I'm not going to London btw and I wish this is my legs, hahha =D

This is my last entry for this month... I'll be leaving to a secluded place where's no connection between human are possible (just kidding, heehee =D) Actually, I'll be going to a destination alone, without my family and friends in a trip to reinvent myself as part of my 25th years old wish to be a more matured and sensible me, hahhaha =P I'll be away for a week from tomorrow until Friday next week and to tell you the truth, I feet quite nervous about it because it's been a while since my last separation from my family... I wonder if they could live without me, hehhhe =P

The major questions are how I'm gonna live without my family and internet for a week??? I will have to forget about Facebook (I'm addicted to Facebook games n_n), Youtube (I learn guitar almost every day from Youtube, pathetic isn't it??? hahha =D), Email/YM (I have to chat with my bff, my sis in Ukraine and my friends on a daily basis!!!) and also Blogging (I like to spend hours reading and commenting my on9 friends blogs and sometimes if the mood struck me, I'll posting something too, heehee =P) This is hard man,arghhhh~ =_=

And yes, I hate packing and unpack too. I rather doing the laundry or cleaning the dishes than start packing... The only good thing is I probably losing the extra weight that I gained lately (thanks too Cadbury's strawberry yogurt chocolate bar, heehee =P) I truly wish, next week will pass quickly... I'm so gonna miss my Aika, my shoes, my books and my Stila... (I'll only bring with me Cherry Crush + Angel Light compact + Convertible Eye Color + Multi Effect mascara + Cassia e/s) I hope the rest will behave themselves when I'm gone, wink2

p.s : To my family, friends and my blogger friends, please don't change too much ya when I'm not around, heehee ^_~ Adieu, guys...



  1. aiya... pergi juga ahenya... by the by, wishing u all the best! 1 week only, no harm =p. ambik ler gamba banyak2, then update la okeh! bye bye misz ayna cherries berries ekekeke

  2. eh ayna...nak pegi mana tu?

  3. uit, maok g sine?

    Jgn mengikuti jejak Michael Jackson, biarkanlah dia pergi.. Yang pergi takkan kembali, yang masih hidup perlu teruskan kehidupan.. ngee~~ XD

  4. i wish that is my leg too!! who dun want heheheeh...have a safe trip ayna :)


  6. eleh, gi seminggu pun nak kecoh. ni anak terbiar sebulan sekali balik cheras takder hal pun. btw, kina g mana eh? negeri apa? ahaha

  7. deya : secret mission ini, mane boleh amek gambar, hehhehehe =P

    cuna : pegi bertapa kat dlm gua, hahhaha =D

    hamli : aku belom mau mati lagi daaa, hehehhe =P

    lisa : if that is my legs, sure i walking around without my pants, hahahha =D

    miu : willlllllllll missssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu toooooooooooooo, miuuuuuuuuuuuuu, wink2 ^_~

    tqah : org dah 4 thn dah x g mane2 sorg2 da... kene lah dramatik ckit, heeehee =P lokasi adalah dirahsiakan atas sebab2 keselamatan negara, hahhaha =D

  8. Pergi kursus ke Ayna? Hehee. Yikes, this post reminds me if my yet-undecided-future! What if i AM actually being posted somewhere in a rural palce? Waaaa takut~

    BTW, hopefully you'll come back safer, and happier! Hehee. We sure are missing u now.

  9. Hehhhe, it's not exactly a course, more like a boot camp, hahhaha =D

    I'm sure you'll posted to ur desired place, don't worry too much ya, hanna ^_^

    yes, i never been happier and really looking forward for more trip like this in the future, wink2


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