A Lush Crush with Lush...

My love affair with LUSH began when Hanna gave me my first LUSH soap, Rockstar two years ago and it's definitely lust love at first bath!!! I can't thank you enough Hanna for introducing me to LUSH, muahsss _After our first encounter, I'm smitten and never look back ever since, what's not to love about LUSH? Everything, from their fancy name, divine scents, cute and fun products make me swoon in a heartbeat, hehe =P With LUSH, you didn't just get your typical bath products, you get one of a kind bath experience, fit for a special occasion and "me time", how sweet is that? n_n

my last year Xmas Lush haul =)

Since you can't get LUSH here in Malaysia, the only alternative to get your hands on it is either from buying online or visit their stores at other countries... The closest one to us of course is their Singapore's store but the pricing there is so freaking expensive when I compared to other places~ =_=  If I didn't practice any restrain, I could easily spend all my money for their stuff in a blink, which won't bode well with my mum of course, T-T 

my all time fav from Lush ^_~

Another thing about LUSH, most of their products were made from natural sources such as fruits & flowers, so you have to properly store and use it within certain period of time...You can check out the best way to keep your LUSH treasure from another LUSH lover, Shazwani Hamid here =) She did come up with an interesting way to preserve all her LUSH goodies, wink2 Being the nice lady that she is, she gave me not one but two stuff from my LUSH wishlist, yeay!!! Thanks dear, hugsss ♥_♥ 

Lush lovelies from dear Shazwani n_n

Before we get to the LUSH awesome-ness, you can check out the making of two LUSH products, Dorothy bubble bar & Think Pink bath bomb below =) I love the fact that they really come clean with all their products ingredients, so you really know what's you paying for =) Are you ready to feel the LUSH crush yet???  

Dorothy, born to make you happy =)

Think Pink, won't make you stink =P

Does "wonderful" struck to your mind when you see those videos? I'm truly mesmerize by their simple yet creative ways of mixing and matching the natural ingredients in order to get the beautiful end results =) Everything is hand-made and feels quite personal to me, a very2 cool way of making your bath experience more intimate, don't you think? I had captured couple of pics from my recent Lush pampering session during my short get-away, you can see for yourself how gorgeous my bath turn out to be, I only added half of Think Pink to my warm water, it smells divine and feels so soft against my skin, I'm in ♥



Last but not least, check out my recent Luch haul, big thanks to Hanna and Tammy for helping me buying all these lovelies, all of them are repeat purchase except the Twilight shower gel which I tried the bath bomb version before and love it to bits... This re-formulation is a great replacement for the bestseller fans, with the very same Lavender calming scents and a little silver sparkles to go with the purple liquid work fantastically to re-energize your every shower just like the bath bomb itself =) Snow Fairy is still my fav of course, I love smell like candy, hihi =P I'll review my Comforter & French Kiss bubble bar in my upcoming post girls, till then "Happy New Year" to all of you!!! ♥♥♥

my latest LUSH haul , super ♥

Galaxy Wonder, Wonderland with Samsung Galaxy Note II...

Centuries ago, you'll be sentenced to death for even suggesting the existence of galaxy out there... Today, every single information about the universe can be easily obtain with only your fingertips (and smartphone of course =P) Thanks to Samsung brilliant technology, the possibility is endless, creating and designing process is so much fun and hassle-free, who would have thought right? =)

On the other hand, Samsung continue their support for the local music scene with their collaboration with our one and only, Yuna Zarai through the GALAXY Wonderland Project, which a second one in fact after the huge success of the Yuna "Sparkle Project". Not only it was created with Samsung GALAXY Note, it also won the Best Music Video award on Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) recently!!! I can't hardly believe how beautiful the video turn out to be, congrats Yuna & Samsung!!! Check it out guys =)

This time around, Yuna will use Samsung GALAXY Note II, to create a magical wonderland of Malaysia with the help of all of us... Felling inspire? Head down to the Samsung Galaxy Wonderland now and paint your very own version of Malaysia =) It could be our food, culture, beautiful people, there are lots of things about Malaysia that represent our harmony and diversity to the whole world. For me, I'm very intrigued by our delightful colors and mixture of tradition, my painting is very amateur-ish though, lol

Submit your entry now, who know you might be among the lucky stories selected by Yuna for her GALAXY Wonderland project, who doesn't want their work to be imprint in one of the art masterpiece right? Yuna journey will also be featured in a series at Astro Ria which will go behind the scene of creating her music video that is inspired by the stories submitted at the Samsung Galaxy Wonderland page =)

I can't wait to see how Yuna incorporate the different version of My Malaysia Wonderland with Samsung GALAXY Note II, must be super awesome!!! For more information, you can visit Samsung Malaysia Facebook here, have fun designing guys, wink2

[Giveaway] Fabulous 4...

