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Going through my Raya photos always bring back smiles and laughter to my day =) When me and my 6 other siblings united, it's pretty much like watching episodes from Keeping Up With The Kardashian; we can be very loud and noisy, fulls of drama and energy and we love to irritate each other consistently, hehe =P

Raya Scene 1 : Alien Resurrection

 Raya Scene 2 : The Fight Club

Raya is more than just a public holiday to all of us... We bonded like never before, getting closer to each other by sharing our ups and downs stories, seek forgiveness from one another and celebrate our special day happily together since Raya is probably the only time we all can be at the same time and place~ =_=

Raya Scene 3 : Freaky Friday

Raya Scene 4 : I Know What You Did Last Summer

Despite all that, we always enjoy the moment we have to the fullest and creating memories to live for years~ But photos alone I'm afraid, can't make up for the presence of my siblings who I missed dearly and rarely met T_T I hope for this upcoming Raya, we can captured our time together in another medium instead... Wondering what I have in mind?

A brand new Samsung NX2000 of course =) With it's amazing capability to shoot Full HD 1080/30p video, smooth and professional looking video is no longer a mystery and I can re-live our precious time over and over again through the video, weeeeeee~ Besides that, this camera also come with ultra-sensitive 20.3MP APS-C CMOS Sensor that allows you to create images full of detail with colors that fire up your imagination.

Who in the right mind can resist a beauty like this right? So SAMSUNG if you read this, please oh please make my Raya wish come true, I truly need a fabulous camera that's sleek and chic with fast forward functions to help photography catastrophe like me to enhance my lovely family's Raya experience and documenting our precious moments together ❤_ 

Do you have any interesting Raya photos worth sharing? Upload yours now at Samsung Potraits of Raya website here and who knows you could win yourself cool movie treats for your family, wink2 Before I'm signing off, check out the heartwarming Samsung's 2013 Raya commercial above and I challenge you to look straight into my eyes and tell me you didn't feel anything... Till then, love the people who loves you & adieu~


  1. comel!! all the comic version of your raya picture ayna :P

  2. Illy + Yuki : Awww, thanks girls, muahsss <3

  3. haha! comel gile!!!! <3 good luck babe! <3

  4. Thank you so much dear =) It's my sis yang comel, not me, hehe =P

  5. comel sangat la ayna...btw nice met you masa spa party ayna..peramah sgt

  6. Thanks Aida, it's nice meeting u too girl, hopefully we'll see u around soon =) Btw, terlebih peramah ni bahaya gak sbnrnya, haha =D


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