Easy on the eyes with Mr Lens...

If u ask me "what's the easiest way to transform your look without having to go extra miles?", I will definitely answer cosmetics + contact lenses in a heartbeat!!! Don't get me wrong, I still love my geeky specs, but there are times I wish I've the luxury of dressing up without worrying whether my specs will compliment my outfit or not...

Thanks to Mr Lens, now I have the options to get pretty and shop for my favorite lenses from the comfort of my home, weeeee~ It's so easy, just surf their website link here and you can view different type of contact lenses from various brands and make your purchase instantly =) There's more, you can also earn extra money for your shopping fund through Mr Lens Affiliate Partner campaign!!!

What else you'll be getting by being a Mr Lens affiliate partner? Well, you can have up to 10% reimbursement of advertising cost, a welcome gift of 2 boxes of Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses of your choice, invited to a party fill with cool activities for all the affiliate partners and last but not least, you'll also be in the running to win a Nikon Coolpix 300 worth RM1.2k!!! Excited but have no idea where to begin? Don't worry, here is a simple step by step guide to get you started courtesy of Plusizekitten =)

(1) Firstly, go to this link here to register yourself as a new affiliate partner.

(2) Fill in your details correctly to avoid any payment mistake.

(3) Submit your form and you're now officially a Mr Lens affiliate partner =)
Click continue to move on to the next stage.

(4) Click banners to start installing banner on your site.

(5) Select the banner of your choice and copy the code.

(6) Follow the above instruction to paste the code in your blog.

(7) Place your gadget anywhere you want.

(8) Save and preview your blog to see the banner.

Congratulations!!! All you have to do is just sit tight and let the banner work for you =) Easy right? You can always check back your affiliate page from time to time to see your account progress. Good luck ladies, right now I'm just gonna keep calm and spend my days lusting over the Nikon Coolpix 300, wink2

Bread & Butter with Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter...

If you're in a close proximity to me, you'll probably amused or perhaps annoyed by how frequent I reach for my lotion at times =) I've become quite obsess with body moisture lately, I try to keep at least one lotion in my bag, car, workstation, bedroom and bathroom!!! I even secretly placed one in my dad's car, shhhhhh~

Can you see what I really mean by being obsess? I tend to get carried away sometimes, LOL Among all the lotions and potions that I own, I have couple of favorites that I'm more than happy to share with you girls, can you tell which one that I heart the most?

Yes, it's the Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter Body Lotion!!! It's like love at first touch, instant attraction and hydration, wink2 This lotion is not only made with shea and cocoa seed butters, sweet almond, rosehip seed oils, aloe vera and vitamin E, it's also enriched with the special seaweed-sourced rough skin smoother and Soap & Glory’s fabulous bergamot, peach, vanilla and sandalwood classic ‘pink’ fragrance. It's a little wonder why I'm falling hard for this cutie pie @_@

This body lotion have a very pleasant scents that's very soothing and dreamy, just like the presence of someone that you adore =) The scent lingers for hours even with only one apply, quite impressive don't you think? 

Besides giving the much needed moisture to my dry areas, it's also absorbs amazingly well too!!! Now you can give extra love to your rough spots (heels, elbows, knees) by applying this lotion religiously especially after showering and scrubbing to achieve the smooth, soft, moisturize skin that you always want 

Did I piqued your interest yet? Get this treasure now from your nearest Sephora outlets for only RM39.90 (250ml) / RM65 (500ml) or you can check out their website here for more information. Soap & Glory's The Righteous Butter Body Lotion also come in a jar packaging and miniature travel size for you to choose from =) Grab it fast cause you know what they say; it's butter safe than sorry, wink2

Pumped up kicks with Shape Magazine...