Number 4 might be considered as bad luck in Chinese culture, however as my blog turning 4 this year, I can't help but feeling very2 lucky and blessed instead =) I dont have much but I have everything I need and I feel that it's only fair I share it with other people too =) This year I decide to do a very simple giveaway for my followers to celebrate it and will randomly choose the winner through a lucky draw...

What you have to do to be in the running for this giveaway? You only need to answer the question below correctly and leave your answer at the commant box with your name, follower ID and email addrees, easy peasy right? Here goes my question :-


(hint - it could be anything you can think of or you can search for it from my blog =P)

Send in your entry now before 11.59 pm, 31st December 2012 and you'll stand a chance to win a brand new M.A.C Make Me Over Collection - Evil Eye Palette LE from yours truly which I blogged about before here... Till then, enjoy your remaining days of 2012 and good luck girls!!! =)

Get The Picture with November Photo A Day Challenge...

It's so true that a picture worth a thousand words... People can interpret a picture differently from one another; see it from different perspective and view, and not to forget see the unseen little things that others might overlooked... Honestly, I'm not a very good photographer, I'm still working on it from day to day and knowing about the FatMumSlim "November Photo A Day Challenge" from my friend Yati really intrigued me to give it a shot (literally & figuratively =P) Let's take a look at it, shall we?

This is what its all about, every single day in November, we're required to take a picture that represent the theme of the day... Easy right? It's a very unique way of expressing yourself without a word (I did wrote a very long caption with every picture btw, I just can't help it, LOL) and I did my best to follow the theme each day =) And here's is what I come up with...

Day 1 - I finally bought my first beauty gadget; Clarisonic after eye-ing it for more than a decade year, thanks to Sephora 20% discount, coolness =)
Day 2 - The brightest color I can find in my possession, it's the Spurr platform in fuschia!!! n_n
Day 3 - Tea & Choc from my mum, she know I can't function without decent breakfast, thanks mama @_@
Day 4 - Working out seems so much fun with my sisters nearby & Jillian Michaels watching me on the TV, LOL
Day 5 - I hate waiting; especially @ 5pm when I rather be anywhere else, sigh~ thanks to Vina, all these Benefit goodies certainly make me feel so much better, wink2  

Day 6 - One of my fav stuff is this cute ukelele bag & the ukelele inside; another instrument that I heart besides guitar, a gift from someone dear to me
Day 7 - I super love the combination of black + white + peach; this picture reflects how I feel perfectly n_n
Day 8 - I will feel so weird if I don't play Anipang in a day; thanks to Shinwa, now I'm addicted, haha =D
Day 9 - What's the better gift for all the mumtaz students than the small tafsir to guide them further in life? I'm helping out my mum to wrap the gifts she sponsored for my little sis school =) 
Day 10 - I can live without a lot of things, but my specs will never be one of it XP

Day 11 - It's great to know even though I'm out & about from day to night, I still have this lovely studs by my side, wink2
Day 12 - Our fav drinks at our fav restaurant; Gummi Bear & Blue Lagoon =)
Day 13 - I am bless with the power that can make me easily fall asleep whenever & wherever I want too; my fav spot? It is always be in my homey car, hehe =P
Day 14 - This pond may be man-made; but the fish @ Ajlaa Village certainly don't mind, LOL
Day 15 - I have lots of stuff in my bag; purse + makeup + perfume + lotion + sanitizer + mp3player + handphone + keys; you'll never find any food though, hahaha =D

Day 16 - I really2 enjoy feeding the fish while day-dreaming from the Ajlaa Village window, it's the time to get in touch with the nature =)
Day 17 - The last thing I bought was this cheap ice-cream maker from Daiso; it's only 5 bucks ^_^
Day 18 - Spending the weekend preparing myself for the Twilight Saga finale by browsing back all the details from the books ^_^
Day 19 - It's awesome to know that I have a mini me in the making, we pout a lot & have the same name, hehe =P
Day 20 - It's so easy to switch from work to play look with just your shoes, you will never get it wrong, LOL

