first place and why I keep on coming back for more =)

Sugar High with Sugar Belle Cosmetic Luxurious Matte Lip Cream

Last year, I was in a blush craze mode and always on the lookout for the cutest blusher to add in my collection but this year I'm going completely mad over matte lipsticks thanks to the Kylie Jenner luscious lips phenomenon =P I have to hide some of my stash away or my husband will probably freak out if he find out about my latest haul... He almost had trouble speaking when he saw all my precious blushers stash before so I'm counting on your lovelies to keep this from him okie, wink2 

Getting WOW @ Digi WWWOW Awards

Digi WWWOW Awards is back again with a bang this year so social media addicts, get yourself ready to vote for your favourites!!! If you have no clue what the awards is all about, you definitely miss out a lot; it's Malaysia's only Internet for All Awards which based on 100% user generated entries to showcase the incredible creativity, ingenuity and entrepreneurialism of ordinary Malaysians using the internet in extraordinary ways to inspire others.

In Good Faith with Faith in Face Hydrogel Masks

Its pretty embarrassing for self proclaimed beauty enthusiast like me to admit that I haven't really try any hydrogel mask before but in my defense, I actually didn't come across one that I truly like yet to give it a go until recently when I was introduced to Faith in Face range by my dear friend, Caroline

Shazzwan's Album Launch @ Hard Rock Cafe

I heard about how music turns someone life around all the time before but seeing a living proof of one right before my eyes definitely a blog worthy mention in my book. Shazzwan, the latest hip hop act in town might choose the wrong path during his rebellious phase, his passion for music on the other hand certainly not one of them... It's not only saved him from sank even deeper, it's also served as a reminder for him to change for his future.

[Tips & Tricks] High School 101

Just like most of you late bloomers out there, I going through my teenage years feeling awkward, unpretty, self conscious, insecure and the list goes on and on and on... I spend so much time dwelling on my body issue/skin issue/unrequited love issue and trying very hard to fit in that I kind of forgot to be my fabulous self, enjoying the moment and have tons of fun!!! What a waste, right?

Celebrate Raya with Corelle Rosabelle...

Growing up, I'm always fascinated with my mom's affection for kitchenware and cookware products. She love to take the time mixing and matching plates and casserole from different designs in her Corelle & Corningware collection to make our meal time feels even more special. According to my mom, food taste better when it presented nicely =) Knowing her, I knew she will feel ecstatic when she learns that Corelle is launching their new collection, Rosabelle recently to celebrate their 45th Anniversary!!!

Dior Boutique Launch @ Midvalley Megamall...

If you asked me what is the best way to celebrate your birthday, I'll definitely say shopping in a heartbeat!!! And I'm lucky enough my birthday happened to be just in time with the Dior Boutique Launch @ Midvalley Megamall so my soul sisters (Illy & Caro) decided, why dont we hang out and celebrate Ayna birthday Dior style this year, who am I to say no right? wink2 

It's All About The Base with Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush...

To be honest, I haven't really use my foundation brushes ever since I discovered Beauty Blender sponges but Breena Beauty Face Luxe Brush gorgeous brush and packaging speaks to me in a language only makeup addicts could understand; come to me baby so I can give you all the love you deserved, wink2 So yes, that's how actually our love for each other begin and blossoming into a fabulous relationship =) Very dramatic for a brush, you'll just have to try it to believe it I guess, hee~

Expect The Unexpected with Mustela 9 Months...

I'm still having a hard time to believe that in less than a month, I'll welcome a miniature version of me and my husband @_@ Everything feels so surreal and honestly, I don't think I'm fully prepared mentally and physically for the new chapter of my life... Thank god I have a great support system around me; my wonderful husband, my lovely family and of course my awesome friends who never stop helping and encouraging me throughout my pregnancy journey =)

Sensational Lips with Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Lipsticks...

Ever heard of a hybrid version of lipstick and lipgloss? It's not exactly unheard of before but in case you haven't, there's brand new lippies in town from Bourjois Paris that have the texture of a lipgloss with a little twist, it also have the staying power just like your favorite lipstick!!! I'm sure that will get your attention right away and trust me when I said this, the reason why lot's of women avoiding lipgloss is mostly because the color didn't stay long enough to serve its purpose...

S.O.S Your Skin with Mario Badescu...

The perks of having husband with the same skin type? Well, we can share our skincare products!!! And yes, I finally found the perfect excuse to shop for more beauty stuff now, I can always say it's for both of us, hehe XP The truth is, its quite tricky to find product range that's compatible with acne prone/oily skin... It's either make my skin getting oilier than it's already is or become too drying for my liking =_=

Design & Decorate with Property Brothers...

When you grow up with parents who take home improvement quite seriously, you'll either end up being influenced by their sense of style or at least learn a thing or two from them... I don't really think I fit into any of these categories but I do enjoy watching home makeover show on TV and surfing online for DIY ideas ^_^ Must be the genes, right? Hee~ What really intrigue me about designing & decorating living space is the satisfaction you'll get once you transform your place, it's definitely priceless!!!

Softer, Smoother Skin with Nivea In-Shower Skin Conditioner...

If I were asked to describe my skin (body) in one sentence, I would definitely shout "AS DRY AS SAHARA" in a heartbeat!!! It's not because lack of trying I assure you, it's just kind of inevitable in our hot and humid weather here in Malaysia... Some of us get lucky but most of us including yours truly falls under category - super duper dry skin a.k.a in dire need of miracle, sigh~

Audaciously Bold with Nars Audacious Lipstick in Grace & Greta...

It's been a while since my last makeup review... I guess you can blame it on my unpredictable hormones, hehe =P Don't worry, I'm still alive and kicking by the way and my love for cosmetics just as strong as before (or maybe you can say even stronger than that, lol)

Be A Selfie Flasher with Alcatel ONETOUCH Flash...

If you asked me what is selfie 4 years ago, I’ll probably think it has something to do with food or maybe a brand new x-games that I’m not aware of but nowadays, even a toddler can understand perfectly when you say “let’s take a selfie”, hehe =P Like the rest of social media enthusiast, I loveeeeee selfie especially when I’m all dress & doll up =) I’m sure you love it too, right? Unfortunately, my editing skills is far cry from expert and my selfies always ended up looking like a fail experiment, sigh~

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