Sweetest surprise...

My new love, Aika ^_~

OMG, I finally got my surprise birthday gift today from my dear sis... Domo Arigato Tqah-chan !!! @_@ I can't believe how well my family kept this secret from me all this while, hehehhe =D This certainly the sweetest surprise ever!!! I'm so freaking delirious, not to mention ecstatic to own my very first guitar!!! And the color match my mp3 player too (weeeeeeeee =P) I've been craving for a guitar since forever, thank you dear for making my wish come true...

After lots of thinking, I have decided to name my lovely guitar, Aika (which means love song in Japanese) ^_~ I can't hardly wait to start accessorize my guitar, hehehhe ^_^ As for learning guitar, I'm still searching for the best candidate, +_+ (I'm sure most of you can guess how easily I get infatuate with guys who play guitar well, hehhe =P
) I knew the basic but not that well, who knows later I'll start posting videos of my humble performance, hehehhe =P Thanks again girl for your thoughtful gift, you definitely makes my day... Love ya!!!^_~


  1. Wow u play the guitar? i didnt know u were into guitar n music before. And yes, Aika is sooo cute!

    Huhu I xde gitar, I ade Brenda je ;)

  2. wowww weee... bestnya!!! jom kita berduet teehee =)

  3. hanna : i do play guitar but i'm sucks, hehehhe =P Aika thanks u for the compliment, ^_~ Ur Brenda pun cute jugak, ade glitter2 lagi, hehhehe =P

    deya : yeay!!! jom kita melalak same2, heheheh =P

  4. ouhhh!! bestnyaa..

    hahhaa.. i pon sangat cair dengan guys yang pandai main gitar.. bukan poser.. the one who can really play..


  5. betul3x, poser berlagak je lebih, main asal boleh je, huhuhuhu =P (pandai kutuk org sendiri pun ntah ape2, hehehe =D)

  6. Ayna- Haha xpe, at least u admit u suck. ;P So u aint a poser at all, just a novice. =)

    Aida- Yup I pn mg xble blah ngan posers. Jng kte poser guitarist, la ni I dengar poser photographer pn ade. My lil sis kte kt KLCC da jd trend plak teens gantung SLR camera yg bagak 2 kt leher, tp xamik pics pn. LOL manusia ini mg aneh!!!

  7. Hanna,i ni mmg ade stupid tendency to admit all my weaknesses kat org, hehhehe =P btw, i pun selalu nampak poser2 photographer ni, ade gak org cenggitu ek, huhuhu~

  8. so by my birthday this january..

    i am assuming u can perform for my party already right???

    winks winks

  9. i takut i terlebih femes nanti coz i know u'll letak my horrible performance kat youtube, hehheehe =P

  10. what a great gift! enjoy and hope u learn some great tunes soon :)
    and ditto on the guys who play guitar... hehe :P

    -shirley ann

  11. thanks shirley, ^_~ i hope i can master my fav song very2 soon, hehhehe =P

    guys who play guitar mmg rocks... esp if he's cute like john mayer, hhehehe @_@

  12. That white guitar is...<3 <3 <3!!!!!

    Anyway, nice blog! :D


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