Day 21 - It's the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere day & what's the best outfit to compliment a vampire than a kebaya? hehe =P
Day 22 - I'm thankful & grateful for my family; their unconditional love keep me going every single day =)
Day 23 - The greatest thing about this plain black box is it hides a very colorful world underneath @_@
Day 24 - Doing chores is not a bore when you can sing-a-long & listen to the stereo n_n
Day 25 - The calm before storm describe the sky perfectly in this picture X)

Day 26 - I keep all my collectibles in this cupboard; love letters + concert tix + LE books, fragrance bottles + makeup palettes @_@
Day 27 - This tree really steal the show @ Ajlaa Village, I wonder why? LOL
Day 28 - One of my fav family picture was taken at Tioman plane hangar runway, it made us all feel a little like P.Diddy, hehe =P
Day 29 - I can't think of anything bigger than Big Bang in my house, this jacket never wash condition prove it all =)
Day 30 - Our living area wall never left alone without my little sis artwork... Her latest mission apparently is trying to persuade my dad into buying her a new handphone, wink2

I'm happy that it's over & can't wait to begin the new one, the new list is out already & hopefully I'll be more inspired this time around =)

[Tips & Tricks] Fashion Passion...

I'm not a "fashionista", not even a fashion "connoisseur", but I do know a thing or two about fashion, what works for me, what's not, having tons of hits and misses myself, learning few basic rules from magazines and from my observation; and as I getting older and wiser I finally come to terms with my body, embrace my imperfection and dress myself accordingly =) 

My favorite fashion icon has always be Charlize Theron, I just can't love her enough!!! She's the embodiment of classy and sexy, carry herself stylishly in every occasion and never fail to impress =) I love how she turn something so simple like a sweater and black pants and somehow manage to turn it into a showstopper!!! With her, everything look so effortlessly and fabulous, me envy~

rock chic + hot chick ^_~

Fashion is very2 subjective, not everything works for everybody and not every style worth trying... For example, I knew long skirts and palazzo pants will never work for me as it can overwhelm my body frame and potentially make me look shorter than I already am~ =_=

The same goes to stripes and prints... Horizontal stripes can make you look so much bigger than you really are, unless that is your intention, dump it for vertical stripes instead!!! I did try wearing it and you know what, I kinda hate the unwelcome attention to my bosom =(

say NO to zebra crossing!!! LOL

Prints is quite tricky btw, too much prints is never a good thing, but if you mix and match it with one plain color it can turn out pretty well =) I'm very wary when it comes to prints, so I'll experiment and asking my sisters first before making any decision, thank god my sisters can be painfully honest with me all the time, haha =D 

My sense of style is very2 predictable or in another word "boring"... A Taurus like myself, we always cling to something that we feel comfortable with and stick to something that we know will never go wrong... I get adventurous and rise to the occasion sometimes when I feel like dressing up, usually during special events and yes it's fun and kind of nice to get out from your comfort zone once in a while...  

Charlize Theron inspired

One of the trend that I've come to love is skinny jeans, at first I'm skeptical, it did look weird at first sight, but once I tried it on with my highest heels, I feel like hitting the jackpot!!! I do look so much taller and I can see my legs instantly elongate before my eyes, super ♥ it =) 

Another thing about fashion, you don't have to spend a fortune to be in style... Taste is something you either have it or not, it is not necessary come in expensive price tags or designer labels, if you smart enough, you can get it from pre-loved stuff sale, car boot sale or even warehouse sale... Or you can wait till it get out of season and bought it at discounted price =) 

statue of liberty XD

Anyway, I do have a great respect for the people nowadays who're not afraid to experiment with fashion and try lots of new style... However, some of it tend to make them look so much older than their own age or sometimes looks like they're trying very hard to be younger than they should which doesn't really scream "look at me" in a good way!!! 

So here's what me & my little sister come up with during our fashion intervention, the 5 DONTS we see almost everyday, hopefully we don't offend anyone because doing this is so much fun, we can definitely do it all day, hehe =P

 fashion disaster in the making!!! =P

Picture Perfect @ Syawal 2012...

