Sweet Escape @ Vila Manja...

Feeling restless and badly in need for an outlet to unwind? Longed for your own sweet escape that won’t cost you dearly? Looking for somewhere private yet still in the close proximity of your city life? Sounds impossible and too good to be true, right? Well ladies, I know exactly what you need & let me prescribe you something that will ease your stress. Don’t worry, it won’t involve any illegal medicine or activity, LOL

Before that, I want you to meet my new favourite companion; Worthy Book – Ladies Edition =) I’m sure you must be wondering what’s so special about this book and why you should get one? If you're the girly gal type like me who constantly hunting for the best beauty deals in town, this book definitely created with you in mind. Everything from shopping, slimming to pampering sessions, you can have it all at a fraction from it's normal price! Sweet~ n_n

Still having doubts about it? Last week, me & 5 other beautiful ladies decided to take our Worthy Book - Ladies Edition for a spin at one of the spa featured here, Vila Manja. Located at the heart of KL, this spa ironically is one of the most peaceful place I've ever been to besides a library, hehe =P From the moment we enter the villa, we were dazzled by the beautiful sight and relaxing traditional tune right away. Beautiful isn't it? ^_^

Vila Manja ladies, it's not just any spa... It have been rewarded as The Best City Spa by Expatriate Lifestyle Travel Awards in 2007! Every customers will be treated like royalties regardless your lack of status or hierarchy =) There are 4 Vila Manja deals available in the Worthy Book Ladies Edition and all of us decided to use our Buy 1 Free 1 vouchers for 60 minutes of Manja Relaxing Body Massage worth RM158. So yes, we practically pay only half of the amount for the treatment, weeee~

Manja Relaxing Body Massage is highly influenced by the Indonesian body treatment which concentrate more on giving you soothing and continuous strokes all over the body while attending to specific body points to relieve sores and aches. I can't really stand hard pressure so I personally asked my masseuse to handle me with care, wink2 Did I tell you about our spacious room yet? It can fit like up to 5 people at times! There are lots of other room here as well too, I can smell a party coming, hehe =P

Before the treatment started, we were given a sarong, towels, shower cap and disposable panty to change into. The massage treatment was so comforting and I dozed off faster than I planned to =) The 60 minutes really re-energize and recharge me! Right after the treatment I have like endless energy moving from one corner to another taking pictures and having fun with the ladies. All of us look contented and glowing, don't you think? ❤_

We have Only Beauty , Worthy Book and Vila Manja to thank for our awesome day. Feel free to visit their sites ladies, you can learn more about their fantastic deals and promotions there =) Worthy Book - Ladies Edition is retail at RM29.90 and can be purchase from selected local bookstores. Besides the Vila Manja vouchers, there are over 110 vouchers worth over RM12,000 in discounts & freebies available in here. Don't miss out the 100% FREE vouchers from Worthy Book - Ladies Edition too if you already have the book :-

FREE 1x New York Skin facial skin treatment + 1x skincare product kit
FREE 1x Three Sixty Fashion membership card (worth RM250) + Mystery Gifts
FREE 1x SOTHYS 30mins Skinscope + Mystery Gifts
FREE 1x Glow & Glamour Aroma Beauty SPA
FREE 1x De'cleor 30mins My Aromatic Ritual (1-to-1 skincare hands-on workshop)
FREE 1x Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hotbed Therapy
FREE 1x Jojoba Spa Hand Paraffin Treatment & Aroma Heart Shape Candle
FREE 1x Kenko trial for Fish Spa Treatment
FREE 1x TREATS Yearly Member Discount Card

Until then, don't forget to spoil yourself silly ladies and have a great day, adieu~


  1. hope we can lepak2 n manjakan diri sama2 lagi next time :)

  2. I'm looking forward for another session too dear, wink2

  3. Wow look interesting. Will suggest it to my sister :)

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  4. is the book coming out for the august version??

  5. AsiaCube : Indeed, your sister will love it =)

    Trislynn : I'm not sure about the August edition but most of the vouchers can be used until 31 Mac 2014, yeay! ^_^

  6. Waaaaa.. bestnya... never known that something like this ever existed

  7. It's never too late to try it out, Mira dear @_@

  8. wow..mcm seronok je benda ni hehe

  9. Mmg best Worthy Book ni, mcm2 boleh redeem & boleh jugak gune promo Vila Manja yg lain =)

  10. hey there im here...tak hengat mmg nk kena ni!! haha..so rajin manja2 kn diri eh..good good, btw it was nice meeting u girl! ^^

  11. Suzai : Hi girl, of course I remember you ^_^ It's nice knowing you too babe, mmg I suke sgt manje2 ni, hehehe =P Btw, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Maaf Zahir Batin <3


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