Ammaar Zahran Is Officially 3!

Technically, Ammaar Zahran is already 3 last May but as usual, I like to take my time writing about the object of my affection. If you knew me well, you probably noticed how reserved I can be when it comes to everyone I loved and hold dear. Surface stuff like OOTD and beauty review, I don't really mind sharing that for the whole world to see but intimate moment with my loved one, I like to keep it private and confidential. I do however make an exception for my son's birthday every year as a tradition that I intend to keep for as long as I lived =P

Back to the birthday boy, we had a small celebration this time around at our favorite restaurant. Nothing fancy but Ammaar really had fun being the center of everyone attention and having 2 cakes for himself. Since he's still and very much in his Batman phase, most of his birthday pressies this year were in Batman theme, all thanks to his aunties! Me and my husband on the other hand, decided to give him something else instead. No, it's not another sibling, just a better health care and education plan for his future =)

I still remember my never ending worry about Ammaar's limited vocabulary last year but Alhamdulillah, he improved drastically since January and can finally communicate well with his friends and teachers. We didn't do much to be honest, we just try to talk to him as much as we could and encourage him to use his own words to express his feeling. Now, he can't stop talking and asking questions, I can barely keep up. He even know how to tease and being sarcastic! Sometimes I wonder whose side he takes after, mmmmmm~

Talking about his health, yes he did get sick a lot last year. It's his first year in school so I guess it's kind of expected. What I didn't anticipate was his back to back HFMD and chicken pox attack. He's too young to understand and it's really heartbreaking to see your little one suffering knowing that you can't do much to lessen the pain. Thankfully it's all behind us now and Ammaar's body is stronger and healthier this year. He didn't get sick as frequent as he used to but we still take all the precautions and always put his safety and health before anything else.

Another thing that's worth mentioning is his independence and confidence level which shines brightly lately. He still love being fuss over when nobody is around but he will set the boundaries in front of others and prefer to do things like eating, cleaning or paying for his toys himself. We're still in the middle of potty train him and trust me, it's so much harder than it looks! If you have any tips and tricks to handle it like a pro, feel free to share it with me lovelies. I'm going to need all the help that I can get... Hopefully he will be diaper-free soon, Insyallah.

Aside from all that Ammaar is still pretty much himself; cheeky, sweet, funny and a little bit bossy! I love hanging out with him, we can talk for hours about cars and we amuse (read : annoy) each other on daily basis! He's my bff for sure, always there to cheer me up whenever I'm having a bad day. I learn a lot about love and patience because of him, he truly inspired me to be a better version of myself. To my dearest Ammaar, I wish you'll always be the kind, loving and gentle soul I knew you are, mommy and daddy love you so very much sweetie. And to all the mothers out there, hold your head high, we run the world, baby! Until then, have a fastastic week ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. SOOOO HAPPY to know about his improvement!! <3 Can't wait to see this little boy and have a "real" talk with him! :p

    1. Thank you so much Auntie Caro, Ammaar can't wait to meet & gossip with you too, hehe =D


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