Syawal 2012 was a bit different for me, a lot actually... Since my grandma (from my mom side) passed away early this year, we don't really feel like going back to my mom hometown in Terengganu, too much drama to deal with =( We only took short holiday and spend it with relatives on my dad side at Johor instead. As usual, we celebrate raya very simply but still festive and jolly like Syawal should always be ^_^ 

To tell you guys the truth, we didn't prepare anything until the very last minute, thankfully all of us still haven't use our abayas which my parents bought from their recent umrah trip. It's so different from our normal outfit and come to think of it, it's quite fun to play dress up especially when we can be the mysterious Arabian princess with loud eye makeup, wink2 Here is one of my fav raya picture, there were never dull moment when it comes to my siblings, lol

the black -berries *_*
Another great thing about Syawal is the never ending open houses, I even had to turn down some of the invitations...  Luckily, I somehow managed to squeeze in one wedding along the way!!! It's my dad colleague's daughter wedding ceremony, which was held at Menara TM, Bangsar... I run out of raya outfit to wear and finally settled on my ButtonMyButtons signature bow kurung =) I planned to use it for another occasion but I think I find another way to wear it later on, hihi XD This is me & my little sis, both of us wearing cotton kurung that we both adore ^_^

cotton candy girls ^^
My high school classmate/roommate, Asmah invited me all the time to her house ever since she moving here... Only this year however I get the chance to drop by and catching up with her... She didn't change much despite her marital status unlike some of my friends and it definitely feels good to reminiscing the good old days while indulging my taste buds with all the delicious food she had, hee~ Her son, Amirul is the exact mirror image of her and really fun partner in crime too, super coolness!!! _

triple A's - Ayna + Amirul + Asmah =)
Last but not least is my workplace raya open house... Nothing interesting really, unlike everyone else, I don't have the luxury to enjoy it due to the nature of my job, sigh~ Being me, no matter how unhappy I am, I always try to find the beauty in every situation and I'm fortunate enough to know a few great people that day =) I met my new soulmate too, she love kebaya & cosmetics just like yours truly, we're kinda match made in heaven isn't it? We even wear identical accessories (almost), hehe =P

my soulmate, Athirah
And I did try something new too while waiting for my family to get ready for an open house nearby, I experiment with couple of my fav tunes and come up with this simple music arrangement, hihi x) it's the combination of 3 songs, Bila Cinta (Gio) + I Need a Doctor (Eminem) + Butterfly (Melly Goeslow) All these songs were introduced to me by 3 different people and I think I pleased all 3 of them with my video, wink2 It might not be perfect but I like it anyway, haha =D Hope you guys will love it too, enjoy!!! XOXO

Young & Dangerous...

I'm 28 years old, considered quite old to some people standard to even feel excited about birthday gifts, still I can't help the inner child in me that always looking forward for my birthday year after year, wink2  I love giving and made other people day but sometimes I wanna be on the other side too, and thank god I have great support system around me that appreciate me and love me the way I am ^_~

my dream birthday cake ^^ I kind of obsess with panda, hehe =P
My birthday was like 3 months ago, but of course all these babies need their moment to shine in yours truly blog too, right? The first birthday gift that I received this year was from my special someone; who gave me a limited edition memorabilia of my fav band, The Beatles!!! I ❤ it so very much honey, muackkksss ^_^ 

My second gift was from my dear sis (all 4 of them) who pinch in to get me my fav hair products- Redken, Jimmy Choo's perfume & also a cute colour block top!!! Thank you sistah, you girls are super awesome, I'm lovin the surprise so freakin' much!!! _

The third gift was from my bff, Deya... It's the latest body scrub from Soap & Glory, Pulp Friction & the Ralph Lauren Pony Range - No 1 fragrance, both smells so lovely on my skin & made dressing up for hot date more fun than ever, thanks babe!!! @_@

The next gifts were from my blogger friends; Harim, Cuna and Hanna... I knew these girls for more than 3 years through blogging and they're very2 nice and wonderful people that I wish I met earlier in my life!!! 2 of them were married now and we didn't meet that often anymore but we still keep in touch and update each other with all the cool info through other mediums... Thanks girls for all the great time we had, I just can't wait for more adventure to come, wink2

