Sayonara, Stila...

My precious Stila collection ^_~

How did I fall in love with Stila??? It's all because of Katherine Heigl... I adore her so much ever since her Roswell era... and when she landed the role as Dr Izzie in Grey's Anatomy, I started to be the series die-hard fanatic... (of course their cute cast like McDreamy and McSteamy play a huge part too, hehehhe =D) She loves Stila so much and sparks an interest in me to own Stila as well... So, my first ever Stila purchases was Stila Mini Lipglaze Holiday Set which I heart very2 much ^_^ Since the price is quite expensive, I always restricted my purchase to one stuff at a time...

And the Stila major mark down sales in April and May was like a dream come true to me... Now I can finally own lots of Stila without feeling guilty like before, hehehhe =P Today, as the last day of the sales, I really feeling down and a little sad too as I'm sure other Stilaholics out there will definitely feel... I still have few things I haven't get my hands on yet, god only knows where and when I can have it... sob2 T-T To be far away from Stila certainly feel worst than breaking up, waaaaaa~ (I'm not being dramatic tau, hehehhe =P) For my dear Stila, I'll remember all the memories we have shared together and how happy you've made me for knowing you all this while... Aishiteru, Stila once and always~

p.s : I'm still looking for Brush Roll (to keep all my 6 lovely brushes safe and sound =P) and Brush No 24, anyone wanna let it go, please contact me ya, ^_~ Maybe after I have all that I will get my closure, hehehhe =D

Taking back my love...

My bff will probably laughing her ass off if she know how much I love this song, hehhehe =D Just to amuse her and her sister, Kak Miza (Enrique's die hard fans ever), I post this video for you guys who probably share the same love/hate issues I got with Mr Enrique, hahhhaha =D I'm so in love with Ciara gladiator heels in this video, any of you have seen the cheaper version of this shoes??? Please share with me ya... wink2 ^_~

Love save the empty...

I'm finally myself again today thanks to all the kids that always makes my day shinier and brighter ^_^ So this post is actually a little tribute to all of them who never failed to amuse and entertain me... They can drive me to insanity sometimes but my day never lacks of drama and excitement... (I'm such a drama queen, hahhaha =D)

I teaches Science, English, Art and Music but my favorite moments always with the 4 yrs old Art class... They are so innocent and sweet, I have this crazy urge to protect them from the harsh reality of the world but at the same time I want to prepare them that life can't always be sugar, spice and everything nice... They have so much love to give, and I'm afraid that they'll get heartbroken if they are too trusting with people... (I'm being dramatic again, I know~ ^_^)

This is actually my attempt to persuade them to make a Teacher's Day card but we can only plan and hope, apparently they are more interested to draw ghosts and monsters today, hehhehe =D The Teacher's Day cake was gone by the way before I can snap some pics, sob2 T_T

The naughtiest of them all, hehehhe ^_~
Adzrai (left) and Faheem (right)

The sweetest kids ^_^
Amal (left) and Maryam (right)

The hardworking team @_@ (gambate, hait2!!!)
Luqman (left) and Fatin (right)

The Macho-man a.k.a future heartbreaker, hehehe =P
Zarif (he hate to share the limelight with Amal~ =_=)

The bubbly duo... (they are gossiping more than I do, =D)
Yanda (left) and Fiza (right)

Monsters vs Teachers??? LOL =P

My Teacher's Day gifts
(me likey, hehhehe +_+)

I wish you guys won't ever change yourself....
You all are so lovely to me in your own way...
Love you guys ^_^

Teacher Ayna

Older and hopefully wiser...

I'm officially 25 years old today, hehhhe ^_~

Wish upon a star...

I have so many wishes to begin with... I definitely hope some of it will come true though, hehehhe ^_~ I will turn 25 in just one day so I think there are no harms to dream big... This is just for fun anyway, I do love making lists, hehhehe ^_~

  • Private guitar lesson with Jason Wade (Lifehouse) hehehhe ^_^
  • Red heels in Grey's Anatomy opening credit (Christian Louboutin Very Prive) in every colors available...I want them all, hehehhe =D
  • Mini Cooper S in silverish grey, so cute and cool~
  • Chanel Classic Medium Flap Bag in white...
  • Stila limited edition palette like The Sleeping Princess & The Pussycat Dolls
  • Rachel Bilson's closet... I loves her fashion sense and style,simple but chic ^_^
  • Katherine Heigl beauty, body and aura... She's so damn gorgeous and she loves Stila too, hehhe ^+^

  • Keira Knightley Asprey Limited Edition Jewellry Collection... I can't find the pics, just have the ads, hehhhe =P
  • Stila / Bobbi Brown Brush Set or both of them... Me likey ^_^
  • Open my own bookstore... So I can read for free, hehhhe =D
and so much moreeeeeeee.... I can't think of anything else right now, will add some more later on, hehhe @_@

10 things I love about you...

I can give million reasons why I love my mum but the top 10 in my list why I admire, adore and love my mum are :-
  1. Her weird sense of humour ^_~ (my mum never take herself too seriously, maybe that's why I turned out this way, hehe =D)
  2. Her ability to multitask... (she's a businesswoman, housewife, wife, mother, and a shrink to all of us... ^_~)
  3. Her dramatic view of life... (my mum is fulls of drama, and it is so hilarious sometimes, hehhehe =P)
  4. Her selflessness... (she always think about others first... I think that is her most endearing quality ^_^)
  5. Her down to earth attitude... (she's so humble and down to earth, that's why all her friends love her)
  6. Her brain... (she's super genius to me, she can inspire and encourage people without intimidate them~)
  7. Her absolute faith in me... (she knew me inside out and trust me without restraining me to be someone that I'm not...)
  8. Her passion for what she do... (I love watching her doing her work, meeting with people and closed a deal... I wanna be like her too someday... ^_^)
  9. Her cooking skill... (she definitely cook from the heart, that's what make it taste sooo freaking good, hehehhe ^_~)
  10. Last but not least is her unconditional love to all 7 of us... We love you mum, yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever and ever...

Trading up...

During my online research, I come across few sites that offered trade/swap for their cosmetics/handbags/books with others in the United States... I love the concept so much because we not only saved money from buying new stuff, we can also swap stuff that we didn't used instead of waste it/throw it away and not to forget meet new friends along the way... I wish we have sites like that over here in Malaysia... So I'm thinking, why not I start doing something similar myself than let all my unused stuff rotten to death, hehhhe ^_~ Btw, these are few items that I wanna swap... Check it out guys!!!

Stila Natural Finish Oil Free Makeup - Shade C
condition : good, never used before
status : not available

Stila Brushes - Foundation & Concealer (No 27 & No 11)
condition : good, never used before
status: not available

Stila Eye Shadow Pan in Cassia (light pink) & Jezebel (darker pink) with casing
condition : good, never used before
status : not available

Benefit Perfect 10 Bronzer/Highligher duo
condition : good, used once
status : not available

Benefit California Kissin - smile brightening lip shine
condition : good, used twice using brush
status : not available

Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Rasberry
condition : good, never used before
status : available

I would love to trade with any Stila stuff but priority will be given to those who have:-

- Brush No 24
- Kajal Eyeliner in Onyx
- Plumping Lip Glaze in Vanilla Mint/Berry Mint
- Hydrating Primer SPF 15
- Convertible Eye Color in Berry

For more details, kindly leave me your email address, I'll contact you as soon as I can... Love to hear from you soon, girls ^_~

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