Hit the road trip...

This post actually is long overdue. We were visiting Dinotrek, Petrosains like 2 weeks ago but as usual I haven't got enough time to sort out all my pictures... I'm more excited than most of the kids apparently as my last trip visiting Dinosaurs & The Gang was like 13 years ago, hehehhe =P And I haven't ride bus in years... So, it was a trip down the memory lane just like when I was back in high school... How I wish I could turn back the time, hehhehe =D

I personally preferred Dinotrek than Petrosains because I always have a fondness with cute Dinosaurs (Denver, Barney, etc ^_~) To make sure the kids won't be terrified, I have brainwashed them weeks before with Dinosaurs cartoons and movies, hehehhe ^_^ Now, they probably think Dinosaurs can talk and dance, (I'm so dead if their parents find out, hahaha =D)

Even though all of the teachers looked half dead at the end of the day, (I looked almost dead by the way, hehehe =P ), we were really having fun and enjoying every seconds of it... My favorite part??? Of course the bus ride... Singing along in the bus with the kids and looking at their thrilled and excited face, it's definitely worth the time and sweat ^_~

My over excited pose, hehhe =P

Teachers ready to blast off, huhuhu @_@

I'm trying desperately to convince one of the kids to visit the toilet first, heeehe ^_~

When is my turn eh??? Teacher wanna play too, hahha =D

Weeee, lets bring this bones to our cat at home, hehhehe =P

Just dance~ ^_~

Bring it on, Dinosaurs!!! @_@

My almost dead face, heehee ^_~


  1. oh bukan time ni, kina tukar baju 10 kali ke? haha. kalau tau nak gi sni, nak join sekaki. next time kalau nak ekot, free x?

  2. byk ar 10 kali, 5 kali je la, hehehhe =P hek eleh, murah je tiket die, pegi sendiri je sudey, hahhaha =P


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