The next gift coming from one of my fav hijabista, Shazwani Hamid... She's one of the blogger that I knew through our mutual love for girly stuff and knowing her in real life really change my perspective of her; she's genuine & kind, funny too actually and remind me a lot of my long lost good friend, Aishah that I just found back through Facebook couple of weeks ago!!! It's been a pleasure to get to know you, Wani @_@ For my birthday, she gave me a mustard tunic that fit me perfectly & L'occitane Cherry Blossom bath set that I really2 adore!!! Thanks dear for the fabulous gift ^_^

There is another gift from my parents that I can't reveal since I haven't got the time to redeem it yet... Before I end this post, I just wanna share with you girls what I bought for myself for my birthday this year, it may not be as adrenaline pumping as my last year birthday gift for myself here, but it still make me smile and happy like a kid till this day, hehe =P Check out my makeup brushes collection from Sigma & Real Technique which cost me almost RM500... I guess I'm still very young and dangerous at heart, wink2

Lovely Lace with Charles & Keith and Guess...

When it comes to "lacey" stuff, I'm definitely beyond help, sigh~ I love how feminine lace is and how subtle-ly sexy it can be without even trying... It's super chic and have a classic, vintage feels to it which I absolutely adore... Whether lace itself as a fabric or on clothing, lingerie and even accessories, I love them all... Right now, I'm head over heels with "lacey" shoes!!! @_@ Instead of buying baju raya, I can't stop hunting for more "lacey" shoes, hehe =P

To date, I have 3 "lacey" shoes, 2 of them from Charles & Keith and the other one is from Guess... I love the simplicity of the shoes designs with only lace detailing to give additional edge, it's demure and sexy combined, me love @_@

This pair I bought at Charles & Keith few months ago, I heart platform heels but I always have difficulties to find designs that I like... Surprisingly, as long as I live, I never own any white shoes except kasut sekolah, so it's about time I get one for my collection, don't you think? hee~ n_n

This pink & black lace ensemble is my favorite by far, it's a very simple slingback kitten heels with a little lace decoration from Guess, sweet and cute in it's own way, perfect for hari raya or maybe even for a hot date, hihi x)

Last but not least is the black lace peep toe heels from Charles & Keith, I wear this religiously to the office and sometimes for outing... People complimenting me all the time when I'm wearing this shoes, cool rite? =) I used it way too much that even some part of the heels already showing signs of worn out, LOL I can't wait to add more "lacey" shoes to my collection, hopefully I'll find something in red next time around, wink2

Paint My Love...

I had been planning to write about my deep affection towards eyeshadow shades and colors since forever but there were always other stuff to talk and ponder about so without further ado, these are my current eyeshadow palette collection; yeay!!! @_@ my previous Stila palette collection here were either expired, given away or lost =( I do have few others that I kept separately in my office and car that wasn't in the picture... 

The reason why I love eyeshadow palettes so much is because I can be creative and mixing the colors according to my mood and even the people I'm hanging out with, hee~ I love checking out YouTube for some eye-do inspiration and I have 4 sisters to experiment with, how cool is that? ^^ Sometime I remember the sleepless night I spend waiting to get my hands on some of the palette and the excitement of using it to meet my special someone @_@

Each and every palette really2 means a lot to me and have it's own story... Some of them were gifts from people that understand my addiction for colors and some of them were limited edition items that I had been lusting for impatiently, only a little amount of them were impulse buy which I learn to love eventually and yes I'm proud to say that I didn't feel any regret with my collection so far, wink2

 1 - Sephora Blockbuster Palette 2011
 2 - Laura Mercier Lingerie Collection - Eye & Cheek Palette
 3 - Benefit Annie Collection - Scene Queen
 4 - Bobbi Brown Mini Bobbi Brights Palette
 5 - Urban Decay Naked Palette
 6 - Inglot Freedom System Palette
 7 - M.A.C Make Me Over Collection - Evil Eye Palette
 8 - Lancome Color Focus Palette - Renaissance Printaniere
 9 - Benefit Smokin' Eyes Palette
 10 - Lancome Ombre Absolue Impact 3D Palette - Rubics Delices
 11 - Shu Uemura WKW Collection - Drowning in Flame Palette
 12 - Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette

Sephora Blockbuster Palette 2011

This is one of the most value for money palette I ever bought, it have more than enough colors to play with and come with blushers, liners and lip colors!!! It's the last year Xmas limited edition and no longer available but you can count on Sephora to come up with another great set in the future, they're awesome like that, hehe =P