It's quite embarrassing actually to admit this but my workout routine is pretty much limited to reading every single issues of Shape magazine (sad but true =P) So when I knew I was selected to be a part of Shape - Skechers Indoor Workshop earlier this month, I'm over the moon =) Of course I have no idea what's waiting for me at that time, LOL The event took place at True Fitness Gym @ Kenanga International Building, Jalan Sultan Ismail.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, me and the other early birds were asked to change into the cute t-shirt and shoes provided by Skechers and ushered into the gym's open studio. I can tell that this is not the typical workout session that I used to see... The equipments in the studio clearly indicates that we're about to get rough that day, hee~

The workshop kickstart with the opening speech from the Shape's editor herself, Ms Merina Hew. She talks a little about the magazine, motivated us to have a healthier lifestyle and congratulated us for taking the plunge to change... She's very tall by the  way, more than 6 feet I guess but very down to earth indeed =)

Soon after that, True Fitness's trainer, Ms Wyn Cy took the center stage and begin the body pump session. We started off with the warm up first for about 5 minutes before she guided us through various positions. We can choose the plates weight according to our strength and preference. I chose the 1kg plate on each sides because that's the lightest plates available and I don't feel the need to hurt myself unnecessarily =D

The one hour session consists of 3 different sets, from easier to harder steps, with the aid of other exercise equipments besides the barbells and free plates such as the board and yoga mat. The routine may look easy but can be very painful if it wasn't done correctly. Since I placed myself at the front row, I get better view of Wyn Cy movement and I'm happy that I managed to follow her lead right through the end.

Through the body pump session, major muscle groups are worked via series of compound and isolation based exercises such as squats, presses and dead lifts. The focus is towards the muscle endurance using several repetitions. I'm having a hard time doing some of the steps especially movement that involve triceps and biceps probably due to my weak arm, sigh~ The abdominal part is my favorite by the way, it's the easiest one and work like a charm, wink2

One of the great thing that day, none of us quit or attempt to do so which is huge to me... Wyn Cy successfully get us on the right track by motivating us with her wit and humour through out the session, hehe =P I'm having a blast and I'm pretty sure the other girls feel the same way too. Everyone were in a cheery mood, we didn't even break a sweat even when the routine get harder!!!

Okay, who am I kidding? Of course we're making some noises when the thing gets rough, but all in a good manner and happy atmosphere =) I'm sure nobody dare to cross Wyn Cy though, she's not someone you wanna mess with, hihi =P The effect from the session is very immediate, I can feel my body sore all over and I can barely lift a finger after that!!! According to Wyn Cy, it's pretty normal since we're all new to the body pump regime. It'll take some time to get the hang of it before your body can adjust to the routine.

After the intense training, we were served with tasty cereals and energy bars from Kellogs. I instantly fall for the Special K energy bar which is not only a healthier choice (90 calories per bar), but taste amazingly good too... It comes in various flavors from Strawberry Cheesecake, Blueberry, Honey Nuts, Chocolate Cranberries to Vanilla ❤_❤ I even stock myself with this munchies in my office and my car, highly recommended!!!

While having our late breakfast, we're gathered back to the last program of the day, a very laid back talk from Mr Raj Subramaniam, a master trainer certified by FISAF. The topic of the day was "Top 10 common mistakes women make in the gym", a very close to home subject to most of us women, hee~ He really fascinated us with his knowledge and understanding of women, you'll be surprised to learn that he knew more about sports bra than most women do, LOL

I do take some note to share with you girls. Among the common mistakes that women made when it comes to gym are :-

- Signing up & going to the gym without a plan
- Not strength training
- Overdoing the cardio /aerobics
- Lack intensity
- Lack of variety
- Focusing on the wrong exercises 
- Focusing on losing body weight instead of body fat
- Using inappropriate wear / gear
- Taking advice from the wrong people
- Post workout treats

I'm guilty for like half of the mistakes here but afraid not, it's never too late to work on that... He gave us a few tips and tricks to get over it and warned us again and again about the post workout treats, I'll definitely keep that in mind Mr. Raj =)

Of course, we're not going home empty handed that day... All of us get to bring back the very trendy Skechers's GoTrain sneakers worth more than RM250, weeee~ This beauty come with 2 difference shoe laces color (pink & white), roomier forefoot that allow toes to spread comfortably, 360 degree responsive flexibility and a special feature that helps inhibit and prevent slippage or in another word you can use it sockless!!!

Before I'm signing off, I would love to express my gratitude to Skechers Malaysia for their generosity, me & my feet really2 appreciate the gesture ❤_ And a special thanks to Shape magazine  for keep on organizing awesome events for their loyal readers like yours truly =) I can't wait to see what they have in mind next, wink2

p.s : pics credit to Shape Malaysia's FB page

Vanity Fair with Vanity Trove...

