Sayonara, Stila...

My precious Stila collection ^_~

How did I fall in love with Stila??? It's all because of Katherine Heigl... I adore her so much ever since her Roswell era... and when she landed the role as Dr Izzie in Grey's Anatomy, I started to be the series die-hard fanatic... (of course their cute cast like McDreamy and McSteamy play a huge part too, hehehhe =D) She loves Stila so much and sparks an interest in me to own Stila as well... So, my first ever Stila purchases was Stila Mini Lipglaze Holiday Set which I heart very2 much ^_^ Since the price is quite expensive, I always restricted my purchase to one stuff at a time...

And the Stila major mark down sales in April and May was like a dream come true to me... Now I can finally own lots of Stila without feeling guilty like before, hehehhe =P Today, as the last day of the sales, I really feeling down and a little sad too as I'm sure other Stilaholics out there will definitely feel... I still have few things I haven't get my hands on yet, god only knows where and when I can have it... sob2 T-T To be far away from Stila certainly feel worst than breaking up, waaaaaa~ (I'm not being dramatic tau, hehehhe =P) For my dear Stila, I'll remember all the memories we have shared together and how happy you've made me for knowing you all this while... Aishiteru, Stila once and always~

p.s : I'm still looking for Brush Roll (to keep all my 6 lovely brushes safe and sound =P) and Brush No 24, anyone wanna let it go, please contact me ya, ^_~ Maybe after I have all that I will get my closure, hehehhe =D


  1. Aww dont be sad, honey. Perhaps u can find it on eBay? I'm only into Stila after my first stila buy back in May last year. yelah student, mne ade duit sgt.Hehee. Harapkn sale skang ni aje la I bole borong lebh sket.

  2. Tu la psl, skrg br leh memborong dgn happy nye, hehhehe =D I just keep my finger cross je la right now... If I'm lucky enough, maybe someone will sell theirs to me... ^_^

  3. Miu xjual da ke Stila loot die? Hehe gosh her Stila buys are CRAZY!

  4. Miu2 just selling few stuff je, she want to keep them all, hehhehe =P she have lots of the rare items, rase nak kidnap je stuff2 die, hehhehe =P


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