Laura Mercier Lingerie Collection - Eye & Cheek Palette

I'm in love with this palette so much that I even bought 2, one for my mum and one for me, crazy isn't it? hehe =P The blushers are to-die-for and the shades really2 blew me away, my mum love hers very much too, she's a big LM fans anyway so she pretty much love everything they have, wink2

Benefit Annie Collection - Scene Queen

This is another favorite of mine, I can't believe I finally found blue shades that doesn't make my eyes look like it was punched by someone, haha =D The beauty of this palette is it came with Coralista, High Beam and BadGal liner to complete the look, all the Benefit Cosmetics best seller items that I heart!!! I even used it for my previous eye-over post here, super love ^_^

Bobbi Brown Mini Bobbi Brights Palette

To tell you the truth, I haven't use this palette yet but I love the fact that it is fancy enough and yet functional with it's compact size, 20 color choices, brush and mirror, what's not to like isn't it? *_* I'm eager to try out this palette soon, hopefully it will live up to my expectation!!! n_n

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Naked palette is one of the most popular eyeshadow palette in the blogsphere, it's everything but naked, with 12 earth/natural colors, from shimmer to matte, you can get from day to night effortlessly, ain't she sweet??? @_@ This is from my dad, he gave me money actually and of course I spend it on makeup, hehe =P I used this palette all the time especially when I'm traveling, it's very easy to match and versatile, me love ^_^

Inglot Freedom System Palett

I'm quite impressed with Inglot freedom system; which you can build according to your preference and style, whether you want a matte or shimmery texture, from light to bright colors, from single,duo,trio, quad to ten piece palette and last but not least you can choose either 2 different shapes; circle or square for your customize shades!!! I pick 2 matte colors, red/fuschia + black and 2 shimmery colors, yellow + orange, which is the perfect combo to create my Katniss Everdeen "Girl on Fire" inspired look here =)

M.A.C Make Me Over Collection - Evil Eye Palette

This is another palette that I haven't touch yet, I bought it from a friend who went to the Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales recently... The dark shades instantly held me captive and the palette name really drawn me to it, I hope the shades will do the justice to its name ^^

Lancome Color Focus Palette - 105 Renaissance Printaniere

I was given this palette for my birthday couple of years ago and it definitely change my view on the green color ever since!!! Thanks to Cuna; I finally have my first green eyeshadow palette, weeee~ @_@ I remember doing different eye makeup for all my sisters during that year Raya with this palette, it's certainly one of a kind memories you can't buy with money, wink2

Benefit Smokin' Eyes Palette

I bought this palette during my first Benefit event 2 years ago which I blogged about here... it's one of the best palette I ever own, I adore the cute packaging, the colors choices and the fact that it came with eyeliner, brow wax and highlighter!!! A lot of thinking certainly were put into making this palette, the colors also easy to blend and very pigmented... I highly recommend this palette to all of you guys; it last forever even with my constant use, I heart this one ^_~

Lancome Ombre Absolue Impact 3D Palette - A10 Rubics Delices
Ever since I was invited to join one of Lancome blogger event last year here; I start to pay extra attention to Lancome makeup line; One of the thing I realize is that their packaging are very similar over the years and they have quite a lovely color range to explore... This is one of my everyday office look makeup palette, I used it so often that even one of the shades almost hit pan which I'll probably won't accomplish with any other palette, hehe =P

Shu Uemura Wong Kar Wai Collection - Drowning in Flame Palette

This is a gift from someone dear to me and I really2 falling hard for this palette; the packaging is a real beauty with 3D images and the color selection is romantic, sweet but still glamorous enough for a night out, wink2 I love the brushes and the blusher too, this is definitely the palette for someone that you love, and I love mine very2 much and still admiring it till this day, hihihi x)

Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette
I have a very high expectation with this palette due to the Benefit Smokin' Eyes awesome-ness... Despite having more color option, I find the colors doesn't really compliment my eyes the way other palettes do; so I don't really use it that much, most of the time my sister is the one who play around with it, hee~

I know I have enough to last a lifetime but I just can't get enough, I always feel happy and excited looking at my collection, it's like my secret escape from all the troubles and unhappy things in my life ^^ I'm looking forward to broaden my makeup collection to blushers as well in the future, wink2

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