In case you haven't noticed girls, there's a new equation for all beauty lovers out there and yes, it doesn't involve any complicated calculation or intricate math formula, LOL 

surprise + cosmetics = beauty box

Beauty box is a very unique way to treat yourself or even surprising your loved one without going the distance and spending a fortune... The catch is, you'll never know what you'll be getting until it is delivered to your doorstep!!! The feeling of receiving a pretty box filled with goodies is very special indeed. Unless you have tons of suitors showering you with gifts everyday, I'm pretty sure any women will be thrilled to get a surprise every now & then =)

There are lots of beauty box providers in the market today, but I'm intrigued with Vanity Trove the most since it's very well known in Asia and their box have a different theme every month which is quite interesting... Vanity Trove beauty box come in a drawer like case that can be re-use to organize your beauty stuff, lingerie or even stationery, how cute is that?

Their March theme "Temptress", which I literally translate as someone bold and seductive, didn't really live up to it's hype though. I'm picturing red lipstick or perhaps sexy lashes... I'm beginning to think that the concept is more than just about the look, my guess is they're trying to potray the confidence of a temptress for their subscribers instead of imitating how a temptress supposed to look like or maybe I'm just overthink as usual, hee~

Let's take a look at what Vanity Trove -  March Edition have to offer shall we? They have a mixture of makeup, body products and also skincare, covering variety of brands which I never have the oppurtunity to try before and couple of extra stuff too =) All the items are in sample size except the Timeless Truth's face mask, which is the only full size item in this beauty box~ 

Kanebo Makeup Lesson / Makeover Voucher
Lunasol (Kanebo) Skin Fusing Powder Foundation
Lunasol (Kanebo) Smoothing Makeup Base

I'm so excited to redeem my makeover voucher since I'm not really familiar with the brand and Japanese stuff always fascinate me in a weird way, LOL The makeup base unfortunately doesn't help much with my oily skin but I'm still giving it the benefit of a doubt due to the very little amount given. I'm happy though that the powder foundation match my shade perfectly, yeay!!! The casing + sponge (RM60) and the foundation refill (RM140) are sold seperately by the way, which is quite expensive if you ask me...

Asian Potion 10% Discount Voucher
Asian Potion Blooming Ginger Body Lotion

I love body products especially exotic one like this lotion which come with a subtle ginger scents that walk it's way through my skin, very lightly and easily =) I can definitely imagine using this during my own spa session while sipping a cup of ginger tea, very interesting picture indeed =) Retail at RM89 for 250ml, I'll definitely consider buying the full size bottle if the price is slightly cheaper, sigh~

Timeless Truth 20% Discount Voucher
Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Repleneshing Mask

I never really associate orchid with beauty products before... The combination of orchid, purple peril and chamomile extract in this mask didn't disappoint me though. My complexion looks more radiant and bright after using it. It feels very moisturizing and soft on my skin too~ One cool fact about this mask, it comes with adjustable ear hook to fit the face perfectly, so no part of the face will be left unattended, cool right? This mask is retail for RM10 per piece, quite affordable in my book ❤_

Etre Belle Sensiplus Hydrasilk Gel Tonic
Etre Belle Sensiplus Hydrasilk Day & Night Cream SPF10

According to the leaflet, Etre Belle Sensiplus Hydrasilk can help protecting allergy prone skin against environment stressors besides relieving skin irritation, and armed with not only silk proteins but white tea and pure vegetable ingredients as well. It might not be the one for me right now but I'll definitely give it a shot if I have skin irritation in the future~

Vanity Trove 20% Discount Coupon
Di Palamo Tuscan Rose Moisturizing Body Wash
Bio-Essence Firm & Brighten Eye Cream SPF15

Last but not least is the extra items that come with the beauty box... An SPF 15 Firming & Brightening eye cream from Bio-Essence, Di Palamo Tuscan Rose body wash which smells so divine and also Vanity Trove 20% discount coupon for future use, yeay!!! 

All in all, I'm happy with the products selection, I only wish the portions are bigger though... Other than that, I'm excited to get my hands on the April's Vanity Trove - The Shower of Summer edition, hopefully it'll be a trove that I can treasure, wink2 Check out Vanity Trove website here or their FB page here for more interesting offer and information. Happy browsing dearies

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